The Price of Vengeance

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Pale porcelain flesh curved in the dancing firelight. That hair pouring to her hips in a riot of wild waves. Fat curls framing the bottom of pert breasts with jutting nipples. Her shoulders tapered to the thin lines of her waist and then the flare of her hips which were so full that the only bony portion was the line which veered over the curve and down her pelvis. To the narrow dusting of red hair which guarded her woman’s place.

His eyes skid from that place he intended soon to be nestled up to that face. Such a pretty face.

Her vivid green eyes snapping with fury. Under arching red brows which tapered to a small, upturned nose.

Everything about her is petite. Disseus’ eyes roved her in wonder. Recognizing the delicate but well-honed body.

The body of a woman as apt to carry a bucket of water as wield a dagger.

“I’m Nim Pifh.” The woman declared. Shooting Disseus a meaningful look as she added. “The Huntress.”

“Huntress...” Disseus murmured the words nearly reverently. His voice echoing with power in such a way that everyone in the tavern who hadn’t yet noticed the odd little trio now silenced and turned.

Undoubtedly taking in a handy view of her lovely backside with the two swollen globes begging to be squeezed.

Lon was looking from one to the other in confusion. Having never seen Disseus stare at a woman so intently.

Nodding made her hair jostle around her shoulders and twining curls bounce over small pert breasts. Curling tips toying with her dusky rose nipples.

A quick look at Lonnix revealed he was struggling to maintain his focus.

Disseus frowned. Visibly displeased.

Can’t blame him. Disseus couldn’t recall seeing any other woman of such perfection.

As intended, she held the undivided attention of every man in the tavern now.

What’s the wench pulling?

Hands flat on the table, she leaned so far forward she nearly pressed her forehead to Disseus’s. “Mistake me not. I know who you are...Feral. I’ve been looking for you.”

Don’t call me that here.

Feral was his assassin’s name. One he didn’t like being bandied about.

Disseus turned away letting his head loll weakly onto Lonnix’s shoulder. Sputtering incoherently and feigning a sound awfully close to a whimper.

Lonnix patted his head. “You’re upsetting my brother with all this crazy talk. No one has seen hide nor hair of the Feral in the last thirty years.”

“Yes.” She barely spared Lonnix a sideways glance. “But I’m no stranger to guises. And believe me when I say that if I shout now who he is. Every man in this worthless tavern Lonnix be hanging on my every word.”

They Lonnix. They can’t look away. A quick look around the room ascertained the truth of her words.

Drooling mask dissolving, Disseus leaned across the table. Slamming his elbows onto the wood with a resounding thud and giving her a long study. Bones moving beneath his skin to reform and jut into squared features.

Lonnix looked back and forth between them. “He wants to know what you want?”

“I want to free my son and kill the Demon King.”

Lonnix scoffed. “Woman you’re crazy! That’s a death mission. Battling Valley alone Lonnix kill you.”

“I find that unlikely.” Face expressionless, she met Lonnix’s gaze unwaveringly. “I’ll have the best protection anyone can. A creature known to be beyond anything wild.” She eyed Disseus.

Both men looked at her.

She met their gazes proudly and at length lifted a haughty brow in challenge.

“I’m listening.” Disseus’s gaze blatantly assessed her exposed curves.

“Not here.” Lonnix shot. “Let’s take her upstairs before she gets herself ravaged.” Lonnix eyed slack mugs dripping ale and jaws matching. Glittering eyes looked at her greedily.

They all want a chance at her.

“Hmm.” He purred. “Agreed. Let’s take her upstairs.” His meaning was clear.

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