The Price of Vengeance

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Used to be Better

“No.” She desperately tried to writhe away. Finally inching his hand from her mouth as she tried to escape him, but he came buried inside her.

“Take it.” He grunted. Giving two short thrusts. “You should be good at that by now.”

Once he’d finished, he let his hand fall and withdrew from her. Letting her slide back to her feet.

She angrily shoved her skirt done. Asking furiously. “Pleased?”

He groaned in satisfaction. “You’ve no idea!”

And I’ll have more. His eyes lingered on the rosy crests of her exposed breasts.

Catching her arm, he yanked her dress back up over her breasts, noticing one nipple protruded at the corner. Unable to resist he lowered and plucked it into his mouth.

She swung to slap him, but he caught her wrists and held them to her sides as he sucked on the morsel of skin until it was red, swollen and ached as though bruised.

She flushed so red that even her breasts were heated a shade. “Are you quite finished.

“Mmm.” He murmured. Angling around the crest to stroke it with his tongue before using his tongue to tuck it back into her dress.

Eyes narrowed on him and chewing her cheek furiously, she caught her dress and forcefully yanked it up the rest of the way.

But he was already stiffening in his breeches. Again.

Eyeing a stump nearby that he was tempted to bend her over and take her from behind.

But Lonnix calling to them made him march back toward the horses with her in tow.

Once there, she tried to wrench her arm away, but he held it fast. “Let go of me!”

“I think you’re forgetting who’s in command. You used to be better at obeying.”

Her eyes flashed green in fury. “You used to be better at joining with a woman.”

“Oh, you think I did poorly?” He mocked.

“You used to be better.” She shrugged. Knowing the insult would hit home. Wounding his male pride.

I’ll show her better. She’ll be lucky if she can walk at all tomorrow. Snarling in his throat he released her.

Glaring at each other so violently they nearly bared teeth. They made their way back atop their horses.

It was Lonnix that dared break the silence. “Disseus, I think perhaps we should pick up Almora.”

The way Disseus’s head spun made Lonnix regret speaking.

“Why do we need the Witch? She’s only beneficial if I…am struggling.” He glanced at Nim through the corner of his eyes noting she stiffened at his reply.

Let her think I need her for sexual gratification. It was amusing to think the high and mighty seductress was uncomfortable with the mention of another female.

“Had you thought you’d be the last?” He smirked as the barb hit home and she winced.


He gave her a startled look, and nearly argued before catching himself. Lips tightening, he looked at Lonnix.

“I think perhaps this Lonnix be a journey where you Lonnix require her services.” Lonnix refused to meet the permeating look of the woman.

“I agree. I enjoy Almora’s company immensely.”

“As do I.” Lonnix said quickly trying to mask the innuendo.

Striding back to Onyx, Disseus hopped on smoothly. Straightening his cloak behind him. Steering the reins steeply to one side he veered into the woods.

It’s only a few hours ride through unmarked territory to reach the Witch’s cottage.

Almora and her two younger sisters ran out the door to greet them.

The younger girls bounded up to hug Disseus.

He laughingly caught them up. Smiling as they chattered excitedly. Looking from one to the other he nodded.

But they’re simultaneously talking, and I can’t understand a word of what either of them are saying.

Almora herself was a buxom blonde wearing a low bodice. With fat gold ringlets pouring down her back. Skirt flaring over her wide hips.

A very alluring woman.

Nim rolled her eyes Heavenward. “Of course, she’d look like that.”

Thinking she was talking to him for the first time, Lonnix responded by sighing longingly. “Like what? A goddess?”

Nim tossed him a black look. “Blonde. She looks blonde.”

“Yes. There is that too.” He laughed nervously.

As Disseus approached, Almora’s gaze fell, and her cheeks reddened. She dropped in a half curtsy. “My Lord Disseus.”

Leaning over her hand, he gave it a soft kiss.

She leaned close, peering up at him from beneath sooty lashes. But Nim still caught her whisper. “You know this journey is going to break my heart?”

“I am always kind to it.”

“Not this time.” She shook her head. “You’ll not be able…” She sighed heavily and tossed a quick look over his shoulder at Nim.

“That one has the hissing tongue of a viper and is as just as Willing to turn on you and draw blood.” He murmured.

Lonnix watched Nim stiffen, as Disseus’ voice grew louder.

“I know what you’re doing.” Almora murmured quickly.

“I’d never wish to deceive you.” He didn’t deny that she was currently a tool to make the vicious redhead jealous.

Almora is clever enough to know.

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