The Ravening

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Relentless Hunger

The morning past in a blur of him rolling me onto my knees. Bruising them as he pressed deep into the cushion of my body. Moaning at the warmth, as he came again and again. Pouring into me until my body ached and I was covered in a sheen of sweat. Afraid I'd die right here from what he was doing, I tried to shove him away or to escape. But every sweep of my arm resulted in just passing through his body.

I tried once to roll away but he just chuckled in that cool way. I couldn't see him. Frantically looking around, as I scrambled to crawl away. I felt his hand on my hip shoving me sideways to the ground and tumbling with me.

"Where are you going, Zira?" He whispered in my ear.

The back of my dress lifted, exposing me to the chilly morning air. His knees pressed the back of mine and bent them up toward my belly.

Suddenly I felt him inside me again. And I could see him once more. Lush dark skin glistening. And taut muscles rippling as he looked down at where he entered me from behind, watching his movements.

I tried to roll onto my bruised knees but his arm wrapped my waist. Compressing me against his chest so tight it was difficult to breathe.

His forearm became visible around me, holding me fast so he could writhe into my bruised body. "Please..."

"Please, what, Zira? Don't you know what I am?" His lips were tight as he shook his head. "Saying please will never stop me. Don't waste your breath." He curled his body to thrust hard into me again. I felt the hot flare of his seed entering me.

It's never going to end. Deflating, I went limp.

While he began anew.

Was this the fifth or sixth time? I'd lost count.

And all the while he's never stopped to rest. Nor to let me.

He'd been telling the truth, his appetite was insatiable.

I whimpered as he finished again. Remembering vaguely what he'd said about when I slept, I forced myself awake.

Blinking hard, I realized I was alone on the Fall leaves, staring up at the morning sky. Listening to birds. I'd been asleep? It was all a horrible nightmare?

Climbing to my feet, I stumbled a few steps and felt the pained ache low in me. Clutching myself I slowed my stumbling pace. Making it to the nearest tavern, I rushed in and slammed the door behind me. Sliding down it tearfully.

"What's wrong girl?" A passing barmaid stared at me wide eyed.

"Don't let him in!" I caught her skirt. Confused about whether this morning had been real, I still feared him getting a hold of me again.

I slapped coin into her hand and climbed to my feet in my dirtied dress. "A Room?"

"Room Five is open." She nodded upstairs.

Running up them, I counted doors, then rushed in and locked the fifth room. Running to the shutters and slamming them too.

"No. No. No. Please. Please. Please." I chanted. Backing up from the window. Scanning the room desperately.

Don't be here.

Let me be safe...I calmed my ragged breathing. Slowing my heart by drawing deep breaths.

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