The Price of Vengeance

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Nightmarish Things

“It’d taken me decades of ending the fight. Of pretending I’d given up.”

“Resisting him?” Disseus cut in. His voice harsh.

She swallowed hard and he noticed that her body began to tremble in his grip. “Yes. For months I pretended I had not the merest hint of fight any longer. I let him take the husk he held captive and no longer clawed or bit or attacked him.”

“You pretended to submit to his violation?” Disseus’ throat tightened and he was sickened. Imagining her, fierce creature that she was, playing dead for so long to meet the needs of some long game plan.

It must’ve killed her.

And though he’d already harbored deep hatred for the Demon King, now it rose to new heights.

But am I really any better? That made Disseus mouth dry and his strong heart thrum fiercely. She’s doing the same for me now.

And he wondered what he was doing to her mind. She has to be nearly broken from what she’d endured.

Though he’d seen no sign of that yet.

“It was for a purpose.” She dismissed. Unwilling to accept Disseus’ sympathy. “He became complacent and eventually…I had one night of reprieve.”

One night the Demon King had failed to arrive to torture her body.

“And that’s how you escaped him.”

She nodded but he felt the rush of pain swelling off her.

“I’d have come for you, but you never called me…”

She was quiet. Knowing there was nothing more she could say to it that she hadn’t already.

“So, I never came.” Eventually he’d even stopped sleeping next to the river hoping word would come.

But she need never know about the endless years I’d waited, lived, on the water’s banks. Waiting.

For her.

He recognized her prolonged silence as she lay there. “You’re deciding how much to give away.”

She said nothing.


Even as she wondered it, heart tight, she felt him tuck his face in her hair. Probably going to sleep.

Instead, he was taking in her scent, enjoying the feel of her next to him as she absorbed his unnatural heat thankfully. Enjoying my presence for once.

Though she’d never admit it.

Body finally easing, she let herself melt against him.

His warmth enveloped her. Without meaning to, she gave a tiny purring sound in her throat and felt him tense in response.

“Don’t do that.” He grated through gnashed teeth.

“What?” She asked sleepily.

“Make-do-that sound!”


Because it reminds me of what once was.

What it feels like to be inside you! Giving a low growl, he rolled her over and flattened his body over hers.

What am I doing? I was just feeling such disgust with myself. Comparing my actions to that of the Demon King. Yet he found he couldn’t stop. His hands roving her rampantly.

His mouth taking hers like a starved man.

When she returned his motions with equal fervor, he was shocked.

Sending him to new heights of arousal. Far more than just looking at her or feeling her.

Realizing he could no longer hold back, he pushed at her clothes until her body was bared to his pawing hands and suckling mouth.

He met her aggression as she clawed at his tunic. Fabric rent as they found each other’s bodies beneath.

His cock was already hard. Erect and ready to enter her. He scrambled to reveal her lower body and pushed her thighs apart.

She folded her legs up to frame his hips as he positioned at her entrance.

He paused long enough for his icy blue gaze to rove her face. Consumed by the intensity in her vivid green ones.

He saw a reflection of the hunger he was feeling. Need.

The storm was increasing. The wind whistling and rain falling in sheets. Making the night seem impossibly dark save the halo of the moon’s glow.

She caught his ass. Her fingers biting into his cheeks as she yanked him upward fiercely. Forcing him inside her brutally.

He moaned long and loud in pleasure at the feel of her. Of her desire.

She screeched as he filled her. Stretching her inside and probing her furthest entrance as he impaled her. His hardness like an iron rod entering and exiting her.

In the midst of the storm, their skin melded as she rode her wildly. Panting in pleasure at the feel of her.

Her head was thrown back and she stared up at a black sky. The rain coming down in tunnels that seemed to surround them. The drops hitting the ground and pattering further away as their heat drove the drops a distance away.

Disseus’ fervor grew and there was an orange glow emerging from his back. His tunic pulled up under his arm pits was beginning to steam behind him.

Nim’s red brows drew together. “What’s happening.”

“Don’t worry about that!” He growled. Yanking her neckline further down to wrap her breasts in a digging grip. Using them to drag his body up her length. Planting him even further inside her.

She cried out as if he hurt her but hooked her heels behind him. Settling him deeper with each long stroke. Her nails dug into his back and raked up his shoulders. Splitting the skin slightly sent orange beams of light shooting from his back and into the night sky like flames.

“Disseus! What’s happening to you?” She was truly worried now.

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