The Ravening

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Sanctuary of a Tavern

You’re fine. It was a nightmare. I reassured myself. Flopping onto the undoubtedly-dirty bed.

Wondering how much had been some dark fantasy, I threw up my skirt and touched my burned and bruised thigh. Pained to see the swirling burn mark still there. Swollen red and purple with a black outline.

But strangely, I no longer hurt.

Relieved about that small detail at least, I threw my skirt down and flopped backward. Sinking into the reed mattress. Blinking bleary eyes, I suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired.

Instantly, I’d have sworn I felt his presence encroaching on me.

A bath. The thought entered my mind so suddenly and with such craving that I realized I had to have one. When I reached into my dress pocket for one of my two remaining coins I found six there.

Had the witches paid me for their torment? It was too horrible to conceive that it wasn’t them that had paid me for my suffering.

Don’t let it be him. It felt like it made what he’d done to me even more insulting.

I looked around fearfully, but I was alone. I cracked the door and peered out. Calling to the barmaid, offering her my coin to have a bath drawn.

They brought in the large metal bath and two burly men brought steaming buckets to fill it.

I didn’t like how their eyes lingered on me. I checked my dress and realized it was in place. I’m covered.

They were looking at me as though undressing me.

I worried my lip. Wishing I still had my cloak. I could pull up the hood and hide my face.

I knew my features were a bit too pretty. Slightly too porcelain. And my enhanced curves on my skinny frame tended to draw too many eyes.

But the witches had yanked the cloak off when they’d originally caught me in the woods. I’d gotten away twice before they were able to overwhelm me, hold me down, and brand me with mark of crisscrossing serpents.

Once they’d left, I turned the lock on the door. Slowly pulling my clothes off my aching, traumatized body. I walked to the bath to sink slowly into its comforting warmth.

I moaned at the blissful feel of it.

“You had to know, making sounds like that would summon me?” His dark face peeled apart the shadows in the corner next to me. Emerging with intent gold eyes. Licking his lips wolfishly as he took in the sight of me. His gaze lingering on every inch of my shining wet flesh.

Naked and vulnerable in the bath.

“I’m excited to feast on all that bountiful flesh.”


"Oh, I will. And I'll revel in the feel of you wrapping my cock in your heat."

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