The Price of Vengeance

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The Taking

She grimaced and didn’t move. Her feelings warring on her face.

Staring at her with burning intensity, he didn’t blink. Knowing that glancing away for even a moment could get her the opportunity to get away.

You’re not getting away from me this time until I’m well and truly done. His jaw tightened until the muscle ticked.

He nudged her thighs apart with his thighs then lowered to kneel on the floor. Catching her narrow hips, he drug her ass to the edge of the bed. He reached up and caught her bottom jaw. Pulling it down until her eyes met his.

Until she could no longer look away. Despite that her gaze was written with resentment.

“You’ll get over it.” He told her. Licking his fingertips and rubbing her opening until he felt her moisten deliciously.

Tempting enough to taste.


“Disseus...” She pleaded.

As though I’d stop. He snorted. Becoming only more determined at the prospect.

He shook his head warningly. “Don’t do that. You’ll only be wasting your time.”

He entered her, hard.

She gasped and her eyes snapped closed.

He pinched her jaw to get her attention. “Open your eyes.”

She obeyed.

Despite every fiber of her being demanding she not. He smirked at her.

“That’s right. Good girl.” He began stroking her. Slowly. Feeling her sex saturating his cock. Her muscles clenching tightly around him. “Oh, I missed this.”

She hissed through her teeth. Forcing her body to stay despite that her fingers flexed, and she clearly wanted to fight.

He leaned forward until he could brush his nose along her cheekbone. “You’ll be giving me this every eve at sunset.”

“I won’t.”


“Oh, My Dear.” He gave her a lopsided grin. “You already gave me your word and if at any point you renege, I’m turning around and leaving you to it.”

“You’re the very devil!”

“Mayhap.” He slammed into her. His hips bruising her thighs as he drove into her.

“Aah!” She screamed and lurched up to glower at him.

He pulled her down off the edge of the bed and onto his lap. Her weight embedding her more deeply on him. He pushed hard into her. Grabbing fistfuls of her breasts and grunting in pleasure. Bringing her down to meet every hard thrust.

Enjoying the feel of every inch of her.

Enjoying being inside her.

She moaned once. And clenched. Moaning again.

Her eyes closed and he shook her jaw until she opened them again. “Look at me when I’m fucking you. It’s me. Every inch. And I’ll not be so easily forgotten this time.”

“I hate you!” She growled in a hushed voice.

“Good. I hate you too.” He moved harder into her. Forcing deeper into her core. Using her breasts as leverage to pull her down.


“Shut up.”

She hissed through her teeth as he worked in deeply.

“Tell me you love it.”

“I don’t!”

“Say it.” He growled. Looking at her steadily.

“I love it.” She said through gritted teeth.

He moaned at the sound of the words. Pulling her off the bed to perch atop him. Winding an arm up her back to pull her shoulders down. Hips thrusting. In and out. He dropped his face into the corner of her shoulder and neck. Whispering. “Tell me you missed me in you.”

She was quiet and he pushed deeper. Feeling her inner opening stretching. She yelped in objection. “I missed you!”

It was enough. He growled as pleasure washed over him.

“No!” She pushed at his shoulders. Trying to dismount him before he spilled seed.

He held her in place and whispered in her ear. “Take it. Don’t you move.”

She grunted.

And he thrust deep. Feeling his body tense and jerk as his seed surged into her womb.

She gasped and her head fell back. She bit her lip to stifle a moan.

As she always did. His eyes narrowed on her.

“Next time, you’ll not withhold anything from me.” He vowed.

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