Blooming Days

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Despite her cold facade, Dr. Vahn was nice enough to drive me home. I thanked her copiously, and promised to return the scrubs when I could. She dismissed the idea and then handed me one of SunnySide’s business cards instead. Told me to call the clinic in a couple of days to schedule a follow up appointment. I promised I would, and she smiled and drove away, leaving me in the relatively deserted parking lot of my apartment complex.

I looked around nervously as I made my way to the stairwell, but there was no one around that I knew. I didn’t see Skylar’s bike parked anywhere either, which meant that he had to be out and about. Lucky for me, because I sure as shit was not ready to be seen by him. Not like this, freshly bloomed and stumbling around, not even able to fit in my own clothes, let alone my new body.

What I needed was to go shopping, but preferably not in scrubs. These ones had a loud, wall-papery floral print, and I wasn’t really up to walking around in public with them and pretending that I was a nurse or something to strangers. No, what I would do, was borrow some of Skylar’s old sweats, shop around in them, and then wash them and have them back in place before Sky ever noticed they were gone. Full proof plan.

I entered our apartment quietly, just in case, and stole down the hall to Skylar’s room. It was cleaner than the last time I’d seen it, less lived in, which could only mean that he was planning for guests. Or guest, rather, as I recalled what he’d said about Devon being in town. I grimaced at the thought and pulled open his dresser, rooting around at the bottom of its drawers for the stuff that’s so old and rarely worn that you forget it’s even there. An old track suit of his came to mind first, a navy number with white stripes down the sides. I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen him wear the dang thing in over a year. That would do nicely.

Sure enough I found it rumpled at the bottom of the last drawer, shoved towards the back. I met some resistance as I pulled it out, and when finally it was free of the drawer, something large and heavy and oblong came out with it. It fell at my feet and landed on the carpet with a muted thwump, and I stared at it in dumbfounded amazement.

Why the fuck did Skylar have a big fucking dildo in his drawer? And why was it hidden like this? I picked it up and slowly shook my head, trying to reason it out. It had to belong to Devon. It wouldn’t have been the first time she’d left her stuff lying around. Maybe Sky had found it while he was cleaning up and just wanted it put away till she could take it back. Not that it would make much of a difference, she’d just leave something else behind. Pretty sure she did it on purpose at this point. How else could she manage to systematically forget something every time she came over? God forbid she let Sky remember on his own that he had a girlfriend. No, instead she had to spread her creep around everywhere she went like some zerg bitch-queen laying claim to the land.

There was a noise at the front of the apartment, and I heard the front door open, followed by snippets of conversation. SHIT. Skylar and Devon were here.

I fumbled at the drawers, frantically pushing them back into place and grabbing up the sweats. I ran to the door, my hand on the knob. Maybe I could make it to my own room before they rounded the corner. I started to open it, then stopped as a thud hit the wall, followed by muffled voices at the end of the hall. No, they’d see me, shit! I backed away from the door as their footsteps drew nearer. I had to hide, but where?! I couldn’t fit under the bed, and why the fuck would I do that anyway? The only choice was the closet. I rushed for it, opening and closing the slatted doors as quietly as I could, tucking myself as far back into its darkest reaches as I could go. Light from the window filtered in through the horizontal slats in the doors, and I realized with horror that I could see through them. Oh no.

The bedroom door swung inward then, blasted open by Skylar, who was carrying Devon, her legs wrapped around his waist. They fell onto the bed in a tangle, lips locked and hips grinding. It was aggressive in a way, and frantic. Not the kind of kissing that said ‘I’m so glad you’re back, I missed you’, but more rough and hungry. More animal. Angry even— which was a strange image to process, since the Sky I knew was so soft. He was gentle and sensitive, not— not this. This Sky was someone else.

He tore off her shorts and tank with violent hands, nipping at her breasts as she cried out. Her moans were almost musical, and regardless of my loathing for her, they excited me. I shifted uncomfortably as I felt myself grow wet listening to her. She was attractive in that grungy rock’n’roll way, bone thin and pixie-like, but with a bubble butt and just enough cleavage to make a plunging V look dangerous. She clawed at him with witchy fingers, pulling off his shirt and tossing it aside.

