The Price of Vengeance

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A strange sort of calm pain began to seep into every fiber of his being.

He needed to salvage his hatred. But her words had cut. And she was right. She had a son out there, one in danger. And even that trumped the importance of Disseus’ game of cat and mouse.

He sat rubbing his face and squatted against the tree trying not to think about that warm sensual body being lapped by the ripples of cold water. He shook his head roughly.

Trying so hard not to focus on the sounds of her washing he barely heard the slosh of her rising from the lake. Teeth gritted he stared at the ground. His fingers burrowing into dirt, leaves and moss as he concentrated his control.

A bare expanse of leg moved into his peripheral. He followed that long silky length up into the parted folds of her cloak. She stared down at him knowingly. Lifting her chin slightly, she stared at him chastisingly.

As if she thinks to reprimand me for watching her. When I’d merely been out her to protect her. Blowing out a whooshing breath, he rose to stare down at her darkly. Unwilling to let her have the upper hand.

All shreds of his temporary weakness gone. “Take off your cloak, Nim.”

“Is this how you take all your women. By blackmail or as payment for your services.”

“Well, I’d certainly not pay them for theirs.” He gave a wide grin, but irritation still danced in his eyes.

My back still feels like it’s on fire. In-fact my whole body feels alight. He shifted. Rolling his neck as he felt tiny bits of steam seeping from the back of his collar.

Catching her about the shoulders he took her mouth in a passionate kiss.

An attempt to hide my vulnerability.

She squawked and her arms flailed but it only succeeded in tossing off her cloak. Something he’d prepared to do himself.

His hands were suddenly all over her. Savoring her pearlescent flesh in the rising moonlight. Taking in her wild scent. And wanting nothing more than to be buried inside her.

For my mind to stop. Even if for only a short time. He caught her hip and scooped her buttocks. Molding it to send her leg sliding up his leg. He deepened the kiss. His tongue sweeping deeply into her mouth to taste every inch of her.

“Get me out of my pants.” He murmured. Looking at her intensely.

She blinked slowly as if it took awhile for his words to permeate her mind. Shaking her head, her green eyes slid over him and to the waist of his pants. She unlaced them quickly and pulled them open. Baring him to her gaze.

He was already hard and standing upright. Waiting for her.

“Do you respond so readily whenever you kiss a woman?” She asked a bit acidly.

“Is that what you’re really asking? Or do you want to know if you’re special?”

Her eyes widened on him, but the answer was clear.

“I’m not going to tell you, you’re special, Nim.”

She flinched and her gaze fell. Her hands dropped away from his pants.

“Even if you are.”

The anger in both of them was spilling out as he cupped her buttocks and lifted her naked form up to slide down his torso.

Catching a pert little nipple in his mouth and suckling hard as he slipped her down his body.

Reaching his narrow hips, her legs wrapped tighter, and she hooked her ankles.

Ready for me.

He was slender enough and she was strong enough, that this was often how he’d taken her in the woods all those years ago.

When I was training her.

“Are you ready?” His gray-blue eyes roved her face.

She bit her lip and her forearms rested over his shoulder.

He guided her hips further out so he could angle his cock into her, and he thrust upward, filling her heat at the same moment he brought her hips tight against his pelvis.

And in that simple motion they were utterly joined. Wound together from head to toe.

A fact which was not lost on either of them.

She gave a faint pant and her head fell back. Her breasts pressing against his chest as her red hair fell down her back and brushed his hands gripping her ass. One of her hands shakily lifted to scoop the back of his head in her effort to steady herself at the sudden stretching.

The fierce intimacy of him planting into her core.

“I’m taking you here, in these woods.” He lifted her ass and guided her up, then dropped her back down. Hard.

She closed her eyes and her face tightened. Her inner walls reflexively clenching him as her own weight brought her down unbearably hard on him. Her legs wound around him made it so he could pound into her relentlessly.

Using a biting grip on her ass and wrapped around her waist he bounced her on his hard staff. Making the tension between them grow. Feeling her hair dancing along his forearm at her back. Her small breasts bobbing wildly against his chest until the tiny nipples puckered wantonly.

She cried out and her body surged with sweat. Dampness poured over his cock as he felt her coming.

But he was merciless in his pace. Refusing to slow made her next one build even more ferociously.

“Ah, ah.” She objected to every time he pulsed into her. Prodding deeply into the cushion of her body.

“Soon I’m going to cum in your hot little hole, Nim. I’m going to own your flesh again. I’m going to stuff you full and make you so sore, you’ll think of me every step you take tomorrow.

And he did. Violently surging into her.

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