The Price of Vengeance

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“Will you come up to our chambers discuss the matter further?” Lonnix gestured toward the steps heading up to the bedchambers.

A dangerous proposition for a lady indeed.

Fortunately, she’s not a lady. Disseus eyed the red-haired woman.

Giving them a defiant look, green eyes still sparking, she swept up her cloak and aimed for the steps. Pulling her cloak back on and her hood up. Lacing it at her throat. But leaving a crack in the cloak which revealed the dark shadow of her belly button and the rounded plane of her pelvis as well as the dark crevice of her cleavage, hinting at the inner edge of the two rounded globes.

“I dearly hope you brought more clothes than that.” Disseus murmured.

A lie. I truly hope she hasn’t so I can have access to that fine body whenever I wish it. The concept was quite tempting despite that he was sure he wasn’t the only blackguard in this tavern that was considering such things. A glance back down over his shoulder verified that he was correct indeed.

They’re all staring at her.

And every man down there looked as though he wished to be the one following her up. Despite that she was small of stature and not the typical lush figure of such as the barmaids, there was a magnetic animal appeal to the woman that instantly had a man wanting to breed her.

I’m certain of that. I’m not the only one. Disseus glanced over at Lonnix and verified that the man was shaking his head and blinking hard as he struggled valiantly to break his focus from the woman walking before them.

But with her every movement it was as is bells rang and the whole of the tavern had silenced save the crackle of the fireplace.

As though a spell has been cast on us.

Fey magic. Disseus had the good sense to recognize.

As they went up behind her, Disseus’ gaze was fixated on the woman’s swaying backside.

Lonnix slapped Disseus in the chest. “She thinks to seduce you into a mission.”

“No.” He said softly but his eyes were bright with interest.

She wants something else.

“What do you mean ‘no’?” Lonnix’s voice grew shrill. “She’s naked beneath that.”

“She wanted our attention. And she got it.”

Otherwise, she’d not have shown herself in the center of a packed tavern.

She’s desperate.

“You think her only impulsively bold?” Lonnix asked. Skeptical that the woman wasn’t merely planning to seduce the great mercenary into killing a former lover.

“No.” Disseus said pensively. Running a hand through short curling silver-blue hair. Icy blue eyes stoney gray as he assessed her now. “Calculatingly bold. A woman doesn’t expose such a delicious body unless certain she can defend it.”

Lonnix was quiet as he considered the logic. Changing the subject, he called up to her. “What makes you think my friend here is such a vicious mercenary?”

Her head turned and she spared him a bored look.

“He is a mere mercenary, if albeit a talented one.” He pressed, trying to convince her of Disseus’ lack of significance.

A dark untruth.

Which she knows.

“You call the Feral only a ‘talented mercenary’?” The woman lifted a haughty red brow. Her tone imperious.

“You seem awful certain.” Lonnix eyed her warily. “What makes you think-”

“Don’t waste your breath on it.” Disseus put a staying hand on Lonnix’s shoulder.

Disseus watched her like a predator staring down prey he didn’t dare take his eyes off. As a predator watches a creature that’s escaped once before. Raw intensity on his face.

Yes. She had escaped me before.

“This is My Friend, Disseus. Not your Feral.” Lonnix floundered, certain all was leading toward a bad end.

“I said” She emphasized. “I know who he is.” There was a dangerous note in her voice.

“She does.” Disseus said simply.

Walking faster, Disseus closed the gap between them as she turned through an open doorway into a bedchamber. He was aware he was emanating heat like someone adding fresh logs to a fire.

“Disseus!” Lonnix called.

Disseus walked Nim backward. His head lowered like a cat toying with a mouse.

Oh, how venomously I’d thought of this woman. The rage with which I wanted to strangle her. To take everything from her. And now she’s begging for my help.

Intriguing turn of events.

She retreated until her back hit the wall.

“Now you’ve come asking for my help...fascinating.” Disseus’s tone was scathing. He put his elbows on the wall to each side of her head. His nose brushing the side of her neck. “You’ve the gal to come disturb the dragon you left?”

“I need to save my son and I know you’re the best.” She said under her breath. Her voice quivering.

“To save the wretch you bore another man!” He lurched back to slap the wall viciously.

“A man with which I was unwilling!” Jerking forward so violently her hood fell back, she faced him with eyes sparking in rage.

Shoulders easing, he took a quick step back. “The Demon King?”

“Yes.” She snarled. “You can’t resent me for that!” She shouted. Breaths heaving.

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