The Ravening

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An Intruder

I found myself closing the distance between us to kneel before Van. Pressing my lips to his. Unable to resist any longer.

“I don’t want you to be a demon.” I pleaded. A tear escaping my eye.

I want you.

He pressed me back blinking slowly. Sadness heavy in his voice. “I can’t change what I am, Zyra. No more than this deer might rise and frolic away.”

I stared at him mournfully.

He caught my cheeks and gave me a reassuring half smile. “But I’ll love you the same, no matter what I am. Much as anything like me can. Forever.”

It sounded so final.

So painful.

He’s planning to leave me. I was now more certain than I’d ever been of anything in my life. And I couldn’t remain silent.

“You’re going to go?”

“Soon.” He nodded slowly.

“No.” I cried. Catching my skirt and lifting it to pounce on his lap.

“Zyra!” He laughed in objection as he teetered backward and had to catch himself on one palm and the other on my lower back.


I clawed the gray cloak open. Forcing it off his shoulders to reveal that warm golden-brown skin. Inviting my touch.

“Take it off.” I demanded.

“What?” He laughed. “You’ve already stripped my cloak.”

I looked down at his pants meaningfully.

He sobered. “As you wish.” He lifted his pelvis, with me balanced on his thighs, enough for him to quickly unlace his breeches.

Before he could, I was shoving them down beneath me and lifting my skirts.

“Zyra…” He caught my waist. “No reason for such urgency. I’m not going now.”

“I want you.”

His brows lifted and he changed immediately. Become more like the creature I’d known before. He tossed up my skirts and pulled me against his bare flesh. Pushing me forward and back against his length until he was fully hard and pressing between my lower lips. Separating them and already slick with my dampness.

He growled in his throat. His eyes turning gold and becoming hooded as his full lips parted slightly. His rippled abdomen already tightening and relaxing with every stroke of my body against his cock.


“Now.” I said urgently. Tugging the top of my dress down to give him access as I panted. “More.”


As he was stroking me upward, he flexed his staff and when he slid me back I was immediately slipping over him. Stretching my walls and embedding him inside me. Deep beneath my pelvis.

He moaned in pleasure.

I echoed his sound as I braced my heels, following him backward as he dropped his shoulders and hips flat on the ground. I held my skirts up as I rode him. Rising and falling harder and harder. Suddenly missing the wild taking he used to give me. The primal hunger that meant he somehow needed me.

His mouth widened and he clutched my hip with one hand. Cupping my bouncing breast in the other.

“Harder.” He demanded. His jaw tightening as he commanded me. His pelvis lurching up to fill me enough it stung slightly. He suddenly lurched up and caught my waist forcing me down harder and harder on him until my head fell back and I was screeching wildly from the mix of slight pain and intense pleasure.

He heard my thoughts. I realized. Knew what I wanted.

“Yes, I did.” He admitted. Still grunting as he filled me roughly.


Then my nipples puckered, and that intense flood of sensation ripped through me. Making every muscle in my body flex.

I felt the power of his ass tightening beneath me. Making him jut fiercely into me. Filling every part of me until I thought I would split open. I clutched his shoulders, and I was overwhelmed with another ferocious climax. Making me shake and unable to move atop him any more as my body weakened from back-to-back orgasms.

“Do you want more, My Zyra?”

“I can’t take anymore.” I breathed.

“That makes me want to steal more from you.” He growled in that rumbling voice. He caught the back of my neck. “Make you cum all over my dick until your weak and panting and can think of nothing but me inside you.”

“I’m already there, Van.” I whispered for his ears alone. “You’ve shattered me.”

He paused and his brow furrowed as he gave me a pained look.

“Not there.” I reached up and patted my fingertips to my chest. “Here.”

It was as if those words melted him. He stared at me in wonder. His head falling back as he eyed me down his nose.


“Ah, there you are.” A man stepped over a trunk as he stepped between the trees near us.

Van reflexively lurched up. Tossing my skirts down to hide where we were joined. His other hand catching my neckline and yanking it up to my chest.

Trying to protect me. I looked at him, stunned.

Van twisted to see the man.

The stranger had gray hair sweeping just above his ears on both sides. Brightening his auburn hair. There were solid lines along his cheeks and around his mouth that reflected his face was usually strained rather than smiling and his eyes were flinted gray.

Like metal.

His features were square and startlingly harsh. With a severe nose and chin, coming to points. His stride was impossibly long. Sleek.

Like Van.

The look on Van’s face was sheer horror. Then everything about him stiffened in abhorrence and his eyes narrowed aggressively on the intruder. His hands holding my clothes became white-knuckled fists. And his chest rumbled on a low growl.

The man came to a stop.

“Now, now. Is that how you greet an old friend?” He tossed his arms open as if in a welcoming hug.

“What do you want, Sel?”

Sel? I knew that name…

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