The Price of Vengeance

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Never Enough

“Don’t worry about it.” He growled.

I’m not stopping. He was savoring the feel of their skin melded but even more than that…

Her response. Her desire and her heat.

“Just look at me, Nim. Please.” He softened his tone.

To his surprise she tossed up her red hair and clung to his shoulder. Meeting his intense gaze.

They stared at each other, nearly afraid to blink as they moved together in fading firelight. The sounds of their pleasure swallowed by the storm.

She bit her lip to stem the sounds which had been bubbling up her throat and parting her lips with wild abandon. She strove to control her primal reaction.

“No. No walls. No shells. Just be with me.” His voice was a low rumble. Marked by a flash of lightening which brightened the harsh lines of his face. Brightening his blue eyes until they seemed nearly white in the night.

He felt her soften. The tension in her thighs easing as she embraced him with those and her arms.

In no time, he had her making that mewling purr.

Just the way I remembered it. He growled hungrily in response. Thrusting his hips hard as he filled her with his seed. Moaning passionately as he dropped his head to kiss her.

She still clenched him with her legs, and she flexed her inner walls around him. Milking his peak and making him shake from the weakness pouring through him.

“Stop!” He laughingly objected. Surprised that she still remembered the effect that had on him. He rolled to his back. Pulling her with him so she lay over him. He dragged his cloak from beneath them and tossed it over her back to shield her from the rain.

Her slick body lay over him as he trailed his fingertips over her shoulder blade.

She shivered as cold drops of rain splattered her bare shoulders.

He pulled the cloak up higher around her neck.

“When did it begin to rain?” She whispered huskily. A teasing note in her voice.

“Somewhere between your screams.” Cupping the back of her head he sighed and rolled her to the side of him. Holding tight.

Already the mood was changing.

“What’s wrong?” He watched the dread settling on her face.

“Foreboding for tomorrow.” She rubbed her stomach as though it unsettled her there. “I am reluctant to face the Demon King again.”

As would anyone.

“I will be with you.” He assured.

“It’s funny.” She whispered. Rolling closer to put her cheek along his chest. “I’d had such a clear idea of how this trip would go.”

“And?” He lifted a dark brow. Tilting his head up to run his long, slim-fingered hand through that silvery blonde hair.

“I still promptly landed in the last bed I wanted in.”

“I suppose that wasn’t altogether your doing.” He put a palm to brace the back of his head. Staring up at the sky and feeling the hint of shame at all he’d done to her.

Yet, still hungering for more.

I’ll never have enough of her. He could finally admit it. To himself at least.

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