The Price of Vengeance

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Disseus winced as though she’d slapped him.

“You” He raged closing in again. “chose to marry that simpering weakling.”

“Don’t you bring Baron into this.” She stuck a finger in his face.

Baron. A Weak name for a weak beast.

“You mean the man whose arms you ran to when you fled mine?” Disseus swatted her hand from his face.

“Yes.” She hissed eyes narrowing. And small pointed chin jutting. “That Baron.”

“The one that died from the loss of you because he was too weak” He said the word with his face contorted in disgust. “to come find you?”

So furious she was shaking, her lips tightened. “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“The devil I don’t.” Disseus snapped.

“I’d have torn Hell apart to find you.” Disseus grated out. “Yes. We’ll help you, pathetic little creature that you are. But not because I wish to help you. Because of what you’ll do to repay me.”

The things I’ll have you doing.

Chest heaving, fire lit her eyes at his provocation. Enraged that he’d dare propose such a bargain. Dare make demands on her.

Go ahead, be mad. That’ll just make this vengeance all the sweeter. Disseus remembered his own rage.

“What lengths are you willing to go to, to save your son. For your revenge?” He asked the question directly. Forcing her to answer the question just as bluntly.

“Anything.” She said levelly. Shoulders shaking and skin flushed with her seething rage.

“A heavy price indeed.” He smiled evilly. “It’ll be anything I ask, every eve as the sun sets.” He challenged. Hoping both equally that she’d say yes and be turned over to him so easily. Or praying she’d refuse, and he could be done with her just as quickly.

“Which will it be, Woman?”

She paused. Lips tight as she thought it over.

Desperately wanting to say no. But knowing she can’t if she wants any chance of me helping her.

Let’s see how truly important this is to her.

She chewed her cheek and nodded hesitantly.

She can’t refuse me, apparently. Not in this. Sensing it, made him smile.

Disseus spun and headed to the door.

“Stop! I Lonnix. Whatever you want...If you help.”

She couldn’t see Disseus smiling broadly as he gently pulled the door until the latch clicked. Rounding to face her with bitter joy on his face.

“What are you going to do.” She watched him anxiously. “Beat me?”

“You’ll wish I had when I’m done.” He descended on her.

She stood fast. Refusing to back away.

Walking to her he swept his hands under the edges of the cloak and began sliding them up over her shoulder.

She caught his wrists and gave him a stern look.

His brows lifted pointedly. “I believe it is dark now?”

Her gaze flinched and she looked slightly fearful, but she hesitantly released his wrists and lowered her hands.

He plucked the laces of her cloak and let it drop. His hands immediately molded her upthrust breasts. Lifting them and testing their weight. He savored the look of her face flushing and the deep rage coursing through her eyes as his hands formed over her body mapping every inch of her flesh.

Around her mouth whitened and she didn’t move.

“Mmm.” He murmured. Feeling himself hardening. “The things I’m going to do to you.”

He caught her shoulders and guided her back toward the rough cot. Stopping her at the edge so he could throw the blanket back.

Lightly pushing her back onto it.

She stared up at the ceiling. Her face written with anger.

He methodically unlaced his breeches. Staring her down. “Oh, no. You’re not doing that. You’re going to look at me. I’m going to watch every moment on your face.”

She grimaced and didn’t move. Her feelings warring on her face.

He nudged her thighs apart with his knees then lowered to a kneeling position. Catching her narrow hips and dragging her ass to the edge of the bed, he reached up and caught her bottom jaw. Pulling it down until her eyes met his.

Written with resentment.

“You’ll get over it.” He told her. Licking his fingertips and rubbing her opening until he felt her moisture.

“Disseus...” She pleaded.

He shook his head warningly. “Don’t do that. You’ll only be wasting your time.”

He entered her, hard.

She gasped and her eyes snapped closed.

He pinched her jaw to get her attention. “Open your eyes.”

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