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Hidden Passions (Erotic)

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These are the many stories following the sexual exhibitions two very close friends. In these stories they learn about their true feelings for eachother as well as their sexual kinks.

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A Halloween to Remember

It’s Halloween night. This is going to be the last Halloween party I will get to spend with all of my friends. Some are moving away to go to college. Some decided to go a different route and join the military. I have plans as well, but depending on what happens tonight is what's going to make up my mind for me.

I am upstairs putting on the final pieces to my costume. This year I decided to go as Conan the Barbarian. The Arnold Schwarzenegger version, not the Jason Momoa one. It was either this or The Flash which I dressed as last year. I always went with full-bodied costumes until now.

There isn’t much to this costume. There is a fur-covered loin cloth. For this, I just got some brown colored rabbit fur and sewed it to the outside of a pair of boxer briefs. I also bought a brown long-haired wig. To hold it in place, I used a thick studded leather headband, which I made look like his crown. The last and major piece of the costume was the large two-handed Atlantean sword.

The sword was an actual replica of the one he used in the movies. Luckily, my best friend Ashley already bought me this sword one year when we went to the renaissance fair. She knew how much of a fantasy geek I was, and how much I loved Conan. This year I chose this costume because it gave me a chance to show off the athletic body I worked so hard to develop.

Growing up I've always been a little on the thick side, which kind of affected my self-esteem. Again, I was lucky to have Ashley and my other best friend T to be my supporters. They were the ones who got me out of the house and had me start exercising with them. I would go running every morning before school with Ashley. After school, I would usually go to the gym with T.

They both got to see how much weight I was losing. But neither of them got to really see the changes in muscle definition that I developed. Even now, I have always worn loose fitted clothing, even when we were swimming. Wearing this costume and showing this much of my body is still slightly embarrassing to me. I'm not really sure what they will think.

As I am finishing up, there is a knock on my door. "Yeah, come in" I call out as I turn and begin making my way over to the door.

The door opens and my mother steps in. "Chris diners ready, are-" She freezes in mid-sentence seeing me in my costume. "Is that what you are wearing?" She asks. I can immediately tell she doesn’t approve of it.

I look down at myself. "What, what's wrong with it?"

"You're practically naked. And who are you trying to be, Tarzan?" She asks,

"I'm Conan, not Tarzan, and I'm not naked. I'm wearing a loincloth with underwear underneath." I say slightly offended she didn't immediately recognize who I was trying to be.

She looks me over with uncertainty again. "Well, I think you should cover up more, maybe wear a cape."

I chuckle at her comment, "Conan doesn't wear a cape."

"Alright, well, dinner is ready. I tried calling you, but you didn't answer." She says,

"Oh, my phone is dead, it's on the charger," I say as I motion to my phone lying on the side table by my bed. "But, I think I am going to skip dinner tonight. We're all pitching in to get some pizza delivered."

We both make our way downstairs. Once in the living room, I see my little sister covered up and curled up on the far end of the couch. My parents were supposed to take her out trick or treating, but she ended up getting sick. My father is sitting in his recliner with his back to me eating and watching TV.

My sister notices me and grins. "Hey, it's Mowgli from The Jungle Book," She says, and my dad turns around to look at me.

I sigh feeling offended no one recognizes my costume. "I'm not Mowgli, I'm Conan! Why would Mowgli be carrying a sword?" I exclaim,

My mother walks by at this time and sits on the opposite end of the couch as my sister. "Yeah, I told him he should probably go as someone with more clothes on. I'm not too fond of this costume."

My dad grins, "Aw come on it's not bad. He's covering up all the important parts"

I look and motion at him, "Thank you, see dad gets it."

Then he smirks, "Plus, I am sure there is someone at this party he really wants to show himself off to, right Chris."

I feel my face get hot with embarrassment as I look between their smiling faces. "What, no." I quickly respond, which is a lie. There is someone I want to see me in this. I want them to see how much I've changed.

"Suure.." He says teasingly as he turns back around.

I roll my eyes, "Whatever, I'm leaving." I say then begin to make my way towards the door.

"Be careful, and no drinking!" My mother calls out as I leave the house.

I look at my phone seeing it's already an hour past the start time of the party. I rush to my car and quickly leave.

The whole way there I can't stop thinking about what people will say when they see me. My mother is right, this costume is kind of revealing. Nervousness and anxiety begin overflowing within me. I begin to contemplate turning around and changing into my flash costume.

I fight back my nerves and continue. Then I begin wondering what everyone else would be wearing. No one really discussed their costumes. We all wanted it to be a surprise. I'm sure everyone thinks I am just going to wear what I did last year.

