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Not really short stories more like fanfiction and stuff😂 (Low-key High-key Smut book) Please do not report if you don't like it don't read it Photo credit for cover of book: Owner (Me) Requests are open.

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I am Hungry
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Dom Ashton & Sub Jeon Apollo

So it starts off ash gets very tipsy and horny he picks up what he though was a pain pills but was actually Viagra he takes one and give you one as well not telling you what it was while you're trying to get him home he pins you against the door and start roughly kissing your neck and gripping your hips grinding up on you. You groan lowly at the sudden action feeling your body heat up and react as the pills started taking affect and then you start returning his rushed and sloppy kisses quick nibbles here and there. After finally getting into the house he slammed you up against the wall hand around our throat and the other up your shirt gripping you so tightly it was sure to leave a bruise panting and moaning into each others ear as the clothes start flying across the room. Once your both naked ash tries to restrain himself but you bite his bottom lip and look at him with hooded lust filled eyes. He's mumbling about how he shouldn't cause it's not him its the drug but you insist he uses you to relieve the pain for you both then you both at it like bunnies

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