The Ravening

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Burning Up

“They fey won’t go near the water. Or light.”

I looked around anxiously. Blinking against the pitch darkness as I saw the hazy of heavy branches and bleak leaves which could be concealing fey which would feed on our flesh, even now.

“We should get back to my cave.” I knew the fey couldn’t stand the texture of the smooth stone.

That’s why they’ve left me alone all these years.

But I’d often glimpsed them walking on all fours. Hovering their long-nailed hands around my doorway. Putting them on the stone then retracting them as they eyed me hungrily. Their red or green eyes glowing in the dark.

“This is a bad idea, Van. It’s too dark.”

“It won’t be.” He sounded almost childish as he hurriedly guided me through the trees to the river. Then slid down the bank into the rushing water. Offering his hands up for me.

“If you’re intent was to drown me, we could’ve done that in daylight. When it would not have been so cold.” I stared at him with wide eyes. My trepidation clear.

“If I’d wanted to drown you, I could’ve done that days ago.” He said dully.

“Reassuring.” I said ruefully.

“Is that a fey?” He asked urgently. Leaning around me.

“Where?” I turned one way then the other. Holding my arms over my body.

“Dear Lord! It’s right behind you! Jump.” He shouted. Holding his arms out.

Sucking in a terrified breath, I obeyed him in my panic. Leaping from the bank. My brown skirt and white under skirt fluttering in the night air.

I looked down at Van and saw the gold light fill his irises, moving over them like smoke. And in that same moment they burned to gold there was an explosion of gold like a yellow moon had just risen over the river. Turning the whole thing into sparkling orange and yellow highlights over the water.

Making the darkness beneath blatantly visible. And making his skin glitter as if gold flakes lurked just under his pores.

The river suddenly luminesced as if it were midday, but the strange dancing lights tossed over the low tree branches and shrubs surrounding the banks like a candle flame teasing walls with its light.

I landed in his arms with a slight bounce that made me hover just over the water.

“What did you do?”

“I made it light. I banished your fears.” He smiled down at me as he slowly turned with me in his arms. Staring at me as though I were all he could see.

“What is happening Van?”

“I’m changing.” He whispered against my cheek before pressing a light kiss there. “I’m showing you what I’ve been hiding.”

“That you glow like a night fly?”

He chuckled. His gaze lingering on every part of my face as though he wished to memorize it. “You make me glow.”

“Now off with these clothes.” He clucked disapprovingly in his cheek.

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