I eventually make it to the part of the neighborhood the party is taking place at. Already half of the block is filled with parked cars making me have to park a few houses down. Nervously I get out and make my way up to the house.

As I walk up, I immediately notice a few guys I recognize from school. They are standing outside smoking and talking. They were considered the "thugs, or bullies" of the school. Luckily, I was never the target of any bullying. I pretty much got along with everyone. But, I really only hung out with a few select people.

My group of friends was a mix of pretty much everything. We had Kaysee and Adam, who were the artists and in choir together. Austin, who was the troublemaker and class clown. Ashley and T were the popular athletic ones. Then there was me, the nerdy geek of the group.

At times I wasn't even sure how I ever fit in with the group. They were all so talented and beautiful people. I was the slightly overweight guy with curly brown hair and glasses. Yeah, I was pretty smart, and I was the guy to come to if you needed help with homework. I was also the computer tech guy if their computers were messing up.

The group of smokers looks over at me. I just nod and casually wave as I walk by. Since it's T's parent's house, I just walk in without knocking. His parents always considered me one of their adopted children and treated me as part of the family. They even would discipline me if I ever got in trouble. My parents were very close with them and allowed them to discipline me if I deserved it.

Inside the house, the music was loud, but not too loud to disturb the neighbors. There were a lot more people here than I expected there to be. It had to be pretty much our whole graduating class and then some. Sometimes at times like this, I wished T wasn't so popular.

Immediately, I began to get a bunch of different looks. Some I could tell they didn't seem to recognize me, which I don't blame them, I changed quite a bit. My once afro of dark curls is now shaved off and hidden under a long-haired wig. I got rid of my glasses and replaced them with contacts. I lost a lot of weight and my skin tone has got a bit darker. Others did recognize me and were surprised by how much I've changed.

I walk around trying to figure out where T and everyone else is. I begin to wonder if college parties were going to be like this. Eventually, I hear his easily recognizable loud cackling coming from the kitchen. I walk in seeing him excitedly talking and laughing with Kaysee, Adam, and a few others.

Kaysee is dressed in a sexy little police outfit and had herself handcuffed to Adam who is dressed as a prison inmate. He currently had their hands propped on the island in the center of the kitchen trying to remove the handcuffs with a screwdriver while she is watching him with a grin. T's costume is very obvious as well. He is dressed as his favorite WWE wrestler growing up Booker T.

Kaysee notices me walk in and her face lights up. "Oh my god, look at what Chris is wearing"

Adam stops what he is doing and looks up at me. T turns to me as his face lights up as well. He laughs and claps his hands as he walks up to me.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!" T says as he grabs my hand and pulls me in for a hug. He steps back and looks me over. "Man, I was totally expecting you to go as Flash or some other superhero this year, but this looks good. All that working out we've been doing has been paying off."

"Thanks," I say as i rub the back of my neck, still feeling a bit shy about it.

We begin walking over to where Adam and Kaysee are standing."All of your costumes look good too," I say as I look back abd forth between them.

Kaysee smiles looking me over."Wow, I knew you lost a lot of weight, but I didn't expect this"

Adam playfully jerks her handcuffed hand towards him."Are you seriously checking out Chris in front of me?"

She looks to him in shock then back to me with a scoff. "I wasn't checking him out."

"Yeah, you were," T says with a laugh. " You better watch your girl Adam, she might try and run off with Chris now," T says jokingly.

"Well, she ain't going anywhere if we don't get these handcuffs off of us," Adam says as she begins digging at the lock again. "I can't believe you lost the keys"

"Ow!" She exclaims as he accidentally pulls her wrist too hard. "That hurt asshole!" She says as she slaps him on the back of the head.

I laugh then look around hoping to see Ashley somewhere. "Where's Ashley?" I ask,

T turns and looks out at the group of people. "I don't think she made it yet." Then he looks at me with a grin. "Ah, is that why you are dressed as Tarzan. It gives you a chance to show off your new, physique to her"

"Wha, I, damn it, I'm not Tarzan!" I exclaim as I turn to slam my sword on the island. I accidentally knock over a stack of red solo cups and startle Adam and Kaysee.

"Woah calm down, Last of the Mohicans," T says with a chuckle at how offended I got.

I glare back at him "I'm not an Indian either. I'm-"

"He's Conan," A familiar female voice says from behind us. We turn and see Ashley standing there with a smile looking at me. She is dressed in a dirty looking white and red cheerleader outfit. Parts of the dress are torn with bloodstains. In the center of the shirt is the school's logo saying Union Wells High School Wildcats. Her blonde shoulder-length hair is bedraggled like she was in a fight, and there is a fake bloody cut on her forehead.

