Falling for Damien Anderson

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A steamy love story that takes place between a Possessive CEO and his feisty assistant that overcome many obstacles. Preview: "Please Mr. Anderson," I begged for more as he continued to tease me. My body yearned for his touch and he used it against me. "How many times do I have to tell you Lexi, call me Damien," he commanded. "I'm sorry Damien," I said apologetically. "Good girl," he whispered softly in my ear. I looked into his eyes and saw them darken as his stared into my soul.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

As I woke up from my peaceful slumber, my ears were blasted by a loud ringing. “Shut that thing off!” Rose yelled from the other room. As I rolled out of bed, my long brown hair cascaded down my back. I went to my closet and put on a black pencil skirt and a white button-up. I put on my heels which only made me a couple inches taller but I had to take what I could get because I was 5 foot 2. I quickly walked to the bathroom trying to give myself as much time as possible to get ready. As I looked in the mirror, my eyes trailed down from my hazel eyes to my messy hair. I quickly brushed it and applied minimal makeup. I rushed to the kitchen to find Rose making breakfast.

“Hey, can you toss me that banana, Rose?” I said drowsily.

Rose tossed me the banana and I made my way to the front door to find my coat and purse.

“It’s on the couch Lexi,” stated Rose.

“Thanks girl!” I yelled back.

As I walked back to the kitchen I saw Rose eating a whole stack of blueberry pancakes.

“I thought we were both going on a diet to get ready for Spain, Rose,” I asked her, feeling betrayed.

“For starters, blueberries are good for you. Second of all, we don’t go on the trip for another two days, I got time,” she said matter-of-a-factly.

“Fine, but if I see you eating ice cream while I have to drink a smoothie that tastes like a stale ham sandwich, I will not be happy,” I said while eyeing her

“What if we meet a hot guy there, wouldn’t that be cool?” Rose asked excitedly.

“Maybe, we’ll see in a few days,” I said nonchalantly.

I walked to the elevator and sped to the door. I took the subway and zoned out until I heard my stop. As I walked up to Anderson Inc., I looked up the tall, daunting building and I started to feel nervous. What if I don’t get this? How will I afford rent? I forced those thoughts out of my mind and headed straight to the front desk.

“How may I help you miss?” Stated the friendly red-head behind the desk.

“I have an interview with Mr. Anderson for the Assistant position” I answered.

“Go to the elevators on your left, press floor 50, go straight down the hallway, and then take a right at the last door,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you!” I replied as I rushed to the elevators.

I pressed the bottom with the number 50 and got lost in my thoughts until I heard a ping sound. I looked up at the screen which displayed the number 15. Before I could press the button for my floor, A blonde-haired man with blue eyes stepped in.

“Good morning,” he said with a smile.

“Good morning” I kindly replied.

“I haven’t seen you around, are you new?” he asked questingly.

“I’m interviewing for the job as assistant to the CEO” I answered back.

“Good luck sweetheart,” he said warmly as he left the elevator.

Before I could answer back, the doors closed and I was left alone with my thoughts. That guy was kind of cute, I thought to myself. If I did end up working here I wouldn’t mind seeing him. I zoned out until I saw the number reach to floor 50 and the doors opened to reveal a dark corridor with several doors. I calmly walked down and took a right on the last door like the lady at the front desk directed. I opened the door and it revealed a room with several chairs filled with a wide variety of people. I sat in an empty one next to an old woman. I waited for several minutes until my head popped up to a man stating

“Lexi Woods,”

I practically jumped out of my seat and calmly walked to the room. The man closed the door behind me and I was greeted by an old sweet man who looked like he could be my grandpa almost but has nice features.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Woods, I’m Mr. Armstrong,” stated the old man.

Is this the person I’m going to be assisting? I thought to myself.

“The pleasure is all mine sir,” I kindly replied.

“Please, take a seat. Let’s begin,” said Mr. Armstrong.

The interview went on for another hour and I was asked countless questions about my qualifications. I may not have had much fun in college but I worked my ass off studying to get a 4.0 GPA, President of the Business Club, and over hundreds in community service.

“Thank you Ms. Woods, we’ll inform you as soon as possible if you get the position,” Mr. Armstrong informed me.

“Thank you so much for this opportunity Mr. Armstrong, have a nice day,” I replied.

“You’re welcome Ms. Woods,” stated the interviewer.

I was escorted out of the room by the young man who called my name an hour ago to bring me into the room. I left the room and walked to the elevator. I wonder what the CEO would look like, hopefully he won’t be arrogant. I pressed the main floor button and exited the elevator once I heard the ping. As I made my way back to my apartment, my head was swarmed with thoughts. Did I do a good enough job? Will they call me back? What if I don’t get it? As I opened my apartment door I was greeted by Rose.

“Don’t you have a job, Rose?” I asked.

“At least I have one,” she answered back sarcastically.

“Well, I just finished the interview so you might not be able to say that for long,” I informed her.

“How did it go?” asked Rose.

“I think it went well but we’ll see soon,” I answered worriedly.

“You got this girl, how about we distract ourselves with a little bit of TV?” Rose asked.

“Yeah, what should we watch?” I answered back.

“We could watch The Society, I heard it’s really good,” offered Rose

“Let’s do it,” I said as I started making food.

We finished binging the show at 10 P.M. and we were exhausted after doing nothing. As I lay in bed, I kept thinking about the trip to Spain. It was only in a couple of days but it was unbearable. I had been waiting for this dream to come true and now it was about to happen.

Note: My Wattpad account got hacked so I had to delete my account. I will be posting on here now, I hope you guys enjoy the story and let me know what you think!

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