Blooming Days

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“Y-you— Glitter?!” I sputtered. Cam arched a brow.

“Oh? A fan? Guess I don’t need to send you a link then after all.”

“I’m not a fan— well, I mean, I guess I am, but that’s not—” I put a hand on the counter to steady myself and took a breath. “I bloomed as a part of a research program. They showed me a video, and— and it was you! You were the video!”

Cam gasped. “Oh my god, it’s actually working? And you bloomed to me? That’s so sweet!” She giggled, her sparkling cleavage bouncing a little above the deep V of her robe. My eyes zeroed in of their own accord, and when Cam caught me staring she gave a sly wink. “And they say porn contributes nothing to society.”

I blushed and turned back to the stove. “D-dinner’s ready.”

“So I smell! My stomach’s been rumbling over it for the last ten minutes. But wow, talk about coincidence! It’s like we’re in a drama or something.”

“You’re telling me,” I muttered.

She padded over to a cabinet and reached up to open it. Her silky robe was scandalously short, and I got a nice eyeful of underbutt as she stretched to pull down a couple of plates. Unsurprisingly, a generous amount of body shimmer had been applied down there as well. I tore my eyes away as she turned around, two plates in hand. Well, one plate and a saucer, rather. She handed the plate my way and I took it with some confusion before stepping aside so that she could dish up first. When she was finished, a child’s portion of my shrimp fried rice had been doled out onto the saucer and nothing more. It couldn’t have been more than five bites at most.

“Huh?!” I gawped. “That’s all you’re having?” For a split second, panic ran through me. Did she not like shrimp? Maybe it was too spicy? She shook her head and waved me off with a flick of the wrist.

“Oh trust me, hun, I’m going to stuff my fucking face with this later, but for now I can only have a bite. Performing isn’t exactly comfortable on a full stomach.”

“Oh, uh, that makes sense.” I shuffled my feet. “Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing!” She let out an exasperated little laugh before chomping down on a forkful of rice. Her expression melted into bliss in an instant, and she closed her eyes as she chewed. “Mmmmm, oh Jaime~ That’s so yummy!”

My stomach fluttered as she mewled my name and I coughed lightly to compose myself. “Yeah? I think it’s alright.”

“No seriously, how do you feel about being my live-in cook?”

“I-if that’s what it takes t-to live rent free, you go it.” I stammered. Ugh. Real smooth. But Cam laughed merrily anyway, a bright and tinkling sound. A tingle went down my middle at the musicality of it. I turned away quickly, willing my bits to stay in place, and dished up my own plate.

A minute later, Cam had finished her tiny helping, and was tapping at her phone. “Stream starts in thirty. Gimme your number!”

We exchanged info, and by the time I was done eating, packing away leftovers, and cleaning up in the kitchen, a notification light was blinking away on my phone. There were two notifications actually. One from Cam, and another from Sky. I opened Cam’s first:

Wifi: Aerostar1111
Password: FV00SM+TSRAGR
No spaces, all caps! Hope you enjoy the shooow~

Following that was a bright blue hyperlink. I clicked it and ran upstairs, Sky’s text already forgotten. Once in the privacy of the guest room, I fumbled at my bag, dumping my laptop onto the bed as quick as I could before hunting around for an outlet.

It didn’t take me long to connect, but I did grow frustrated at the lengthy registration process needed to even view the stream in the first place. Ten minutes had already passed before my confirmation email finally showed up in my inbox— in the spam folder, of course— and then finally, all that was left was to input the VIP code Cam had sent me.

By the time I was all set up, Glitter had already gotten started, and I came into the stream just in time to see a bejeweled butt plug disappear up into her sphincter. I blinked. Then set the view to full screen.

The ass in question, juicy and plugged and slathered in body shimmer, was now bouncing a bit as Glitter reached back to spank herself with a crop. She yipped a little with each slap, and the sound of it made me hot all over. I shrugged off my clothes, my snatch already slick and aching. Glitter was kneeling across a giant vulva shaped piece of furniture that looked like a cross between an ottoman and a bean bag chair, her ass up and jiggling to the camera. Around her, the room was dim with sultry lighting, but I could still make out all sorts of toys and harnesses hanging from the walls and ceiling. To one corner, a stripper pole had been installed. To the other, what appeared to be an adult sized rocking horse sat stationary and alone, except instead of a horse it was one giant cock and balls.

I propped up the pillows and laid back, spreading my legs a bit so I could see the laptop between them. Glitter was still spanking her ass, her pussy growing wet and glistening in full view of the camera. I stared at it, transfixed, and before I knew it I had one hand on my breast, gently tweaking my nipple, and the other on my cunt, turning slow circles across my opening.

To the right side of the screen, a live chat scrolled past, proclaiming everything from the sweet to the obscene, but mostly it was just a whole lot of dollar and eggplant emojies. According to the side bar, I was just one of about nine hundred lonely viewers. One of nine hundred pervs staying in and touching themselves as a pretty girl cried out, asking who would be the hero to save her from the spanking. Across the top, donor instructions from a viewer named ’Shelby511’ counted out how many spanks Glitter needed to complete before she would be allowed to remove the plug. At the bottom, there was a timer next to a tipping feature, with suggested monetary tiers and associated acts. I watched the tips pile up, viewers competing with each other in what was effectively a bidding war as the clock counted down. After twenty or so spanks, the timer ran out, and there was a bell notification. A new donor instruction popped up at the top, and Glitter turned around to look at the camera, heavy lidded and panting lightly. She dropped the crop and pulled at the plug, popping it out for a split second before shoving it back into place.

