Billionaire Stole My Panties

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"You wanted to see me, Mr. Pereira?" I asked, as I closed the door behind me. He smirked, twirling his black pen between his fingers. "Yes. Please sit down," he said. I bite inside of my cheek as I sat down. Oh my god what ridiculous errand does he want me to do now. "Ok--" I trailed of when I saw the flash drive . I looked at him flabbergasted. Where did he find this. "How did you--" "Not important," he said, cutting me of, "all you need to worry about is me...advising it?" No. He can't. He just can't. Tears burned my eyes. "Please you can't. It'll--" "Ruin you? Why yes, yes it will." he smirked. "But I'll have a proposition ." He got up, and walked behind of me. My heart began to race when his large hands drop to my shoulder then slowly began buttoning it. ______ Aubrey has a secret that she has been trying to hide for the pass three years. Determined not to let that prevent she from moving on, she gets a job as a secretary for multi billionaire Joseph Pereira. When Joseph announces his early retirement and that he's giving the company to his sons. Aubrey finds out just how deadly attractions can become.

Erotica / Humor
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Billionaire Stole My Panties,


The rising sun sparked some relief and some light into our dark bedroom. I laid on my side, staring at my digital clock, anxiously waiting for 5:59 to change to 6:00. I’ve been up since 12, since 10:30 pm. I haven’t had a full night's sleep since my first or second year in university and the man behind me is the reason why. I blinked and 6:00 am illuminated on the small screen. Finally, I thought as I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.

My heart raced when he stirred behind me. I tried my best to keep still when he wrapped his arms around my waist, then pressed his wet lips against my cheek. He let his lips lingered for about 30 seconds—yes, I timed him—before getting out of bed. Once the bathroom door closed, I opened my eyes and wiped my cheek with a trembling hand then I waited until I heard the shower running before I buried myself beneath the covers with a breathy sigh.

I had a half-hour before I’ll finally be alone, but I can’t use my phone to pass the time because he confiscated it. He does this every night before bed. He’s convinced I have a side piece, who, I’m planning to run away with. Where he got that idea? I have no clue. I may be naive and clueless sometimes but I’m not ditsy enough to cheat on Brandon. I don’t have a death wish.

I hugged my knees to my chest and closed my eyes. I pushed last night’s ordeal to the back of my mind and replaced it with happy thoughts. I envisioned myself on a beautiful, sandy beach, laying on the sand and sipping a cocktail, feeling safe for the first time in years—too bad that’ll never happen—and before I knew it, I was asleep.

I jumped out of my sleep, with a racing heart when the door slammed. I waited a while before peeping beneath the covers, scanning the room for any sign of him. The stench of his cologne made my stomach turn but it’s a good sign. Quietly, I crawled out of bed to look around the apartment.

It was like a heavyweight was lifted off my shoulders when I realized I’m alone. Thank God. I turned on my heel and made my way back to the bedroom, stretching. An intense shooting pain shot through my left shoulder which made me whimper and tears clouded my vision. I paused for a moment before rushing to the bathroom mirror. An inaudible sound escaped my lips as I stared at my grotesque bruises staring back at me. I leaned against the wall to prevent myself from falling. My black and blue left shoulder and wrist matched the bruises on my back from a few days ago. Don’t even get me started about how zombie-like I look from lack of sleep, and how slim I’ve gotten from not eating properly. All this was the result of Brandon’s many drunken episodes that I was usually the focal point of his anger and ultimately the stress reliever for his insecurity. A tear quickly turned to full-on waterworks. I wanted to punch my reflection, hating what I was seeing.

I wiped my face, staring at my reflection. Ok, Bre. You’re going to get in the shower then we’re going to cover these bruises. But first, let’s put on a smile. I took a deep breath and tried to smile. I looked fucking scary but it was the best I could do. I went into the bedroom to search for my phone, I found it in Brandon’s nightstand.

As I stared at my phone in my trembling hands, I could feel my heart hammering in my chest and my vision got foggy. Just breathe, I chanted. I took a deep breath and opened YouTube for my playlist and hit shuffle. I smiled when Empire State of Mind filled my ear. On instinct, I walked back into the living room and sat on a sofa, front of the window with the best view of the city. I sat there, hugging my knees to my chest as I listened to the lyrics. I stared at the skyscrapers in the distance, with tears in my eyes. I came to New York to become a writer—I even went to school for it— but all I’ve managed to do is live miserably in this hellhole. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t in pain. I’m not far from reaching my breaking point but I’m trying to hold on as much as I can because I didn’t want to be an inconvenience to the handful of people I hadn’t yet driven out of my life because of Brandon. I’m so close to my final straw that I’ve debated ending it....I’m so close to telling myself it’s my only way out.

