The Ravening

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Branded as His

I tried to fight him off. But everything I tried just passed through him. Yet I could feel him.

He was as real and hard-bodied as an iron cast.

So hard inside me it felt like a bit of wood planting into me. I could feel the swollen shape of him stretching me. Stroking inch by inch as he drug in and out of me. Extending to press my furthest opening.

"Oh, your body sucks me in. Like it doesn't want to let go." He moaned. "I'm going to live in your body." He vowed. Pumping so hard I shouted in objection, trying to squirm again.

"Yes, fight." He purred. "So good..."

I pleaded for someone, anyone to help me.

"Careful...If someone could happen upon us they may want a turn." He cautioned. "Remember they can't see me. They'd only see you open and ready..."

I shook my head against his words. Envisioning what I'd look like with my skirts around my waist, my legs spread apart and bent at the knees with my opening moving as something invisible entered and withdrew from me.

"Shush." He whispered laughingly. Letting go of one of my wrists to force the neckline of my dress down enough he could palm my breast while he worked into me. Massaging the soft globe. He dropped his lips to the side of my neck.

Making me shiver in excitement despite myself. I hated that I couldn't stop him. Could do nothing.

"Yes...You're quite helpless. And it feels so nice." He purred. "Doesn't it? Admit it..."

"I hate you." I hissed.

"That's fine." He leaned up to stare down at me. Forearms and biceps were visible now. Wound with lean muscle. Wide shoulders thick as they flexed. His gold eyes were piercing as he massaged the inside of my body with his large, heavy member.

He slowly tilted his head as if seeing through me. "You'll hate me more tomorrow. Then even more the next day. Than one day, you'll surrender. You'll learn to love me. Love me inside you..."

"I won't." I wailed. Praying I wouldn't. "You're a demon."

"Yes." He nodded cheerfully. "I was a cursed man. Lascivious by nature so the devil played on my nature. Making my lust for women, my sexual hunger, insatiable. But now I have you to assuage my appetites."

"No." I shook my head vehemently.

He shouted in pleasure.

"No. Please no. Don't do it inside." I begged.

What if I were to bear the offspring of this beast.

"You're mine." He frowned. Tilting his head. "Why wouldn't I spill seed in my little plaything?"

Then he did. Burrowing deep and arching his back to touch as deep inside me, as his large cock could reach. Spilling hot seed into my womb.

"Mine." He smiled in satisfaction. Gold eyes hooded as his body eased. He let up his grip and I pulled my arms into cover my breast and put a barrier between he and I.

"Are you finished?" I asked defiantly. Covering my face with my free hand to hide my shame.

He peeled my hand aside to touch my nose with his. Blinking large gold eyes at me. "Not nearly."

And he began stroking inside me all over again.

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