I grin instantly recognizing her costume. "Thank you, Claire"

"Claire?" T asks as he looks her over curiously. She looks to him and I could immediately tell she feels a bit upset he doesn't recognize it. She probably picked out the costume just for him because of how much he loved the show her costume is from.

"Come on T. Don't tell me you don't recognize it. It's from one of your favorite TV shows." I say as T glances at me then back to her again still not registering what it is. "Dude, Heroes. She's Claire Bennett. Look it even says Union Wells Highschool." I point out.

"Oh, right, I see it now. I like it." T says,

"Whatever" Ashley says as she rolls her eyes and walks over to help Adam and Kaysee get unlocked.

The night quickly begins going by and we all start having lots of fun. At some point, someone even snuck in alcohol and beer adding even more craziness to the party. I try to be the responsible person and not drink; but when you have crazy friends like mine, it's hard to say no.

Never really been one to drink, and not liking the taste of hard alcohol and beer; I started sipping on a Mike's Hard Lemonade. It wasn't too bad tasting. It didn't seem to have that bitter alcohol taste. I pretty much sipped on that one bottle the whole night. I’m too afraid to see what I would be like if I got drunk.

Kaysee's devious side began coming out, as she started pulling pranks on everyone. She would find various ways to scare different people. If she knew someone liked another person. She would somehow make it where they were locked in a room together.

After a few drinks, Ashley opened up even more letting her inhibitions fall. Every chance she could get she would touch or hint to T letting him know she liked him. It seemed like T must have taken it as a joke, or that she was just acting crazy because she's been drinking. He just kept blowing her off and pushing her off on me. It was actually starting to upset me.

Finally, at one point I caught him alone in the kitchen. "Hey T, what's going on with you?" I ask,

He turns finishing up a glass of water and looks at me curiously. "What do you mean?" He asks,

"Ashley has been throwing herself at you all night, and you have been blowing her off. You know she likes you? You know that costume she wore is for you." I say

"I know. I recognized the costume from the beginning. I was just pretending I didn't. " He says plainly,
"What, why?" I ask,
"Chris look." He says as he places a hand on my shoulder. He glances past me into the party to make sure no one is listening then back to me. "I know she likes me; I've known for a while now. But, I also know how much you like her. Yeah, she's hot and we get along amazingly. But, you're my best friend man, I would never do that to you."

"Dude, come on, don't make this because of me. Yeah, I like her, but she doesn't like me, she likes you. As jealous as I would get seeing her date someone else. I would rather it be you than someone else. I know you would treat her right. Can you just give her a chance man?" I almost plead with him.

"No, I-"

"Hey, there you are," Ashley says interrupting us as she walks into the kitchen. "What's going on?" She asks as we both look at her.

We both hesitate, then T glances past her and smiles. "Oh hey, there's Heather. Damn, she looks good in that costume." He says as he begins to walk off ignoring Ashley once again. I look at her as she watches him walk by with uncertainty. Just as he begins to exit the kitchen he turns and looks at us with a wide grin. "Maybe I can get into her treat basket tonight"

He walks off and Ashley just turns back to me seeing me staring at her to see her reaction. She scowls and walks past me to the refrigerator. "Heather is such a slut. He's probably going to catch something from her."

I couldn't help but laugh at her comment. "Yeah probably," I say.

She then opens the fridge and leans in looking for something. "I need another beer or something."

"Maybe you should slow down on drinking. Maybe get a bottle of water or something" I say as I begin to admire the backs of her long toned legs.

If her skirt was any shorter, I might be able to see what she was wearing underneath. I have seen her in just a t-shirt and panties or in a bikini, but I still can't help but look. She stands and slams the fridge door then turns to face me. "Damn it, they're all gone."

"Are you okay? Is something bothering you?" I ask, even though I pretty much know the answer to it.

"What do you think is wrong with me?" She asks as she walks right up to me. With her being the same height as me she looks me straight in the eyes. I could smell the alcohol on her breath. She has had a lot.

"Well, you are a little drunk," I say with a playful grin.

"No I'm not," She says as she pushes me. I stumble slightly hitting my butt against the island. She chuckles at my clumsiness and grabs my arm to keep me from falling. "Sorry" Then her hand slides down my arm to my hand as she holds it looking down at it with a bit of hurt on her face. "Chris, do you think I'm pretty?" She asks as she looks up at me.

My heart feels like it stops, as I look into her deep blue eyes. I want to so badly tell her how much I like her. I just don't want to mess things up with her, she's one of my closest friends. Also, I know she likes T and not me. I don't know how she would react if I did tell her.