With my cheeks wet with tears, I got up and started getting ready for work.


After dancing off a decent amount of sadness in the shower, I manage to get into a decent mood, and hopefully, I don’t look as dead inside as I felt. I stood at the pedestrian crossing on 8th street, behind a female jogger with a killer body. I stared at her, loving how the sun kissed her dark skin and her honey blonde dyed, kinky Afro. I noticed she had a coffee cup in her hand, which made me narrow my eyes at her.

Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something? I looked down at my hands, my left held the straps of my Red, Lady Dior bag and my right was empty. I stared blankly at them. What am I forgetting? I narrowed my eyes at my palms, then at the back of my hands. I stared at my pastel rainbow, stiletto nails that my boss calls my rainbow talons. I glanced back at the woman as she took a sip from her cup. Then it clicked. Shit! I forgot to pick up my boss’s coffee and Starbucks is ten blocks in the direction I came from. Groaning, I quickly turned on my heel.

I got to Starbucks twenty minutes later, which was packed. I joined the line of at least fifteen people with a groan. I’m going to be so late, for the eleventh time this month, but this is nothing—last month, August, I was early for only five days. Yup, just five. I’m lucky Mr. Pereira thinks of me as a daughter because I’m sure if it were anyone else—I would’ve been fired a long time ago. Then again a man can only take so much before he cracks right? Maybe today is the day he throws my ass out and dusts off his hands like I’m nothing but a used tissue. And now I’m sad. Tears burned my eyes so I blinked them away with a sigh. I looked down to check my watch only to realize I’m not wearing it and whoop di fucking do I forgot my phone too. Shit. I gritted my teeth. I swear I hate myself sometimes.

I took a deep breath letting the intoxicating smells of freshly brewed coffee, baked goodies, and the cologne of the man ahead of me, which calmed my nerves. Oh wow, I thought taking a step closer to him. Oh my gosh—he smells freaking amazing! Ah! His cologne wasn’t strong but damn, it could knock your socks off, mine anyway. I yelped when he took a step back, ramming his elbow into my nose and his heel crushed my toes. I whimpered. He briefly glanced over his shoulder and over my head before turning his attention back to his conversation on his phone. You ass! That fucking hurts! I tapped on his shoulder, pissed. I jumped when his index finger abruptly appeared in front of my face. Rude!

“Really, and you put up with that bullshit?" He asked in a dry tone. His voice sent chills down my spine. I’m not trying to be cringey but he just had that kind of voice that makes up feel relaxed? I don’t know how to accurately describe it but it was deep but not too deep and it had this sweet and sexy melodious sound to it that would be perfect for radio. I still hate him though, he didn’t even say sorry. “I don’t care—if I were you...I'd fire her on the spot." He said. “It’s unacceptable.”

I tapped his shoulder once again. This time harder. “Excuse me," I called, with attitude laced into my tone. I continued tapping his shoulder for a solid two minutes and would you believe the jerk just stood there ignoring me? Urg! Stop ignoring me!

He cursed under his breath. “Hold on, some midget is trying to get my attention." He said. I gasped. How dare you! Five feet two is not a midget! Oh! You're so gonna get it! He turned and looked at me. I opened my mouth to curse him out but I ended up just standing there with my mouth agape. I don’t know what in particular had me so mesmerized but all I have to say is...........FUCK!

His eyes are a breathtaking shade of blue-green but mostly green like the ocean….teal—yeah teal and his long, dark eyelashes just enhanced their beauty. I watched the crease between his dark, brows deepened as he stared down at me. He's taller than me by more than a foot it seems. A basketball player perhaps? Maybe even football. “Can I help you with something?" He questioned, annoyed. I just stared at him. “Well?” He asked, raising his voice a tad.

I snapped out of my trace, blinking frantically. Aubrey say something. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Unbelievable...Aubrey stop drooling! I snapped out of it again when he smirked. “The time.....I’d like to know the time.” I finally said. What the fuck? The time! That’s not what you were supposed to say! You're supposed to let the profanity soar higher than a fucking kit. How am I supposed to? That look he gave me knocked the anger right out of me.

“Please?” He said.

