The Ravening

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A Shattering

But he obeyed my command. Surging inside me with wild abandon. His face dropped to mine and he took my mouth. Deepening the kiss every moment longer he spent touching his tongue to mine.

Making me wetter inside. Soaking my walls around him.

And finally, I could take no more. His wildness brought mine to the fore and I climaxed. Slicking his cock with my hot fluids as my body clenched him. Gripping him so tightly he couldn’t withdraw without his skin growing taut.

He moaned. A long, broken sound. And I felt the spurt of fluid inside me and knew he came as I did. The sounds and feel of my body peaking in pleasure overwhelming him to the point he joined me.

That made me hot. Suffused with pleasure at the idea that he was so moved by my desires. When before it’d seemed he cared perilously little.

“Zira!” He said desperately. Kissing me repeatedly.

“Yes?” I gasped.

“I love you, Sweet Woman.”

“What?” I paused. Staring at him in shock. His face still gripped between my palms. “How is that even possible? You’re a demon.”

“I’ve not the faintest idea. Yet I’m certain I feel it. For it is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. And it pours through me. Stinging my demon like burning acid. Making him hate you all the more.”

That scared me. “Does that mean he could emerge?”

“No. Not unless he’s called out.” He shook his head slowly. “Because with every fragment of emotion built around you, I’ve become stronger. Something…Different.”

Van and I stared at each other along while. Shrouded in silvery moonlight. In the distance I could hear the fey moving through the woods. Their rushing footsteps and their arms brushing the leaves as they moved at an inhuman pace. Their tinkling laughter which meant ill for anyone they preyed upon.

I knew the fire was dying and it could bring them closer.

But though he didn’t break from me, to stoke the fire I was unafraid.

Somehow certain I was safe with him. Safer than I ever was before.

I fell asleep with him curled up to meet me. Our elbows and knees touching and my back to that waning fire. I stared into his lucid gold eyes and wondered what manner of creature this was I faced.

And what he said replayed in mind. Though I hadn’t responded, I was asking myself how I felt.

He hadn’t expected a response.

“Why do you not ask if I love you?” I whispered.

“You can’t possibly.” He said tonelessly. “Even I am aware of that. I am what I am. And though everything I feel for you is the most genuine thing I’ve ever experienced, it is nothing compared to what you could have with another human man. One who could love you without evil in his heart.”

“And what if I find it more awe inspiring that one can love me when he does?”

He tilted his head as if surprised by my question but gave no answer. Only reaching to caress my cheek with his thumb. Sweeping tiny tendrils of hair aside from my face so he could touch the smoothness of my skin.

The next morning came with chirping birds. And a spray of gold light through the trees. Dancing over his and my bare bodies.

I found him still staring at me as though he’d not slumbered at all.

“You didn’t sleep.”

He chuckled faintly. “Have you ever seen me sleep, Zira?”

“I’ve seen your rest.” I argued.

“Yes, but only to recover enough energy to mount you again when you weakened. I never truly sleep. Not really.”

“I find that sad, in some ways.”

“Don’t mourn for me, Zira. This is the most joy I’ve ever known.”

That afternoon he roused me collect the bow and the arrows that he’d whittled for me the night before.

“Trapping is not the only way to find food, Zira.”

“Why do I need to shoot an arrow if you know how.”

“Because, Zira…I might not always be with you.”

My brows drew together. “Are you preparing me for your absence?”

He didn’t answer. Continuing walking deeper into the woods. Stepping over a log, he brushed a branch aside.

Purposely not answering me.

“Van. Van!” I asserted more loudly. Annoyed at his game. I rushed to catch up to him and snatched his sleeve. “Why would I need to know how to hunt as though I’d be without you? You’re a demon! Wouldn’t I be the one to die before you? You could always hunt for me.”

He stopped and stared down at me. His dark gold skin shining like some gilded statue. His black hair glistening a sparkling sheen in the morning light. Like a raven’s wing. And his dark eyes that fathomless black. “Because, Zira.”

“Because, why!”

“Because a human can only keep a dangerous pet for so long before there is an incident, and it reverts to the instinct written on its soul and it turns on them.”

“Wh-what are you saying to me?”

“I’m saying I’m your dangerous pet, Zira.” He faced me fully. “And I don’t ever want to turn on you again.”

“That wasn’t you!”

“But it is apart of me. The most basic part. And it’s never going to go away, Zira. He’s there forever.”

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