Sculpted by the Goddess

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"Let's see if you still feel the same way once she's one of us". The Vampire scoffs and shoves me into the Alpha's arms. He flashes a fanged grin and whooshes out of the room. Not giving me time to ask what he meant by it. I've been his blood servant for years and now he's thrown me to the wolves. Literally! (Violence, Abuse, Mature Language, Seduction and Sex) Story progresses when a helpless human girl sees no way out, later finding her hidden strengths. This is a short story and will not be part of a series. Written in His/Her pov style. Cover is not owned by me.

Erotica / Horror
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Evander's puppet

Triggering content ahead. This is mainly erotica but still a horror story. Some unsettling descriptions of torture are featured at the end of this chapter. Read if you want, or skip when you see the (+) symbol.

Written in his/her pov style.

Her pov

The air is clouded with white smoke. The kind that gets your head spinning on one breath.

Everywhere I look there are people getting frisky and some going all the way. Shamelessly sharing their bodies in celebration of the night. The walls of white veils that hang from the ceiling barely hide a thing. As moans erupt from all around. The silhouettes of lovers grinding on each other in exotic positions are captured in my sight. The loudest one being a curvy brunette with a glowing bronze complexion as her heart-shaped butt gets pounded mercilessly by her lover. His dark, long cock thrusting in and out of her as he growls in pleasure. Pounding her like a jackhammer while she struggled to hold onto the side of a couch.

I sat nervously near a throne-like chair that belongs to my master. Enduring the long hour that passes as people celebrated all over the goddamn room. Making a mess of everything in my master’s absence.

This would go on until the morning.

Between that time I felt my master’s summon. The magic binding me to him pulled softly, encouraging my legs to move again.

Evander, my master, appears suddenly in the midst of the room. Red static crackles around his figure when he does. His tall and long stature is wrapped in a simple robe; with his white hair kept short and curled lightly, some strands falling over one side of his forehead.

I stare at him for a while, realizing he just hopped down from the ceiling? He’d been up there the whole time which I guess makes sense. Since gravity is dead to vampires.

He could literally have a picnic above a chandelier.

I gulp as our eyes meet, his are shiny and ruby-like, while mine are normal. The color being the only remnant of my humanity as I serve amidst vampires.

“Come here El...” Evander beckons lowly. Surprising me with his voice that’s razor-sharp but cool as night. A flash of hunger showing in the deep crimson pool of his eyes when he settles in his chair.

He sits on his throne-like chair, that’s positioned beside the open set of balcony doors. Where the sullen breeze of late autumn breathes into the room. Clearing a small portion of the white smoke from the air.

My exposed arms and legs are assaulted by the chilly air. Again my master has forgotten that I need warmth during the cold months...

Or maybe he doesn’t care today.

My body responds to his command immediately, and I rise from the spot where I’d been told to sit earlier. On an actual pet bed, that’s pink and frilly with little white pearls sewn into the cushion.

Years ago I learned that humiliation is part of being a vampire’s companion. Anything from pet stuff to roleplay and bondage. Nothing was off-limits. As long as Evander has my soul, I can never be unhappy or desire anything. My body belongs to him as it’s written in our contract. I am one of ten companions of his, however, only I have lived this long.

For years I’ve been his companion, his servant, his blood donor, his doll. I stand to my feet fully expecting this day to be the same as all the others.

How wrong I was to presume.


“Bring her in”. Evander orders someone behind me.

I settle on his lap as the guards drag in someone small...

A girl with ombre dark and red hair that’s short and falls to the nape of her neck. Her colorful hair is the first thing I notice as she’s brought near. Dragged across the polished wood floor by her wrists, my heart aches when I see she’s badly bruised. Her healthy, light peach complexion ruined by horrible sangria wounds on her flesh.

The girl’s head hangs low as she's set on her knees and they release her wrists. Allowing the girl's thin and brittle arms to fall at her sides.

“Luna Artemis,” Evander calls the girl and she reacts by tilting her head up toward his voice.

I gulp nervously when I see her face at last. Both eyes have been burned blind, and her mouth is caged by something that looks like a dog muzzle. Only it’s been modified to fit snuggly over her mouth.

“Evander,” A wolf-like growl rattles out of her lips. "You stinking vamp-prick”.

When she growls, I realize she’s a Lycan and not human. And she appears to be a prisoner since she was dragged here by two of Evander’s elite.

“I’ve decided to grant you mercy this day, my dear”. Evander says with a long sigh, slipping his right arm around my waist so that I’m secure on his lap.

Today, I’d bear witness to his ‘mercy’.

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