I licked my dried lips, his eyes following my tongue’s movement. “Please,” I repeated, letting my eyes trace his well-sculpted, high cheekbones and stubble-covered, squared jawline. He has hollowed cheeks and a small, fresh cut across the bridge of his small, straight nose. His lips are small, full, and heart-shaped. A strand of his silky, dark hair kissed his forehead, it was the only strand out of place. He has a bronzy skin tone, he might be Hispanic or a Latino.

He checked his watch briefly before turning his attention back to me. He let his eyes wander every inch of me, smirking. I blushed. "9:54." He said looking into my eyes. I bit my lip, nervously and looked away. Oh, Lord. “Is that a problem?" he asked, cocking his head to the side. I looked at him, nodding slowly.

"I'm extremely late for work.” I almost said in a whisper. “Again," I whispered. I'm going to be fired for sure. Should I just forget the coffee and head to work? No, wait and get the coffee, the long line can be your excuse.

"Oh," he said, under his breath. He checked his watch again. ”Damn, so am I." He looked over his shoulder. I took the time to look at his butt. It was poking out of the dark trousers of his black Armani suit. Nice. I almost couldn’t tear my eyes away. I gasped when he grabbed my arm. What’s going on? He squeezed us to the front of the line, which puzzled me. I’ve never been a part of such a crime before, and it’s not a good feeling. I looked over my shoulder, meeting the angry gazes of the people behind us, who were tearing us a new one.

“What do you think you’re doing!” A woman hissed.

“I’ve been here for almost a half-hour for this bullshit?” A man yelled.

I looked up at Teal eyes whose level of being unbothered was astronomical. “Um, Teal...” I started, just realizing I didn’t know his name. Before I could continue my statement he had already letten go of my hand and walked to the counter. He stood to the right of a man who was about to order. Teal eyes looked at him before sending him flying with one nudge of his hip. What the hell is wrong with this man!?

“Hey!" The man yelled as he flew across the corner. The man was about to argue, I give him an apologetic smile stopping him.

"I’m sorry.... he hasn't taken his meds this morning." I mouthed. I honestly felt like that was true because there’s something very wrong with Teal eyes—entitled more like. He rolled his eyes, as he stormed out through the exit, grumbling to himself.

"Umm...sir you can't—"

"I'll have an iced Americano," Teal eye said, cutting off the cashier as he loosened his crimson tie. He looked over his shoulder at me, “what do you want?" I froze.

I know I should just walk away and go back to the back of the line but I need to get to work as soon as possible. “Err.... a-a Cappuccino and a Mango, Dragonfruit, Lemonade refresher," I responded. Ah... I’m such a terrible person...for letting this gorgeous man influence me—I'm a grown woman for heaven's sake!

He turned his attention back to the cashier, whose name tag read, Parker. “And two cinnamon rolls." He ordered. Parker stared blankly at him. “Like now.” Teal eyes commanded loosening his tie again. I stared at Teal eyes’ strong profile, dumbfounded. Am I going to let this man diminish my moral integrity? Who is this woman I’ve become?

"Sir, please go to the back of the line and wait like everyone else," Parker said, as he chewed his bubble gum. Everyone behind me clapped and cheered.

“Thank you!” A man yelled.

Aubrey, you're better than this....this isn't who you are. “Come on, it's not a big deal. I can wait." I said, placing my hand on his forearm. Teal eyes shot daggers at Parker, ignoring me. Dude, relax it isn’t that serious. My body shivered when he placed his big, soft hand over mine. I felt this... a weird feeling I’ve never felt before. I watched his long fingers in awe as he took my hand in his and held it at his side. Heat rose to my cheek, and a chill ran down my spine. Damn, you’re brazen!

Reality hit me hard. No. No—this can’t happen. I gingerly tried to break free of his grip, hoping he wouldn’t notice but I failed. My shoulders hunched over and my chest grew tighter by the second. It felt like someone had just shoved me into a tiny room with no windows. I touched my bruised shoulder with a trembling hand. I looked over my shoulder nervously, scanning for any sign of Brandon or one of his little tattletale friends. I felt a bit of relief seeing it either. Thank God. I flinched, almost screaming when Teal eyes’ thumb stroked my hand. I looked up at him and found him looking down at me, concerned.

”Are you ok?” He asked. I let out another ridge breath, nodding.

“Yes,” I answered weakly.

