Blooming Days

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“Hey there, bloomer, a little late to the party, aren’t you?” a girl’s voice whispered into my ear. I jumped a little at the sound of it. “Well that’s okay, with a little help from me and my friends, you’ll be ready to join the fun in no time.”

From my right, a pink hologram of a shapely woman with sleek bobbed hair stepped into view. She was wearing a shimmery bathrobe, and everything about her was sparkling, from her long pink lashes to the stiletto points of her platform shoes. “You can call me Glitter,” she said with a mischievous wink. “And I do hope you will.”

I laughed out loud then as it occurred to me that I was almost certainly about to experience an actual academia-funded VR porno. The chuckle died quick though, when the hologram trailed a finger up my arm, and a gentle prickling sensation like the pins and needles you get when your foot falls asleep rolled up my skin in time with her.

What the fuck?” I tried to follow her movements as she walked around me, dragging her hand over my left shoulder and up my neck. She disappeared from view behind the chair, and the click of her shoes transferred seamlessly from the left speaker to the right.

“Now what do you say,” she whispered into my ear, “we do a little gardening?” The sound came through the ear-piece so clear and close that it sent shivers down my back.

She came back around to face me, and shed her robe. It fell to the floor and disappeared, revealing a sparkling body of slender muscle that was waxed clean and curved in all the right places.

Something touched my back, and I might have jumped out of my seat if I wasn’t strapped in. The chair was massaging me, kneading my back in slow, concentric circles. Then the seat-bottom started vibrating. It was a low setting, and pulsed in slow, drawn out waves like surf over sand.

The pink hologram struck a sensual pose, and then drug her hands up the lines of her body, lingering at her bust-line for a second as the weight of her breasts pushed back against her touch. They bounced back to form as her hands passed them by, and she stretched up, arching her lithe body with mesmerizing grace.

Five more holograms appeared from behind her, their hands appearing first along her body as they caressed her, their bodies following after. She writhed at their touch, and I found myself writhing with her, my breath quickening in my throat. Everything was tingling now. And all the colors and sounds seemed so much more intense than they had been two minutes ago.

If the pink holo-lady was stunning, her supporting cast were equally so. Three were men and two were women, and every one of them was glistening and obscene. They teased each other with sensual motions, fingers lingering over sensitive areas, groping and pinching, and sliding into holes.

Projected on the screen behind them, photos of flowers both phallic and yonic strobed in quick succession, orchids and anthuriums and pitcher plants and countless more that I didn’t know the names of.

Oooh,” the pink one moaned with a voice like music and my breath hitched. The edges of my vision wavered, and the flickering images on the projector screen sent flashes of color around the room. The rainbow orgy fell into a prismatic pile around me, exploring each other in uninhibited intimacy. Pink found herself at the center of it, taking it in turns to share deep kisses with Yellow and Red, one hand each around both of their stiffening dongs. Yellow’s was massive, and he pumped his hips slowly in time with her stroking, his fingers teasing at her pussy. When Red wasn’t sucking on Pink, he was enjoying Violet, who had his own huge boner pressed against Red’s muscled rump. Backed up against Yellow’s other side, Green had both hands on Blue’s voluptuous ass, pulling their hips to grind together as Blue slid her tongue between Green’s lips.

My eyes were drawn to the two holograms on my left, of which Violet had mounted Red, and was slowly pounding into his ass as both holo-men made faces of unabashed ecstasy. Violet reached around and lifted Red to him, wrapping his hand around the stiff length of his ripe red rod.

“Ahn~!” There was a whimper, and to my right, the green holo-woman was lying back, her legs frogged, one hand in the hair of the blue holo-woman, whose mouth was pressed firmly over her snatch. She writhed as the blue one licked at her, the sounds of her mewling awakening something carnal inside of me that I’d never felt before. Jolts of chemical electricity raced up my chest, my skin set on fire. I don’t know when I started gasping, but now my heart was racing.

And then it was suddenly hard to breath. My shirt felt like it was constricting me, and I looked down to see that it was. My chest had expanded, was expanding, until one by one the buttons below my collar popped off and I found myself staring through a boob window into the chasm of my own cleavage. But the worst of it was in my crotch.

There was a painful ripple in the heat between my legs, and I felt myself split. I might have screamed. I was sitting in a puddle now, my underwear beyond soaked with whatever combination of blood and fluids my body had just released. I knew it wasn’t just sweat, but I couldn’t care. I was struggling at the restraints, twisting my wrists and pulling at them. More than anything I just needed to be touched!

“Ah, mmn,” Violet let out a low, deep groan, and he pulled out to shoot ropy lines of white goop across his lover’s back. I shivered, my skin crawling all over, my insides aching. It was a new kind of ache. A deep and frustrated and instinctual ache. It was like there was something inside of me, something that needed to come out, but couldn’t. An itch I couldn’t reach, couldn’t scratch! I strained against the straps with all my might, overcome with the need to touch myself, to reach inside, to scratch at the itch!

“Mmmm, you’re so good,” Pink moaned. “I want you!

She climbed on top of the chair, straddling me, her hands on my shoulders and breasts hanging over my face, nipples pert and pierced. Then they started bouncing. The yellow holo-man had mounted her, and was thrusting so hard I could hear the slap of his balls against her clit.

Aaah~!” Pink squealed in pleasure, her heart-shaped face just inches from my own.

There was a snap, and my hand flew through the hologram for an instant before I pulled it back to myself, plunging it into my lap and down inside my underwear. Like digging into a cut, it was raw and wet and painful. But then gratifying and pleasurable. I plunged a finger inside myself, and then two, exploring this new avenue of being. Was this womanhood?

My fingers slid against something smooth and pea shaped, and I gasped as it sent hot bolts of chemical pleasure running wild through my body. I touched it again, pressing deeply onto this new and sensitive button of mine. The hologram let out a shuddering cry, and so did I. I started to rub at it. Up and down at first, and then in circles. Above me, the pink holo-lady panted, chest heaving, eyes rolling back and lids fluttering shut. I found myself rolling my tongue over my lips, wanting to kiss her, wanting desperately to suck on her skin. I imagined she tasted like sugar, or strawberries, or, or—


I said it like a prayer, my voice just above a whisper. And then I felt something new below, a different kind of tightness. Was my clit growing? I tried to look, but at that angle, I couldn’t see past my breasts. But it was, no longer was I playing with a tiny nub of flesh. It was long and hard now, and filled my hand. I squeezed it, and groaned at how good it felt. Then I started pumping it. Up and down, faster and faster, matching pace with the hologram above me. I felt myself my building, coming nearer and nearer to a precipice I always knew existed, but could never find. And finally I was about to jump off.

Yessss!” she wailed, teetering on the edge. “I’m so close! Take me there! Ah~!

I arched my back, bucking my hips into the hologram as my whole body pulsed in release. There was another low groan of satisfaction, and then another explosion of sticky white fluid.

But this time it was all me.

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