And my breath caught as he leaned over her. Framed by the window, the contrast of light and shadow across his abs made him look godlike, as if he’d been cut from marble. Had he always been so gorgeous? Thinking back on it, I guess he had. He’d always been pretty and athletic, and I’d seen him shirtless any number of times, but… It hadn’t really occurred to me back then. I’d never seen him that way. But now… No! God, what was I thinking? I squeezed my eyes shut. It was just the blooming days fucking with my head, nothing more. This was Sky we were talking about. Sky, my buddy. Sky, my family. Sky from third grade, who had cried because they’d tripped on their shoelaces and smashed their fudgesicle into an anthill. This was my best friend, not some butcher’s choice cut.

But it didn’t matter what I told myself. Huddled in the corner of that closet, listening to Devon’s moans, the image of Sky’s perfect body burned into my mind’s eye, I felt the itch of need creep into my pants. There was a growing tightness between my thighs, and I felt the now familiar push of my dick sliding out, stiffening with every passing second. It strained awkwardly against the front of my borrowed scrubs, and I reached down to adjust it into my waistband— a mistake, because once I’d laid a hand on it, I couldn’t stop playing with it. It felt so good to touch it, and I couldn’t help myself from massaging into it with rolling strokes.

Pleasure like lightning coursed through me, and I bit my tongue in an effort to control my breathing. Devon’s moans had ramped up, and now I could hear the very wet, squelching, slapping noises of Skylar thrusting into her. Every so often I could hear him make his own little growls and grunts of pleasure, and the sound of it drove me into a frenzy.

I slid my pants down so I could get both hands down there freely, one on my shaft and the other teasing my slit. I was dripping wet, and my fingers slid into the hungry hole of my vag with ease. I swirled them about my entryway, then probed them deeper, exploring the space inside me for points of interest. I found one and tapped at it, waves of excitement washing over me with each eager press. But it wasn’t enough. I shifted for a better angle, to get my fingers in deeper, and kicked something large and heavy and oblong sitting on the floor beside me.

No, I told myself. No, that’s nasty, think of where it’s been. But in the grand scheme of things, just how nasty was it really when you were already on the floor of your roommate’s closet, touching yourself and watching as your bff fucked his girlfriend senseless?

I grabbed the dildo and readied it before me. Pressing its bulbous rubber head against my snatch, I teased myself, rubbing it up and down against the juices that be. I worked it in, slowly at first, wincing as it stretched me, but after a few shallow shoves, it slid in whole, and my muscles contracted painfully around this new invader. I held it still until the pain subsided, until my body adjusted. Then, as I slid it in and out of myself, my toes curled at the sheer joy of it— the pleasure of this new sensation. So alien and yet utterly natural. As if this were the flavor I’d been craving from the get-go. Finally!

I picked up the pace, moving in time with them— to the squeaking of the bed-frame, the slapping of his hips against her ass, the squelching of her cunt, the cadence of her cries! It was absolutely a breach of their privacy, but that fact fell to the wayside in the lust-addled slush of my fevered monkey brain. All that mattered in that moment was the rush.

Then Devon started making a new sound— high pitched and shrieking. I opened my eyes and saw that Skylar had her by the arms now, pulling her up off the bed and onto her knees, her back arched so that her tits were pushed out. They bounced wildly with every thrust he made into her tuna taco. Light sparkled at her navel, where some kind of treasure troll rhinestone had been pierced through. It threw off a disco of dancing colors, and suddenly in my mind’s eye I was both of them. Hate-fucking Devon with each pump of my fist round my dick and getting absolutely bonerowned by Skylar with each blast of the dildo up my sheath. It was surreal in its duality, and nigh-on spiritual in its pleasure.

I rode that high with them to climax, convulsing first with my vagina clamped around the dildo, pulsing like a frantic second heartbeat, and then hosing cum with my cock like a yogurty filth fountain across my front. It took everything to keep my silence. Outside the closet, Devon let out a long undulating squeal.

“Yes! Ah~! Yes!

Skylar came shortly thereafter, giving one last solid thrust into her dick-dairy before quaking in an orgasm of his own. He staggered back breathless, letting her fall to the bed in a sweaty heap, ass up. She rolled over with a sigh, haloed in a glow of satisfaction. Sky sighed too, but the look on his face wasn’t that of a guy released. He just looked weary— or even ashamed. He sat down at the edge of the bed and peeled the rubber off his dick, tying the end into a knot and then tossing it into the trash bin with a wet slap.