“I’ll get us out of here soon, don’t worry.” He said softly before pressing my hand against his lips. He flashed me a smile then turned his attention back to Parker. I stared at Teal eyes trying my best not to mold myself into his side, babbling that I didn’t want to go home after work while he’d stroke my hair, promising me he won’t let Brandon hurt me. What am I saying? He’s a stranger. His sweet aura changed drastically as his smile turned into a sneer, slowly and very intimidating he leaned over the counter, staring Parker dead in the eye.

"I want our order to be done in the next five minutes.....before I jump over this damn counter." Teal eyes demanded, in a deep and authoritative tone. I shivered. Oh, I seriously turned right now? Parker swallowed then nodded at his brunette coworker. Teal's eyes gaze never wavered from Parker. In a few minutes, his coworker handed them to Parker. Teal eyes let go of my hand and took our orders from a shaken to the core Parker. Teal eyes handed Parker a crisp $100 bill. “Thank you.....keep the change. Have a great day." He said, topping his statement off with a panty-dropping smile. He has a tiny dimple on his right cheek that wasn’t very deep.

"T-thank you....y-you too, sir." Parker stuttered. Teal eyes walked away. I gave Parker a sympathetic smile before running after Teal's eyes. He stood at the door, leaning against the opened door, waiting. His eyes never left mine as I walked towards him. Heat rose to my cheeks as I shyly took my orders from him with shaking hands. I bite my lip and his gaze intensified like he was ready to devour me. Does he want me? S-sexually? Or is this how he looks at every woman he insults then be all sweet with them? Either way, just the thought of him wanting me is making me sweat and makes my heart skip a beat. I tore my eyes away and walked outside. I stood in front of the entrance trying to calm my racing heart. All this over a stranger, seriously, Aubrey? Calm the hell down already!

"Come on, my car is this way." He said, walking in front of me. He looked at me then nodded towards a shiny, white GT500 Mustang parked on the curb. I stood there watching him push through the sea of New Yorkers. I walked towards him but stopped dead in my tracks when reality hit me. I watched as he pulled his keys out of his pocket, then unlocked his car. ”You coming or what?" He asked, looking at me. I shook my head with a forced smile.

This isn’t a fairy tale, Bre, he’s not a knight in shining armor that was miraculously dropped into your life just to rescue you from Brandon. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I told him. “My workplace isn't far from here plus you're already late and I don’t want to put you out of your way."

He frowned. “It’s won’t be.” He stated. “I have nothing to do besides sitting at my desk—besides I own where I work.” I shook my head again. How are you this kind? I squeezed my eyes closed. Sorry, Teal eyes, but I’m not someone you should get mixed up if you know what’s good for you, you'd just leave. I don't want you to get hurt because of me. Brandon will.....I-I can't take another accident.

"No, but thank you for the offer.....and coffee," I forced out the last part as quickly as I could. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I didn’t want him to leave. Oh my gosh... I sound ridiculous—first I want to cry into his side and now I want him to take me somewhere far away. He bent down to put his orders onto the passenger’s seat and shuts the door before slowly walking towards me after he locks his car. My heart hammered in my chest echoing every step he took. When he was mere inches from me I looked away. I jumped when he lifted my face by my chin and pressed a kiss on my left cheek. I shivered. He stayed there for a while. As soon as his lips were no longer on my cheek, I looked at him and found him staring back at me. His eyes are so freaking mesmerizing, the green of his eyes stretches out into a dark blue web. He lowered his eyes, letting his lips brush against mine making me shiver.

Slowly a smirk grew against his lips, I almost smiled and for that moment I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted—no needed to feel like I wasn’t me.....that I wasn’t Brandon’s punching bag. I want to take back my life and if kissing this man will give me that—even for a little bit—I want that. But the more he gave me his ‘I’m going to devour you ‘,look, the more I realize I can’t let him kiss me. For his safety. I snapped out of my thoughts when I realized he had begun to lean in for a kiss. I got flashbacks of the time a guy at the club tried to dance with me, Brandon beat him to a bloody pulp and I got the worst of it when we got home. I don’t want that to happen to Teal eyes despite his brazen nature.

“I-I need to go!" I blurted out, pulling away.

He sighed. He gave my forehead a quick peck, then he said, “Take care of yourself." He pulled away then walked to his car. He hopped inside after a glance my way and then he drove off. Parts so many parts of me wanted me to scream: ‘WAIT!’ or ‘STOP!’ The rest of me wanted him to turn around and convince me to come with him.

Bre’re late for work. Work? Oh shit!

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