The Price of Vengeance

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Hands snapping out, he caught the neckline before she could react and ripped it down the front.

Freeing her breasts and the flat plane of her belly marred only by the hollow of the small belly button. The motion making the small breasts bounce ripely.

His body instantly responded to the sight of the dusky crests of her nipples on the smooth white orbs. He was tempted to stroke himself between them.

I will. He promised himself. Soon enough.

She hissed in fury and lifted her arm with the dagger. Making all that flesh move deliciously.

He pushed her bicep back down and caught her wrist. Shaking the blade loose and kicking it away. Dismissing it as easily as he had every other effort she’d made to keep him at bay.

“You’re a fiend.”

“More than that.” He pointed up. “Nightfall, My Dear. You’re mine to enter.”

“Despicable.” She said contemptuously. Her lip curling derisively.

“Ssh.” He put a finger to her lips and started backing her up to the bed as he pulled his tunic off and tossed it aside. “Silence your objections. You agreed to this deal, you’ve no place cursing me for it now.”

His gaze slid down her body. Lingering over every curve possessively.

“Stop looking at me like that!” She glowered.

“Like what?” He said boredly.

“Like I’m prey.”

“You are.” He shoved her back. “And I intend to feed.”

He pushed the nightdress aside and knelt to lift her legs. Draping her knees over his shoulders to bury his face in her sex. Licking made her lurch back onto her elbows. Hissing through her teeth.

Good. Succumb.

She pushed at his shoulders.

“We made a deal. You either keep it or I go.”

“Stop it!” She caught two bunches of his hair to yank his head. Pulling him up to look at her with those piercing blue eyes.

He peered over the bunched hem of her nightdress to look at her unabashedly. “Why? Because you enjoy it?”

Her face jerked and her gaze flicked aside them before returning waveringly to his.

“Just stop.” There was nearly a pleading note in her voice.


“Unless you’re telling me more, or harder,” He swept her hands off him and to her sides. “I want to hear nothing from your lips. So, silence.” He put his face back to her and delved his tongue into the soft heat of her slit.

He scooped her buttocks and felt them flex as her body tensed. He maneuvered his tongue until he felt her tensing against his mouth.

She clenched her teeth. Her neck and back arching violently.

“What did I say to you?” He roared. Lurching up to force into her soaked opening.

She gasped.

“I told you, you withhold nothing from me. No clenched teeth. No biting or bundling fabric.” He nodded toward where she fisted the bedding next to him. “You open to me. You take me in. And you’re utterly vulnerable.” He pumped into her to emphasize every grating word. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” She barely whispered the words.

“Look at me while I’m in you.”

She obeyed.

Hating herself for having to do it. He knew. Making his satisfaction and his pleasure mount.

She’s going to do many things she hates herself for. He promised himself.

He took her wildly. Feeling his pleasure mounting with each violent stroke. Meeting her glare unflinchingly. Letting his enjoyment show on his face. A half smirk turning his lips as he bruised her.

You’ll feel me tomorrow.

“What?” She snapped.

“I’m thinking how much fun it Lonnix be to watch you ride a saddle astride tomorrow.”

“I’ll have an ache.” She accused.

“I dearly hope so!” He never paused. “I hope every step the horse takes, you’ll feel this again.” He pushed deep under her belly, knowing it stretched her as far as she could go.”

Her mouth whitened and she shook her head fiercely, but she obediently held her silence.

“Good girl.” He stroked a palm down her face. Palming it to lightly push it back to the bedding. Exposing her neck and making those pretty breasts thrust up. “Mmm.”

He hardened further. Watching them bounce with every push into her thighs. Curling his hips.

But seeing her small sounds had stopped as she diligently focused on pretending, he wasn’t buried in her, he scooped up her shoulders.

“Oh, this is easier, isn’t it?”

She glowered darkly.

Using my command as an excuse to refuse to answer me.

“You answer me when I speak to you.” He said fiercely. Pulsing in and out of her rhythmically. Feeling himself drawing near his climax.

“What is easier? This isn't easy for me.”

“Oh, I dearly hope not.” His lip curled in contempt for her. “But looking away and hating me for hurting you is easier, isn’t it?”

“Then what?” She unknowingly bit the bait.

“Then this.” He said softly, dropping her head. “Look at me.”

He leaned to stroke gentle fingertips over her hip bones while he was burrowed into her warmth. Then he changed the angle of his thrust to push upward toward the spot he knew made her crazy with passion.

Her eyes lit and she jerked. Adjusting her elbows where they held her up as the muscles quaked.

“There it is, isn’t it?”

She hissed through her teeth as he drug the head of his cock along the spot again. Raking it with slow precision.

Her body vibrated and her thighs flexed. She involuntarily closed her eyes.

“No!” He caught her jaw again. Making her eyes snap open as she moaned and clenched around him. The muscles spasming with her pleasure.

He stroked slowly there. Relentless pursuing her pleasure despite her desperate pleas for him to cease. “No. You’ll feel it. And you’ll know it’s I, the one you hate, that gives it to you.”


“Yes.” He stabbed the spot ferociously.

Making her lurch up and sending her instantly into another round of spasms.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Me giving you pleasure.”

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