Beasts of Men

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"Touch yourself for me." River Arden is a slave, born and raised she knows nothing more than servitude. After centuries of peace on the human lands, there is sudden destruction and massacres as creatures feared by all arrive. Some call them Lycan gods, Werewolves... to her, they are Beasts of men. When her city is captured by the Beasts, River is offered as a prize to the Lycan warlord, Hadrius King.

Erotica / Fantasy
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River crouches low by the tall river reed, body juddering in slight anticipation as she watches the girl and boy run hand in hand, periodically casting slight glances over their shoulders assuring themselves that no one had followed.

It was the boy who pressed her steadfast against the tree, messy fumbling of stark youthful hands that touched and groped all she bared. River moves slightly in the swamp, swatting at a stray fly that buzzed noisily beside her ear.

She was far enough not to be seen, and close enough to gaze in morbid slight fascination at his calloused coal stained hand that slid beneath the girl’s dress, higher and higher still revealing soft pale legs, unmarred by scars and coagulated bruises like River’s.

There is something sonorous and resonant to their intimacy that grows heated and wild, as he touches something hidden beneath the girl’s garments. River knows what it is and the thought wraps fingers of flames around her neck and face, as though he were touching her himself.

She shifts, heart drumming against her sternum as the two begin to move from the tree. The girl steps away from him with that start of a slow sultry smile, her hand rises up to the white satin ribbon that holds handfuls of golden span hair which shimmers as though granted the rights by Helios himself. It falls along the soft curve of her shoulders and the cotton dress whispers to the earth’s floor, leaving her bared to him in nothing but white underwear.

River sucks in a shallow breath, dulling out her environment, and the cold autumn wind that brushes along the nape of her neck offers scant relief from the heat that pooled in her belly.

The boy follows her as they step over vaguely rising grass before she lowers herself onto the ground, on all fours with her apricot shaped derriere arched for him. His movements, unlike hers, are less graceful as he falls to his knees and reaches forward pushing her legs wide enough to allow his mouth to lick at the satin crotch of her small lace panties.

River gazes in mute eagerness as the girl’s marble limbs begin to tremble, fists forming as she clutches at handfuls of grass, her small body tenses trying to override the pleasurable sensation. She arcs downwards, grinding her tender nipples into the dirt as his tongue laps at her, one hand holding her slim thigh while the other begins to press rhythmically into her tight pussy.

River blinks and lowers her gaze for a moment, trying to catch her breath before peering up again as the girl begins to thrust her ass in the air, smothering his face whilst trembling with anticipation. He tore her panties with ease, her startled gasp dissolving to that of low breathy moans as he sucks and nips at her moist womanhood then asshole. His thumb dips into her tight channel, gently matching the rhythm of his tongue circling her ass.

Watching the intimate action then, River grows unaware of her own shallow rapid breaths, the inflammation of her sunburned cheeks, and prickly scalp. She licks her chapped lips at the sound of her pleasurable squeal as he squeezes her ass cheeks indulgently, gasping and shuddering as a sudden clench knotted in her abdomen.

Were they done? River wonders, scratching at an itching spot in her wrist. Barely. She concludes as the girl gently rolls onto her back and he crawls above, positioning himself between her thighs once completely stripped of his pants.

River parts the reeds before her, squinting at his manhood that hangs slightly limp in the girl’s small sea-shelled hand that curls and begins to move in gentle firm tugs as they kiss.

Suddenly, she snorts at the realization that the boy was not as large as the rumors made her and every other virgin in the village believe. He was not hung like a horse, hardly. Perhaps the length of her palm at most. She snickers slightly at the thought of him standing tall and proud amidst his friends talking about their sizes, making comparisons, praising each other.

He takes hold of her ankles and spreads them wide, languidly running the length of his underneath cock between her wet slit, rolling over her clit. The girl’s head lolls back in satisfaction, long lashes fluttering shut when suddenly his hips snap forward, shoving his cock deep into her.

She screams and bucks at the pain but his movements are lightning-quick, flattening her onto the forest floor with his torso, hand pressed over her mouth whilst his ass clenches and unclenches, still thrusting into her statically.

River grows still, eyebrows knitting at the center in confusion. If sex was so pleasurable, why did she seem to be in so much pain? Her eyes flicker to the boy’s flushed face and the girl whose movements falter. Slowly he peels his hand away and kisses her tear-stained cheek.

His hips ease back and forth in a soothing tandem motion that cools the pain until finally, she draws him back to her, ankles locking on his lower spine, arms wrapped around his neck. He begins to move with gentleness, stroking her clit with his fingers whilst kissing the skin on her neck and chest, latching onto one nipple in finality.

She begins to arch up towards his thrust, craving the full feeling that once hurt. His warm mouth sucks and nips at her breast, licking a path up to her throat. He whispers something in her ear and she nods, pressing her lips to his cheek.

She wraps her arms around him trying to hold him to her as she feels her pleasure grow. He starts to rock her back and forth with each thrust. River watches the rapid rise and fall of her chest, the slight clenching of her abdomen and lower still - the most erotic site she had ever witnessed, and perhaps ever will. The site of his cock sinking into her pussy only to pull back, sleek with her wetness.

His movements grow rapid and static, hips pistoning into her as they both race towards the absolute dark edge.

River wished then that she was close enough to hear their sounds, barely catching any that drifts in the wind.

The girl clutches him tightly as he suddenly tenses up and grows stiff, both trembling against each other whilst he explodes in her clamping down pussy, milking him as his hot seed bathes her womb.

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