The Price of Vengeance

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A Rock

“I said I’m hungry!” Nim screamed at the top of her lungs. Incredibly frustrated from strain, being awoken too early, from hunger and from dealing with the worst mount in history.

Lonnix covered his ears to block out the shrill enraged sound. A wretched sound which seemed to echo through the thick trunks.

Likely summoning every bandit for the next six miles. Disseus stoney gaze flicked to her in vague annoyance. Fully aware of why she was so pissed off.

And not too far behind, myself.

“We men have no need to stop.” Disseus said confidently despite that both he and Lon knew Lonnix’s stomach had been uttering complaints for several hours.

Gargling like a drunkard snoring in a tavern.

Those were the last words, Disseus would say before she soundly knocked him off his horse. Propelling a rock the size of her fist, into his chest with extraordinary force.

To her credit, she had tolerated much ribbing already this morning.

“A rock?” Using the ground for leverage Disseus leapt back to his feet, body arcing as he landed smoothly on his heels and rolled forward onto his toes to stalk toward her furiously. “You’d dare throw a rock at me?”

At Feral? The devil’s very own hound. His teeth gnashed in annoyance. Wanting to soundly thrash her.

But as his gaze flicked over her furious face, he saw the deep red blush darkening her face. Shoulders heaving with sustained wrath. Her fists tightening in a white knuckled grip.

Wanting so badly to strike me.

“You can’t do it though, can you?” He smirked arrogantly at her. “You know what I’ll do to you if you strike me, don’t you Nim?”

Her lip curled in something very close to a snarl.

“Go ahead, Nim. Try me.”

But despite Disseus echoing threats he’d already decided.

I want her.

Her lower jaw jutted as she furiously considered the possibilities. Nearly overwhelmed by her desire to lash out at him.

So beautiful in her fury. Something he’d forgotten.

The things I’m going to do to her. He was already promising himself things that made his lower body tighten in hungry anticipation.

He glanced over his shoulder and spotted Lon watching them with a slightly sickened look.

Like he knows what I’m thinking. Disseus was sure the blatant lust was written over him.

Probably has been since I first looked at her in the tavern.

I’d know her face anywhere…

Disseus took a final step toward her. A predatory look on his face as he considered throwing her to the dirt where she stood.

Only Nim’s words gave him pause.

“Yes. You act like a disgruntled child, then I throw rocks at you.” Calm though she was, her look should’ve blackened the sky.

“Disgruntled child? I’ll sho-I’m going to jerk you off that horse.” Growling he reached up and caught her upper arm already tilting her in the saddle to do just that.

Leaning down nose-to-nose with him she hissed. “Go ahead. It won’t make you seem less a child.”

“Stay here, Lonnix.” He roared. Catching her arm and tugging her off Bear. “You, come with me.”

He wove through the trees. “I’ve had about enough of your defiance today.”

“Oh, have you? You used to like my defiance.”

“I used to be a fool.” He turned her pulled her gown down. Tearing it slightly at one shoulder in his haste to palm her small breasts.

She glared at him. “It’s not yet nightfall.”

“You agreed to obey me, to comply then. I don’t particularly care if you comply right now. I’m taking you.”

“When did you get so arrogant?”

“When I found out you were a lying whore.”

Now I’ll treat you like what you are.

She turned her head away.

“Oh, no you don’t!” He caught her chin and turned her face.

Tossing up her skirts, he ripped her undergarments free and tossed them into the shrubbery.

“I despise you.” She leaned forward to hiss acidly.

“As if I care.” He nudged her feet apart with his boots and she gripped the trunk of the tree behind her.

Her eyes flicked.

Searching for an escape. He planted his weight against her.

“You’ll not be inside me again until nightfall. As is our deal.” She spat.

“The Hell if you think so!”

I’ve been aching to be back inside you all morning. It was half the reason he was so furious.

It’s been years since I’d felt her. I’m not stopping. I’m feasting.

“I’ll scream.” She warned.

His eyes narrowed on her. “I’ll only rut you harder.”

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