The Ravening

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What He Does

I felt his weight climbing up over my body as the sun crested the horizon. Filtering in through the trees to slash through his face. Nearly breaking it in half. As though it were some ghostly image.

He was strikingly handsome. Features intriguingly perfect. A square jaw, bright gold eyes, a straight nose and a full beckoning mouth which revealed perfect white teeth when he grinned. His body was hot and hard as he lowered atop me. Pushing my skirt up and pinning me into the leaves.

I pushed at his hands but mine just brushed through his. Unable to stop him.

"There's no use." He chuckled. "It's going to happen. But fighting does make it more fun, if you wish to continue? It feels good when they fight." He moaned at the thought.

I tried to toss his weight off. Struggling underneath him.

But he's too strong!

He weighed too much.

"Help! Help me!" I screamed desperately. Tossing my head and looking around for anyone.

The witches even. They may still be close. I hoped. Willing to take salvation from any quarter.

"They won't help you. They gave you to me so they could be free of me."

"What?" I was so confused.

He caught one of my wrists and slammed it to the ground in his brutal grip. "They surrendered." He explained. "My hunger was too much for them."

Sexual hunger he meant. That was clear. It was obvious what he intended to do to me.

He clucked in his cheek. "Not that obvious I hope." He feigned disappointment as he caught my other wrist and slammed it down too. Pinning them aside my head.

Is he reading my mind? Hearing all my thoughts. I looked at where he pinned my hands in the dirt.

I could only see his fists and up to his wrists. Then his head and torso where it rested atop me. Nothing else.

"I like when it's a surprise." He whispered near my ear. Then he slammed into me. Low and deep. And hard as a staff.

I screamed and writhed.

"Yes." He purred. "Oh, yes. Buck against me." And he was stroking inside me. I could see him now. His entire body visible as he thrust into me. Shining dark skin reflecting the morning light.

Is it the sun that makes him visible? I wondered in my desperate attempt to avoid what was happening to my body.

"No." He drug that long flicking tongue up my neck. Still pulsing inside me. In and out. In and out.

"It's because I'm inside of you. Touching you. It's the only time you can see me." He confided. Arching back to pound harder and faster into me. "Oh you feel good...I'm so glad it was you they marked. So glad you're mine..."

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