"You're beautiful, Ash. You're the most beautiful girl here" Just slips out.

She just stares at me causing me to panic slightly unsure what she's thinking. Then she looks towards the rest of the house. I follow her gaze to see T closely dancing with Heather. He looks over at us and smiles "Then why doesn't he like me?" She asks,

"Ash, you're his friend, he cares a lot about you. Maybe he's afraid that if you two started dating, or he told you that he liked you it would mess things up between you two. I think he values your friendship more than anything else." I say,

"That's bullshit and you know it." she says as she looks back at me. "He's dated and fucked girls who were our friends. I know he had some friends with benefits thing with Kelly for a while."

"Look, I don't know. All I know is that if I had feelings for you, I wouldn't want to date you. Your friendship means so much to me, I wouldn't want to lose you." I say immediately feeling a bit of hurt in my chest knowing I'm pushing myself further in the friend zone.

"Well, that's not fair to me. What about my feelings what about what I want?" She says getting even more upset. "You know what, fuck it" She then turns and storms off.

"Ash wait!" I call out but she ignores me and disappears into the party.

All the fun seemed to be sucked out of the party after that. I pretty much just stood off by myself watching everyone have fun. About one in the morning, the party started to die down. Most of the people were beginning to leave, and I haven't seen Ashley since the incident in the kitchen. I figured she probably left and went home.

I was sitting on the couch looking at my phone wondering if I should text her. I should probably see if she is okay or if she made it home alright. Just as I started to text her someone grabs both my shoulder from behind scaring me.

"Hey Chris, I need your help." Ashley quietly says in my ear.

"Oh, fuck you scared the shit out of me" I say as I look up at her.

She chuckles and walks around the couch and plops down beside me. One of her legs hook over one of mine and she grabs hold of my hand. I look down feeling the cool smooth skin of her leg against my warm leg. She must have been standing outside. "Sorry, I need your help with something" She says as she glances around like she's looking for someone. She seems to be in a much better mood.

"What do you need help with?" I ask skeptically looking around with her.

She looks back at me with a mischievous smile. "We're going to scare Kaysee and Adam. They've been messing with me all night, and I want to get them back"

"Um, sure what do you want to do?" I ask,

"I don't know, I figured you might have a good idea." She says,

"Umm, well…" I say as I look around again for some inspiration. "We'd need to get them when they least expect it. They've been pranking people all night; so they’re probably already expecting to be pranked back."

"Hmm" She hums as she looks around thinking.

"Wait, they're sleeping here tonight right?" I ask as an idea comes to me.

"Yeah they are sleeping in the guest room upstairs" She responds,

I look around seeing more people starting to leave. "I have an idea. Since the party is pretty much over. I'm sure T is eventually going to kick out the rest of the people who aren't staying the night. I was thinking maybe we could hide out in the room somewhere, maybe under the bed or the closet. We wait for them to come up and get ready for bed. Once they begin to lay down we can do something to scare them."

"That's a good idea, should we go up now?" She asks as she turns in her seat ready to stand.

"Nah, not yet. Let's give it a bit for more people to clear out." I say,

We end up waiting a while longer before making our way upstairs. We decided to let her go up first, then I follow shortly after. Once upstairs we quickly hurry into the room and look around. There really aren't very good hiding places.

The only real places to hide, are under the bed which would be a tight fit. Also, we really don't know how long we would be lying under there. There was a small space between the dresser and the wall one of us could crouch into.

Then there was the closet. The closet was full of clothes and unpacked boxes. They probably used this closet as an extra storage closet. We would have to move around some boxes to make it comfortable, and even then it would be a tight fit.

While I was looking in the closet trying to figure out how to arrange everything she says, "I talked to T about why he's been blowing me off, and why he won't date me."

My heart stops wondering if he told her what he told me. I turn and look at her trying to mask my nervousness. "What did he say?" I ask,

She walks up to me and crosses her arms as she looks me in the eyes. "He said can't be with me because you like me, is that true?"

I hesitate unsure how to respond. "I, uh, well-" Is all I get out before I she covers my mouth and shoves me backwards into the closet. I almost fall as the back of my legs hit a box. She immediately grabs hold of me to help me stay up.

"Shh, I hear them coming" She whispers then quickly turns and quietly closes the doors.

My hands grab hold of her waist as I steady myself and stand up the best is can. She closed the door quietly. The space in the closet narrowed even more and her ass pressed snugly against my crotch. I wasn't sure what to really do at this moment. Both my hands held on to her waist, if I tried to pull away I might fall. Surprisingly, she did try to fix the situation either. She just stood silently peeking through the crack between the doors.

