The Price of Vengeance

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Need of a Harbinger

Lonnix watched Marnie with rapt attention. Even as Disseus moved to put him in his place he noticed the young man at her side watching Lonnix carefully.

“This is my husband, Aardix Mane.”

The giant Guardian.

Disseus eyed him warily. Wondering if this was some trap that Nim had established to get him taken back to Enuchte.

“The young prince.” Disseus interjected a bit too astutely for the blustering fool he appeared to be. He reminded himself to slow his responses.

Several surprised glances went his way.

Too late.

“Yes.” The regal young man nodded in confirmation.

“I must speak to you.” Bernus murmured, gesturing for Nim to step aside with him.

To discuss what? Disseus’ head whipped. Feeling like a cornered animal.

She did.

But they weren’t far enough Disseus couldn’t hear them. Even Nim underestimated his acute senses.

“We need the Harbinger, Nim.”


Disseus’ head spun as he honed in on their conversation.

“I understand the importance of your mission but-” Bernus began but she cut him off.

“I know.” She studied the Guardian. Knowing that he had some idea she knew where Disseus was.

She’s already betrayed me?

“If he attempts to contact me, I’ll let you know. But the chances are slim. We didn’t part ways amicably.” She cautioned Bernus.

Despite the telling statement indicating she was willing to protect Disseus, at least for now. His old rage immediately boiled to the surface.

‘We’ didn’t part ways at all. She parted ways.

He should’ve been relieved, but instead their conversation was making him progressively more irate.

“You were close once.” Bernus reminded.

“A long time ago.”

“He still may seek you out since you’re no longer hiding from him.”

I was right. She was hiding from me. His teeth ground at the knowledge but he didn’t dare intervene now.

If Bernus knows where I am, he’ll bring a hoard of them to drag me back.

She tossed Disseus a quick glance.

A guilty look.

She refocused her attention on Bernus. “He’s a Harbinger. Don’t you think he could’ve found me anywhere I’d hid, if he’d been looking?”

If I hadn’t already given up!

Bernus eyed her doubtfully.

“You’ll be the first one I call if he makes contact with me.” She assured the Guardian.

“It’s important to our people. Your people.” Bernus turned away.

But a quick study showed Nim’s face had tightened for a moment as though she were outraged. Though she said nothing.

When did she learned such careful control over her whiplash tongue?

The answer came quickly and made him wince.

When she’d been slave to the Demon King. Her defiance would’ve been met with endless torture...

She stared at the ground as Bernus rejoined the group. But her dour demeanor banished when her daughter called her name in that bubbling voice.

Disseus gave Lonnix a long look.

Nodding briefly Lonnix gave a shout that they needed to get moving.

Almora looked from him to Disseus in faint surprise that suddenly Lonnix was commanding their little troupe. But thankfully she said nothing. Merely mounted and gave her little mare a touch of heel.

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