The Ravening

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Intrusion In A Bath

In panic, I shrieked and tried to clamber out of the bath. Tipping the metal bin onto one edge and surging water over the floor in my clawing attempt at escape.

Out of nowhere his hand slammed to the edge of the bath and with surprising strength yanked it flat on the floor. Sending me careening toward him in the flow of the water.

I yelped and tried to lean away.

His face down to his neck was visible and long slim fingers on the edge of the bath bin.

I can't see the rest of him. What is he?

His face, topped by dark curling hair tilted as he lowered to be level with me.

"Please don't. I hurt already." I covered my breasts with my arms and sunk down into the bath. Squeezing my thighs together and tipping my knees against the side. Peering up at him as I begged. Hating the high, shaking note in my voice.

"Not anymore."

My brows furrowed in confusion.

"Feel yourself." He ordered.

I stared at him in horror.

He smiled and nodded down.

Shocking myself, my hand jerked. Moving of a volition of its own, it made its way down my body to press against my most intimate place. Finding the pain absent. I wondered aloud. "The water?"

Did it make the pain go away? Heal me?

"No." His mobile mouth said the word slowly and then his lips slid up evilly. "I did. So I could savor you again."

No. Distract him! My instinct screamed.

"How am I seeing you?" I quaked. Avoiding that prospect. "I thought you said I could only see you when-when..."

"When I'm inside you?" He arched a black brow over one large gold eye.

"Y-Yes." I trembled.

"That will evolve as we bond." He reached into the bath to swirl the water. Stirring it around me. Creating a small whirlpool which reached down to touch between my thighs. Moving the water along my body.

I gasped.

He grinned and dropped his chin to the edge of the bath. "You'll be able to see me more as time goes on."

He tilted his head consideringly. "Still scared of me?"

"I-I please don't..."

Take me again.

"Oh," He nodded. "I'm going to."

I shook my head as he rose to stand over me. I tried to decide what to do but he was already stepping into the bath. I couldn't see his legs until he brushed mine apart with his calves, then his became visible.

He knelt down in the water. Making it slosh up along my neck as he lowered into it.

It was so narrow, I withdrew my legs to almost against my chest to keep him away.

but he was already kneeling between my thighs and I couldn't get my ankles together. I saw his hands holding my shins up so I was folded against the back of the bath. Unable to move while he slid his knees behind my heels, under where my leg bent up, to frame my hips.

I could feel the pressure but couldn't see. I was leaned up shaking my head in panic.

"Ssh." He put a finger to his lips.

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