We both stood quietly, only the sound of our breathing could be heard from us. She listened intently to the voices coming from the hallway just outside the room. I was too distracted by her body pressed against mine and the smell of her perfume permeating off her.

My heart was racing thinking about what she said earlier. I can't believe T actually told her how I feel about her. I begin to wonder what she thinks? Is she upset that I am the reason he won't go out with her? Is this going to affect things between us? Damn it T, why did you have to say anything.

"I think, they're gone" She whispers snapping me back to reality.

"What?" I whisper back unsure if I heard her right,

"They left, it wasn't them" She says,

"Oh okay," I say,

We sit there awkwardly in silence for a few seconds. "Well, let's get out and try to fix things so we have more room." She finally breaks the silence saying as she steps out.

"Alright," I say as I begin to exit. I only get one foot out before we hear more voices coming down the hallway. She quickly reaches out placing a hand on my chest to stop me. I freeze in place as we both stare at the door listening.

"Let me go grab my toothbrush and a change of clothes from the room." Kaysee calls out from the other side of the door.

We both panic as she shoves me back into the closet. I reach past her and close the doors this time just as Kaysee enters the room. Now we are in an even more awkward position. This time she is facing me with our bodies pressed together. Both my hands come down have hold of her waist as she has one hand on my chest while the other is holding my arm. If she tried to turn around she might bump something alerting Kaysee to our presence.

We stand there silently listening to Kaysee moving around her room. Kaysee begins singing a song to herself, a pretty popular one at that. As we listen, we hear her singing some of the words to the song wrong. We both look at each other with a grin. Then Ashley's gaze traveled down to my bare chest where her hand is resting.

I couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. Could there be a chance she's having mixed feelings about me right now? I quietly laugh to myself instantly abolishing the thought. I'm permanently in her friend zone. She's probably wishing T was in here with her.

"What?" She whispers looking up at me hearing my quiet laugh.

"Nothing" I whisper back as I grin shaking my head.

She narrows her eyes at me. "You're thinking something perverted aren't you?" She asks and I accidentally laugh a little louder now.

Kaysee's singing stops and Ashley's hand covers my mouth as she mouths "shut up" to me.

Again, we quietly listen almost expecting her to pull open the closet doors any second. It would look very bad if she did open them at this moment. I'm sure she would have lots of questions for us. Luckily for us, we hear her exit the room closing the door behind her.

We both sigh with relief after hearing her leave. She slaps my arm playfully "You almost got us caught"

"Sorry," I say with a chuckle.

"So what were you laughing about?" She asks,

"It was nothing. Come on, let's step out and move some of this stuff to give us more room." I say as I try and move past her.

She pushes me back again with her hand on my chest not letting me by. "No, not until you tell me what was funny"

I grin and just stare at her for a moment not wanting to tell her. I sigh and look away "Fine, I had a dirty thought about us in this closet and it made me laugh." I lie then try to push past her again.

She blocks my path holding me in place with a grin now. "What was it?" She asks,

"I'm not going to tell you" I reply with another chuckle.

"You were thinking about having sex in the closet, right? You perv." She asks making me deadpan.

"What, no! Maybe that's what you were thinking about when you were staring at my chest." I fire back teasingly,

She scoffs and rolls her eyes looking away. "Whatever, if I was thinking about having sex in the closet with anyone, it wouldn't be you."

"Ow," I immediately respond causing her to look back at me realizing how harsh that was.


I flash her a reassuring smile. "It's okay, I understand. I know who you really want in here."

She sighs and turns around. "Damn it"

"Do you want to just call this off for now, and just get her back some other time?" I ask,

"No, we are still doing this. I just wish they would hurry up and finish what they are doing and get in here." She says as she opens the doors slightly peeking out.

"They're probably taking a shower" I say,

"Shh, I hear talking. Oh shit oh shit, here they come" She says quickly backing in once again closing the door. She leaves it cracked open slightly allowing us to peek out. Once again we are pressed together for the third time.

We hear the bedroom door open once again. "Babe, I'm exhausted. I'll take a shower tomorrow" We hear Adam say,

"Okay," Kaysee says back.

We watch as he enters the room and heading over to a set of clothes lying on the dresser. Then he begins to peel off the shirt to his costume. He's pretty much built the same as he was in high school. He has a slim body with barely any fat but also no real muscle definition. Like me, Adam wasn't very athletic but he also never seemed to gain any weight either, unlike me.

