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We all wonder in life of who we really are. I have ,you have and probably your next door neighbour has too. Tao , an average high schooler, wonders who he really is and doesn’t fully come back himself.

Erotica / Thriller
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Hi there

Hi there , I’m Tao , and before you say anything or assume stuff , I’m normal . The only odd thing is the colour of my hair , it’s pink if you must know.

This is a journal from my therapist, she said it would help me to find the answer to her question ‘who are you’. I know who I am, right? She said to put all my thoughts and feelings in this book , I don’t really get the point but I guess I have to do what she says. Back to me , I’m about 5’6 , I live in Wimborne , boring place if you ask me, and I like volleyball. I play for my schools team but they had to cancel this week , to think I’m not angry enough with my family and ‘friends ‘. I’m on my own now though, none really cares for me , at least it feels that way .
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