The Price of Vengeance

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Consequences of Defiance

She gasped. Lip curling in contempt. “You’ve become so foul.”

“No. I merely lost all respect for you.” He rubbed her opening with two fingers feeling her slick and ready.

His eyes widened as he withdrew his fingers slightly to examine them. “You already want my cock, don’t you?”

Her expression hardened and she refused to take his biting.

He lowered his voice and turned it taunting. “So quick to dampen.”

Pressing his fingers more deeply into her and curling them forward in a way he knew would send a surge of wetness pouring from her. The spot that makes her weak.

She glared hatefully at him. Locking her jaw rather than answering him.

He smirked. “Me too.”

I already want inside you. Now. He pushed the two fingers more violently into her. Watching her reaction with interest.

She gasped and stood on her toes to escape the sensation. Her hands landing on his shoulders as though she considered stopping him.

Good luck. He glared at her. A muscle in his jaw ticking. Every moment he considered her great beauty, made the fury return in wild waves. Washing over him with agonizing freshness.

She tilted sideways as though she were going to try and shove him away and bolt.

He slapped a hand to the tree just over her head to cage her in where she was. He whispered near the side of her face.

“Thought I wouldn’t get inside you.” He reminded her of her quickly spat words. Laughing at her now, that her defiance was so easily overcome.

By a mere couple of fingers.

He stroked her with them. Slipping in and out. Feeling her body clenching around the intrusion. Clinging to him as he tried to remove them.

“Tell me what else I won’t do.” He whispered to the hair at her temple. Challenging her as he took in the honeyed scent of her. Caught a whiff of her sweet arousal. Making his cock harden more fiercely. Wanting inside of her.

To claim her. Possess her.

Her chin went up and her throat worked convulsively as she looked down at her nose at him.

Fighting climaxing.

“You think you have the ability to keep from climaxing for me?” He smirked. “Your little wanton body says otherwise.”

“You don’t have the ability to pleasure me any longer.” She hissed.

“Don’t I?” He curled the two fingers embedded in her, putting pressure toward her pelvis again and touching the spot he knew drove her wild.

She yelped and her thighs shook as she spasmed around his fingers. Moistening them and causing her fluid to run over his knuckles. Her hands snapped away from his shoulders and clutched the trunk of the tree behind her. Her fingernails cracking as she dug them into the bark.

“So wet, Nim.” He purred. Beginning to thrust against her thigh.

“I hate you.”

“Fine. Hate me. You’ll hate me even more in a moment.” Keeping her pinned to the tree he plucked the laces of his breeches and freed his pulsing rod.

“No.” She began to struggle in truth. Shoving him backward.

He batted her fists aside and quickly caught her wrists. Saying acidly to her. “You, don’t get to tell me ‘no’ anymore.”

Adjusting her wrists into one of his large hands, he used the free one to catch her thigh and curl her leg over his hip. Opening her entrance for him.

“Don’t.” She said nearly pleadingly. Green eyes liquid as she came perilously close to begging.

“Go ahead, Nim. Beg me.” He said harshly.

Staring at her furiously, he entered her without warning.

She shouted at the sudden stretching of her body. Pressing her hips against him to try and put distance between them and tipping her head up against the tree as she looked to the sky. Fighting for strength.

Wanting to resist me.

Wanting to fight the effect it’s having on her. But she was already so slick around his rod that he’d entered her smoothly. Planting deep without the slightest friction to stop him.

“Look how your body wants it.”

She tossed her head to look away, but he leaned over to stay in her view. To force her to look at him.

“All your words of hatred, all your filthy looks, all your proclamations of how you won’t be touched and here you are. Melting all over my staff. Impaled on it like my very own little prize.”

She seethed. Glaring at him with every ounce of that vicious fire.

“What are you going to do about it, Nim.” He withdrew slowly until only the tip of him lingered in her. Then he stuffed her full again.

She screeched, body quivering in rage, pleasure, resistance and fury.

“Nim!” Lonnix called worried as he heard the desperate sound. “Everything alright?”

Her eyes brightened and, reading her face, Disseus slapped a rough palm over her mouth. Pressing deeper into her.

“Yes. She’s fine.” Disseus called. Slipping out then slamming back into her.

Like I’d wanted to all day.

Her green eyes were huge over her hand. She pulled at his wrist and hand but couldn’t move him.

He pumped into her. Feeling her core sliding along his tip as he filled her. “Oh, you feel good.”

He stroked her methodically.

She tried to turn her face away, but he held her in place. She stood on her toes, trying to escape his length.

But she’s not tall enough.

She was just the right height that when his hips curled to upthrust in her, her buttocks were pinned against the hard trunk. And he fitted to her perfectly.

She was made to take it. He admired her fitting around him.

He took her brutally. Knowing he was bruising her entrance as he thudded into her.

Her gaze was hateful.

“You’ll learn not to defy me. Not to raise your voice to me. Just to lift your dress when I say. And bend over when I say. You’re mine. Like you should’ve been back then.” He growled. Bursting inside her and pushing deep behind her belly to pour his seed.

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