He had a little it of light brown chest hair and a small happy trail leading from his belly button and disappearing down the front of his pants. Then he began removing his pants. I watched Ashley from behind with a smirk as her gaze stayed transfixed on Adam.

Adam's legs were a bit more toned, probably from standing up at his job for hours at a time. They were also covered with light brown hair as well. Keeping him from being completely naked are the navy blue boxer briefs he is wearing. His ass is small almost non-existent, but in the front, there's quite a bulge showing just how well endowed he was.

I lean forward with a grin and whisper, "Do you like what you see?"

She jumps slightly from me startling her. "Shut up, don't be gross" She whispers back as she pressed back against my crotch with her ass forcefully.

I laugh while holding on to her waist to steady myself. "You are staring pretty hard at him."

"Where would you like me to look? It's not like I can turn around. And would you back up quit pressing your junk against my ass" She whispers,

"I can't I-" I begin to say then we both see Adam looks towards the closet like he heard us. By now he is just wearing his boxer briefs and a shirt. Were both freeze and she grabs one of my hands on her waist and squeezes.

He slowly begins making his way over towards the closet staring at it skeptically. My heart is racing with nervousness knowing we are about to get caught. Just as he is beginning to reach out for the doors there is a knock on the bedroom door.

He lowers his hands and turns. "Yeah, come in," Adam says now walking away. We both sigh deeply in relief.

"Have you seen Chris or Ashley? I can't find them anywhere, I thought they were sleeping here tonight." We hear T ask from out of sight of us.

"No, maybe they left. I know Ashley was drinking a lot tonight. Maybe Chris took her home." Adam responds,

"Hmm well, Chris's keys and cell is still here. Maybe they went for a walk or something to talk. I had to come clean with Ashley tonight. I told her that I can't be anything more than just friends with her." T says then Ashley's grip tightens on my hand. I just look at her feeling bad for her knowing how much she really liked him.

"Oh shit really, what did she say?" Adam asks,

"Well, I told her that I valued our friendship more than anything, and didn't want to ruin that. But, I told her the main reason was that Chris liked her, he liked her since middle school. I said Chris is my best friend, there is no way I could do that to him by dating her. The funny thing is she didn't even know he liked her." T finishes.

"I'm sorry" I whisper to her but she doesn't respond.

"I can't believe she didn't know he liked her, everyone knew he liked her. It was pretty damn obvious." Adam says with a chuckle,

"I know right, he followed her around like a puppy" T jokes back,

"Okay, they can shut up now" I whisper and I feel her body shake slightly with a quiet chuckle through her nose. "Oh you think this is funny" I whisper as I squeeze her sides tickling her. She jumps slightly then begins to squirm against me letting out a muffled moan trying not to laugh.

"Stop" She quietly whispers. She grabs my hands and pulls them around her to her stomach. I tickle her stomach causing her to squirm some more. "Chris, stop." She quietly repeats, gripping my hands tighter.

I stop and chuckle quietly. "That's what you get."

We get quiet once again listening to them finish their conversation. I guess when I tickled her and she squirmed in my arms her shirt raised slightly. Now, several of my fingers were rested on the warm smooth flesh of her midriff. Without thinking my fingers rubbed over it wanting to feel more. Her stomach sucked in "Stop" She whispers again.

"Sorry," I say realizing what I was doing.

T eventually leaves. Kaysee finally finishes her shower and walks in wearing only a long sleeping shirt and socks. They both lay down on the bed and begin talking. They begin talking about pretty much everything that happened today. They begin laughing and joking about all the pranks they pulled on everyone.

Then their conversation turned to costumes and what they thought about them. Kaysee was the first to mention mine actually saying how hot I looked in it. Adam pretends like he is offended saying he saw her fucking me with her eyes. She laughs denying it and that's when their conversation took a naughty turn.

They started teasing and talking dirty to each other. I began getting worried things might turn intimate. While we are standing there listening Ashley begins squirming and rocking back and forth. With their dirty pillow talk, and Ashley's ass rubbing against me; it began having an unfortunate effect on me.

I tried pulling my crotch away, but the boxes behind me didn't give me much room to work with. I could have tried turning slightly but would risk making some noise. I tightened my grip on Ashley and leaned forward. "Stop moving, what are you doing?"

"My legs are getting tired from standing" She whispers back as she shuffles some more. I was growing rapidly more aroused as she rubbed her ass against me once again.

"Please, stop moving." I plead as I close my eyes trying to put myself anywhere else at the moment. There isn't much fabric between us and if she keeps this up she will definitely notice what she's doing to me.

"Fine," She says as she stops moving.