Devon bent over the side of the bed and pulled a cigarette and lighter from her jacket on the floor. The lighter flicked twice, and then Sky was there, snatching it out of her hand with a frown.

“Go out on the balcony if you’re gonna do that,” he said. “You’re gonna set off the alarms.”

“Sheesh, what’s crawled up you today?” She took the lighter back from him before getting up and pulling on her rumpled clothes.

“Nothing,” he said. He fished a fresh pair of underwear out of a drawer. “Just… stress.”

“What, got a deadline coming up? Or is one of your bridezillas just breathing down on you again for revision edits?”

“Yeah, something like that.” His voice was flat, and he scratched at his nose as he said it. A lie— he was lying. Though even without the tell, it was pretty obvious.

“Well, you’re still working our gig tonight right? You’re the best at getting my good side.”

I sucked in a breath as he reached down and opened the bottom drawer of his dresser. Please, oh god, don’t notice. The dildo lay dirty and discarded beside me, wet and sticking to the carpeted floor. A second or two passed before I was able to breathe, when Skylar pulled out a pair of distressed jeans and shut the drawer without comment. He pulled them on and then finally turned to her and broke the silence.

“Devon, what am I to you?”

She laughed, a tone as flippant as ever. “Are you serious, babe?”

“Seriously.” Sky’s jaw was set in a hard line. I looked between them, sweaty with anticipation. Now this was some tea.

“You’re my boyfriend, hun. I love you.”

“If you love me, then why do you sleep around?”

My jaw dropped. Oh shit.


“Just don’t, okay? I already know. It’s not like you try to hide it.”

“It gets lonely on the road.”

“So call me.” He stared at her with hurt on his face, but the look was just so resigned. Where was his fire? Where was his fight? Where was that Sky that got himself suspended when he beat a kid unconscious for pantsing him in the cafeteria in the eighth grade? Not that I wanted him to lay a hand on this bitch, but come on. This was just sad.

“It’s not the same, Sky,” Devon said with a pout that was not at all apologetic. “C’mon, see it from my side.”

Skylar said nothing as he pulled a shirt on over his head. Devon went to him, her hands on his back, and hovered over him much like a fly around meat.

“If you’d just tag along on tour with us, it wouldn’t be an issue!”

“Devon, your band doesn’t pay me,” he said with a voice like tight wire. “You don’t pay me. I can’t follow you around for months on end taking photos for free.”

“What about the friends and family discount?”

“I’d starve,” he said. She shrugged her shoulders and huffed in annoyance.

“Well then if you won’t come with, you can’t expect me to hold back! A girl’s got needs, Sky.” This bitch! My hands tightened to fists around the strands of carpeting beneath me.

“…right,” was all Sky said in return. WHAT. I bit my tongue to keep from screaming. At this point I was just as furious at Sky for letting her walk all over him. What the fuck was his deal with her?!

“Babe, no matter what, you’re always number one.” She stood on her tiptoes and nibbled at his ears as she hugged him from behind. He didn’t respond, but he didn’t push her away either.

“So… I’ll see you tonight?” she asked.

He ran a hand through his hair and let out a small sigh of defeat. “…yeah.”

“Awesome!” She smiled wide and skipped to the door. “Now whaddya say we go get something to eat? I’m feeling sushi.”

“Sure,” Skylar said. He followed her out like a beaten dog, and then I was alone again, though this time dirty and dumbfounded.

I shook my head in disbelief. Had that conversation really just happened? Wow. Wow wow wow. Sure, Sky was a softie, but I’d never expected him to be such a doormat. Did he even like Devon? Surely he couldn’t actually be in love with her. Not with the way she was treating him. Everything about his face and posture just seemed so miserable…

The front door opened and closed with clear notes of finality, but still I waited a few minutes more before getting up, until I was sure they had well and truly gone. Some of the cum on my shirt dribbled to my lap as I stood, and I looked down in shame to see that I’d splooged all over the front of my borrowed top.

“Ugh, shit…”

Does cum stain? Fuck, I hope not.

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