The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Six

Asuna wakes up to find the bed beside her devoid of her mate and his body heat. The ache between her legs a reminder of the night before as her skin heats again.

She whines softly as she rolls out of bed and tries to find Tony's scent in the house. Opening the bedroom door Gus' voice drifts up to her.

"I remember Gill's first heat with me. I didn't sleep that entire first week, dude." Asuna laughs softly as she walks to the closet and removes a robe as Gus continues.

"At one point I had to get your dad in to knock her out. All reasoning left her mind, she didn't care if she got pregnant. I hope for your sake that it's different with you guys." Asuna wraps the robe loosely around her throbbing body and ties it at her hip listening to Gus talk. She cringed when he mentioned having to have Gillian knocked out in order to avoid a pregnancy.

"I called my mother this morning to find out some things myself. She said the same about losing all reasoning and that it was up to me to find a way to satisfy her need to have me come in here." Tony's voices reach her as she walks out of the room and to the stairs. She smiles softly, appreciating the gesture from Tony's side in the attempt to find out more and not leaving it entirely up to her.

"Trace and I do anal then. I think it's that feeling the females get." Adam's voice cuts into the conversion, stopping Asuna midway down.

Interesting. I'll have to consider that.

She continues down the stairs and the closer she gets to the ground floor the hotter she burns.

"I think she's awake. Or about to wake up." Tony's voice is strained when he speaks again.

"It's like a fucking wall of lust hitting me with the force of a train. That normal?" Adam and Gus laugh at his words.

"Yep. Thank fuck we're not affected anymore. It sucked having no control over when I take Gill at the campsite." Gus says and the three enter her field of vision from the kitchen.

"Asuna! Hey. You're looking...bothered." Adam says spotting her at the bottom of the stairs and she sends him a sarcastic grin.

"Adam... You're looking less than thoroughly fucked." he barks a laugh and salutes her.

"Touché I have at least a week or two before I'm in the same boat with Tracy." Asuna grins genuinely this time at his words, secretly pleased that her friend will be joining her in agony soon.

"I have a week, definitely, before Gillian joins you. You won't be alone." Gus says from the doorway where Tony is pinned to the wall.

"I don't want to sound rude, but can you guys please go?" a wave of desire turns her voice into a croak and both men nod before leaving the house and shutting the door.

The barely audible click of the door shutting has Asuna's robe on the floor and her overheated body in his arms.

"You're going to burn a hole in my clothes," Tony says running his hands down her back and over her ass.

"Then take them off," she says into his neck, nipping the sensitive skin, causing him to groan.

"Little Wolf, we both have stuff to do today." she nuzzles her nose against his mating bite and he moans, his hands tightening slightly on her ass, his voice gruff.

"We can do it after." she nips the bite softly rubbing her body against him. He leans his head back against the wall and takes a few deep breaths before burying his face in her neck and she grins triumphantly.

She helps him strip from his clothes and he pushes her back against the railing of the stairs, licking and nipping at the soft flesh.

"You smell so good," he murmurs against her neck and lifts her easily.

She opens her mouth to tell him the same but the words are cut off by his lips coming down on hers and he slowly walked them back up the stairs, leaving his clothes in a pile on the floor by the front door.


Asuna looks at the faces of her friends. "I'm going insane here, guys. I can feel Tony. He's at yours, Trace. I don't know this through the link." she groans and puts her head in her hands.

Tracy and Gillian look at each other and bursts out in giggles.

"That's normal, Asuna. Your body craves him right now. Even if your brain doesn't want to, your body wants to be filled with his babymaking juice." Gillian wiggles her eyebrows and Asuna breaks down laughing.

"Babymaking juice? Really?" she asks between giggles and Gillian nods with a cocky grin making Tracy snort with laughter.

Their laughter dies down after a few minutes and Luna enters the room.

"Sounds like a party in here." she smiles as she takes her place at the head of the table. She'd replaced the sample menu's on the table and starts spreading them out.

"You okay to talk wedding business?" Luna asks Asuna, who nods in confirmation.

"As long as Tony doesn't come in here, or someone doesn't eat chocolate, I'll be okay." She smiles at Luna who laughs softly.

"I can't have any mint around me in my heat." she offers the piece on information tentatively and this sparks a whole new conversation, away from the wedding.

Gillian offers her kryptonite, black coffee, and Tracy pipes up with hers that has everyone, including the always composed Luna, in stitches.

"Dirt? Like dust or a dirt road?" Asuna asks when she can finally breathe. Tracy grins sheepishly at the group.

"Like a dirt road after a thunderstorm," she explains with a giggle.

A collective "Ooooh" ran through the group and the conversation turned to the wedding again with the help of Luna.

"Have you decided on who will be giving you away?" she asks and Asuna nods.

"I want to ask Quinten. I'll go by after we're done here," she answers and Luna makes a note on her clipboard before they discussed the food and drink for the wedding.

They decide on a simple three-course meal and the guestlist for the headcounts. It comes down to a forty person headcount including the Vampire King and his guest and Lucas and his girlfriend.

The reasoning behind the three-course meal over the traditional seven was simply that Asuna would still be in heat.

An hour more of deciding on the fonts of the menu and invitations along with Tracy taking her measurements for the dress and Asuna sweeps out the door of the Le Strange Packhouse, making her way over to Rose territory.

The scent of bergamot overwhelms her senses upon entering the house and she looks around. A smooth feminine moan drifts toward her and she wrinkles her nose.

She starts walking in the direction of the moaning when she hears Brody's voice in the room.

"Take all of me. Yesss, good girl." a wet, constricted gag follows his words and Asuna heads in the other direction, not needing or wanting to see her cousin and once best friend getting down and dirty.

"Asuna! How are you?" Rosalie Rose's sugary voice comes from upstairs and Asuna makes her way to her aunt as the bergamot scent intensifies before a deep grunt could be heard.

"Excuse your cousin. Since finding out you were completely off-limits he's gone a to put this delicately?" she taps her finger to her chin, making her way down the stairs, before enveloping Asuna in a hug.

"Female crazy. Yes, that's it." Rosalie grins as she lets Asuna go.

"I see your heat has arrived," she says and Asuna laughs at her aunt's directness and she nods.

"It has. I feel like I'm dying," she admits and the blond-haired woman laughs.

"Well, you're here for a reason. Let's get it done so you can get home to Tony." Asuna nods as Rosalie put her arm around her shoulders leading her toward her uncle's study, avoiding the second round of grunting and groaning from the living room.

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