I turned my attention back to Kaysee and Adam. Of course, just like I was worried about, Adam and Kaysee's dirty talk started leading to more. We watched as they started kissing each other. Their hands began wandering over one another, caressing and rubbing all over. Kaysee's pants and moans started following shortly after.

My mind and body were being flooded with mixed thoughts and emotions. I know we shouldn't be watching this, but I couldn't pull my eyes away. This would be the perfect time to jump out and scare them, ending this before it's too late. I waited, hoping Ashley would make the first move, but she didn't. Like me, her gaze was transfixed on the erotic event happening before us.

Suddenly, bringing me back to our situation in the closet she presses her ass back against me. An involuntary gasp escapes me feeling my rock-hard erection press back against her. This situation has pushed me over the edge.

"What is that?" Ashley quietly asks,

"What do you think?" I say back.

She laughs. "Are you getting turned on by them?" She asks,

"Actually, this is your fault. You did this to me." I say back, then almost immediately regret it unsure how she will react.

"What did I do?" She asks,

"I told you to stop moving. You were practically grinding your ass against me." I say

"Oh, you mean like this?" She asks as she presses her ass back against me then rubs it side to side. Again, I involuntarily groan out feeling a surge of pleasure shoot through me. My grip tightens on her pulling her back against me trying to hold her still "Oh god, you're really hard right now." She says,

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" I ask.

A moment of silence goes by as she glances out the closet to Adam and Kaysee. Apparently, they are moving along quicker than expected. Adam is now slid down the bed with his head buried between her parted legs. Both her hands are gripping at the bedsheets. She is trying her best to be quiet stifling her moans.

"A little" Ashley eventually says staring out at our friends before us. I grinned slightly never expecting this side of her.

I could feel each one of her breaths starting to get deeper the longer we watched. Was she actually getting turned on by this? Her fingers holding my hand began rubbing against mine. I lifted mine up letting hers slide between them. Her ass began to slowly rub against me again.

I bring my head up beside hers gently touching her ear with my lips. "We shouldn't be doing this." I whisper.

Her breath shudders feeling my lips and breath on her ear. "Why not?"

"They're our friends" I whisper again as my fingers begin rubbing across her midriff once again. They slide the rest of the way under her shirt. My pinky begins teasing its way under the waistband of her skirt.

"So" She pants out.

We watch as Adam's muscles in his back contorted. One of his hands rested on her stomach while the other held on to her thigh. He takes a breath between the slurping sounds as he fed on Kaysee. He knew exactly what he was doing, he's probably done it many times before. He wasn't going to stop till he gave her the pleasure she wanted.

My fingers continued to rub against Ashley with her hand resting on top of mine. She then began to lead my hand further down slipping into her skirt, over her panties. She led my hand further down, my heart was racing. I couldn't believe this was actually happening.

She lets out a deep breath and her body shudders feeling the tips of my fingers brush against her aching sex. She presses my finger harder into her fabric-covered folds. I could feel her arousal seeping through wetting my fingers. She pants out once again.

I kissed her ear as I began rubbing my fingers up and down. Her body jerked slightly when they came in contact with the sensitive bud of her clit. A soft moan accidentally escapes her before she could cover her mouth with her other hand.

My other hand began to snake it's way under her shirt, up to one of her bra covered breasts. The fabric was soft and thin. I could feel her hardened erect nipple pressing against the fabric. She probably picked it more for looks than support. I began to knead and rub my fingers across it.

Then the erotic sound of Kaysee reaching her climax hit. We both looked seeing Kaysee lift her hips off the bed as he kept his face buried between her legs. She couldn't keep quiet this time, as she cried out in pleasure. I'm sure anyone upstairs who wasn't asleep probably heard her. She pushed his head away as her body writhed and shook as her orgasm came to an end. But they still weren't done.

Adam took off his underwear and crawled his way back up positioning himself between her legs. He leaned down to kiss Kaysee as she rubbed a hand through the back of his hair. With her other hand, she reached down and positioned him at her entrance. She moans out as he slowly began to enter her.

At this time, my hand came up and slid its way inside of Ashley's panties. I felt a small tuft of hair before finding her sex once again. She leaned back against me as my middle finger slipped between her wet folds. My middle finger found her entrance and slipped inside. God, she was tight. I could feel her hot inner walls gripping at my finger, not wanting to let it go. I slid it in and out of her a couple of times before bringing my fingers back up to tease her clit some more.

Ashley reaches back behind her with one of her hands then finds the hard bulge of my aching erection. She runs her hand over it sending a shockwave of pleasure through me. She brings her hand up and slipped it inside down my erection.