“You know what, since I didn’t finish all of Shelby511’s spanks, I think I’ll just leave it in. Thank you, Shelby~” She smiled, her face flushed, but only a little less red than her ass after all the whipping. “Now let’s see what my latest hero has in store for me… Oh my! BigJordynx808 really went big! He gave me 30,000 tokens for the SplashZone Tier! Jordyn, my hero~

She stood up from the strange vulva chair and untied her robe. It slid off her body in a single motion, fluttering to the floor in a cascade of hot pink silk. She was every bit the same as she was in the vr porno, a strawberry goddess in glitter, and I felt a pressure beneath my fingers, my dick sliding out and into my eager hand. I gripped it and shuddered, waves of pleasure rolling over me. My breath quickened as she sauntered over to the far side of the room and selected one of the many strange toys suction cupped to the wall. When she came back to the camera, in her hand was a big yellow dildo with some kind of forked contraption coming off the base of the dick. I wondered for a split second what it could be for, when Glitter answered for me by laying back down on the vulva chair and teasing the dildo inside of her. Once fully inserted, the forked bit rested firmly on her clit, pinching it between its prongs.

“I’m ready, Big Jordyn. Z and X control the vibe, and SPACE controls the thrust. Don’t leave me hanging now~”

I sucked in a harsh breath. Could you really pay to control her toys over the net? If I wasn’t before, I was fully erect now just thinking on it. And sure enough, a second later the dildo whirred to life, thrusting and vibrating at top speed. Cam squealed in response, her body bouncing as her muscles seized around this sudden and violent stimulation. I let out my own little moan in turn. I was fully jerking it now, dipping my fingers down into my sopping pussy to lube up my swollen member. My forearm burned as I matched the speed of Cam’s thruster, pumping in time with it. Within seconds a now familiar pressure was building up inside me, growing closer and closer as I watched my strawberry goddess writhe and wail on screen.

And that’s when it occurred to me that if I wanted to sleep on this bed afterwards, then I probably shouldn’t go making a big fucking mess all over it. I got up and rushed my laptop into the bathroom, setting it down onto the toilet seat and facing the shower. Then I threw back the curtain and hopped inside. On screen, Cam had one leg up, one hand holding the dildo in place as her other hand played with the plug. The audio echoed inside the bathroom, and her cries bounced around the tiled walls, reverberating down into my skull. I found my dick again, and resumed what I’d started, my eyes glued to the two prongs as they ravaged her swollen clit.

Ooooh~ I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!

And that’s when I found out what ‘SplashZone’ really meant. Glitter didn’t just cum, she squirted. She arched her body and sprayed over the thruster, and the camera caught every moment of it. I froze. But she didn’t do that with me! Did she even cum with me? A primal sort of rage and fascination ran wild through my body as I wondered what it would take for me to make her cum like that.

Then, without hesitation, she pulled the dildo out of her cunt, jammed its suction cup onto the desk in front of the camera, and deep throated it all the way down. It was a visceral image, clearly intended to give the audience a sense of first person perspective. And it worked. For in that moment, I swear I all but felt my dick get swallowed into her gullet, the walls of her throat clenching around my throbbing rod. I cried out. And then I came, painting the tub as my orgasm exploded out of me. I knelt, sweaty and gasping as the last of it dripped from my tip, but Glitter wasn’t done yet. On screen, she had mounted the dildo, mounted the desk rather, and was bouncing up and down on it, the view from the camera fully zoomed in. All coherent messages ceased in the chat. And I knew exactly why. The first person effect was still going strong, and I wondered vaguely just how the desk was shaped and set up to accommodate such a maneuver, when I felt myself go hard inside my hand again. I realized then that I hadn’t actually stopped jerking it. But now that I was ready once more, there was no reason to stop. I looked back to the screen, to Glitter and her perfect body, myself just one of nine hundred lonely people completely and willingly lost in the illusion of a pretty girl riding our collective internet dick.

And I came again, heavier and sloppier than ever. The cum was everywhere now; across my thighs, beneath my breasts, between my fingers, and dripping down the sides of the tub to pool around the drain. My dick slid back inside of me, and I suddenly felt very tired. How many times had I cum today? Five? And that was just from my dick, never mind my snatch. I closed the laptop with an elbow and reached over to the toilet paper. I’d heard stories of deployed soldiers clogging the shower drains with ‘desert jellyfish’, and even though it was just me, I didn’t want to take any chances. I wiped up as much as I could, tossing the sticky mess into the waste bin, and then started the water.

It was only after my shower that I finally remembered Sky’s text. I toweled off and scooped up my phone from where it lay discarded on the bed. The message read:

hey sorry about last night. no hard feelings?
also you were right. this concert blows.
wanna hit up midnut later?

I sighed. The Midnight Donut Company, or ‘Midnut’ as we all so lovingly called it, actually sounded really good right about now, but of course, being seen was out of the question. And besides, I was exhausted and the logistics were too much anyway. I had no idea where the nearest bus stop was and I wasn’t about to be coming and going at all hours of the night as a guest in Cam’s house. That’s just rude. And speaking of rude—

“Fuck, I forgot the laundry!”

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