It was my turn for my body to shudder as her fingers wrap around my shaft. She began to slowly stroke me up and down. Her hand would slide up and the tips of her fingers would tease the head causing me to shudder once again. "Oh god," I whisper out at the sheer pleasure of her touch.

"Do you like that?" She asks as she rubs her fingers over the head once again. This time getting some of the precum to lubricate her fingers.

"Yeah" I pant out.

She then pulls her hand up and tries to push down my loincloth to get better access to my arousal. But, unfortunately from this angle and limited space, she couldn't. "Take em off" She commanded as she pushes down on one side.

"You too," I say as pull my hands out and begin pushing it down off me.

She shuffles and slides hers off as well as her skirt. In the process of removing her panties, she accidentally bumped the closet doors. They swing open slightly and we freeze. Luckily for us, they were too far into their throws of passion they didn't notice. I chuckle quietly as Ashley quickly grabs the doors and pulls them back.

"Oh god that was close," Ashley says as she backs up against me. This time feeling the bare skin of her ass press against me.

"Yeah it was," I say as I grab hold of her waist once again. She tempts fate this time and turns around to face me. "I want to look at you while we do this" she says as one hand holds on to my back as the other returns to my arousal.

"Okay," I say with a smile as I lean forward to kiss her. She kisses me back sliding her tongue into my mouth as she begins stroking me again. She would take the head of my arousal and rub it against her pubic hair and the soft skin of her midriff.

It was an awkward position for both of us in this confined space but we didn't care. My hand found it's way back down to her sex. My other hand I wasn't really sure what to do with but hold on to her back.

She parted her legs slightly giving me more access as my fingers rubbed over her teasing her. I found her entrance and slid my middle finger inside again moving it in and out of her. Then I slid a second finger inside of her. She was tight, but all her natural lubrication allowed them to slide in easily. I would curl my fingers inside her before sliding them out.

She pants into my mouth. "Oh Chris, that feels good keep doing that" She says as her hips begin matching what I'm doing. I kept up my pace feeling her walls tightening around my fingers. Her breathing was quickening as she closed her eyes opening her mouth slightly.

Her hand continued to stroke me as my erection was pressed between us. I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm. My breathing started to become ragged at times, or I was even holding my breath. I guess she could sense my orgasm coming as well. Her eyes open as she looks at me with a smile. Her stroking stops as she squeezes my shaft. "Not yet"

I groan out having her grip almost send me over. "Why not?" I ask in almost a whine.

"I'm not there yet" She says wiggling her hips with my fingers inside of her.

"Oh, I see" I say with a smile as I begin pleasuring her once again. Her hand just holds my erection unmoving, as I watch her eyes close again. I lean forward kissing her. Our tongues take turns probing each other's mouths. Her breathing begins quickening keeping her mouth to mine as I continue.

I pull my fingers out sliding them up between her folds to her clit. I begin teasing it rubbing circles around it. She moans out quietly as her hand begins stroking me again. I smile guessing that must mean she's getting close.

She pants out "I'm gonna- oh god" My fingers begin rubbing over her faster. I can feel my orgasm returning, it's so close. Just as I reach the cusp, her hand stops. She groans out into a deep orgasm as her body begins to convulse against mine.

Her hand squeezes me again, but it didn't stop me this time. With a rush of pleasure like I've never felt before, I unloaded everything onto her stomach. My body jerked with each blast. My legs became weak almost sending me to the ground.

Suddenly... The closet doors get jerked open as Ashley and I are still feeling the aftershocks of our massive orgasms. Standing there completely naked is Adam. Kaysee is sitting in the bed holding the covers up to her chest covering herself.

"What the fuck!" Adam exclaims.

"Ashley, Chris, what the hell!" Kaysee adds in.

We both look at them in shock as Ashley quickly slides around behind me pushing me forward. "Uh, umm, this isn't what you think" Is all I could think of saying. My eyes then clench closed realizing how stupid that statement was.

Adam just looks at us stunned trying to compose his thoughts. Kaysee scoffs, "Were you two spying on us having sex, and getting off to it?" Kaysee asks in an upset tone.

Ashley still hiding behind me responds. "Kaysee I'm sorry we didn't mean for this to happen. We were just going to pull a prank on you."

I keep glancing at Adam expecting him to hit me at any point. He just continues his confused stare. Adam then shakes his head finally coming back to reality. "Wait, what? This was a prank?"

I tilt my head slightly with a grin unsure how to really explain it."No no, well-"

Adam looks me over then glances at Ashley and scoffs turning around. "Can you two just get dressed? I can see his cum dripping off you Ashley"

"Oh, sorry," Ashley says as we both grab our clothes and put them on.

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