The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Seven

Asuna enters her uncle's study and lets her eyes wander across the room before settling on him sitting at a large oak desk.

"Asuna, to what do I owe this pleasure?" he booms when he sees her and gets up. The large man resembles a bear on two legs, only with more muscle than fat. He pulls her into a bone-crushing hug and she staggers back slightly as he lets her go.

"I wanted to ask you something, Quinten." he gestures to the seat opposite him as he walks back to his desk. She takes a seat, sinking into the plush leather cushioning.

"Ask away, my dear. You know I'd help where ever I can." he beams at her and she takes a deep breath, inhaling his comforting pine scent.

"I was'd give me away at the wedding? You and Rosalie are the closest thing I have to parents..." she trails off as her eyes meet the teary ones of her uncle.

"I would love to," he says, his voice breaking slightly, and stands up from the desk and pulls her into a hug, chair and all.

"Thank you." he kisses her cheek and wipes away the lone tear running down his face as he clears his throat.

She smiles at him softly and wraps her arms around him in a hug. He pushes the breath from her lungs momentarily and keeps an arm around her shoulders as he walks her to the door.

"I don't want little grand nieces and nephews running around just yet. Be careful this season." Her face flushes at his words and he taps his nose.

"Even a mated wolf can smell a woman in heat. Go home, sweetheart." He leads her down the stairs where the bergamot scent had slightly dissipated and Brody swaggers into the foyer before she could step out the front door.

"Cousin. Father." He bites out with a sadistic grin in her direction. She grimaces before lifting a hand in greeting.

"Brody. Will you please take your conquests upstairs in future? The whole house reeks of you." Quinten looks at his son with an expression of disappointment. Brody nods curtly pushing passed her and bumping her into the wall.

She glares after him and shakes her head when Quinten looks at her quizzically.

"I never led him on." She says absentmindedly and her uncle nods.

"I know. You've always just been friends." He says opening the front door before pulling her into another hug.

"Good night, Asuna." She bids him goodnight and all but runs to her home.

Rounding the corner of their street, the smell of chocolate lures her into a haze of desire as she follows the scent to their front door, up the stairs and into their bedroom.

Tony lays on the bed completely naked and fully erect. Words aren't necessary as she tears her top and jeans from her body, ripping her bra and underwear off dropping the scraps of material on the ground as she walks over to the bed.

"You look ravenous, Little Wolf." He comments seductively as she crawls onto the bed and settling herself on top of him. The desire in his blue eyes set off a series of fireworks in her already burning nerve endings.

Her hands shake with desire as they start roaming over his chest. He puts his hands on her hips and lifts her over his cock as she reaches down and grips him in her hand positioning him at her entrance.

She only lets go of his cock when her soaking folds wets her hand and slides down his length fully, both of them groaning as her walls cling to him. She circles her hips once, twice, three times earning a low growl every time. Her breath hitches in her throat as he grinds his hips into her pelvis.

She groans and drops her head back slowly raising her hips from him and gently pushing down. The feel of him stretching her fully has her juices dripping down his length. His hands tighten on her hips seemingly fighting the urge to slam into her.

She leans forward and claims his mouth with her own, her tongue seeking entrance to taste his chocolatey goodness and he opens for her as she moves her hips up and down his shaft. She feels her orgasm building deep inside as she rides him slowly.

She bites her lower lip as she breaks the kiss and places her lips close to his ear, her walls clenching in anticipation for the reaction to her next words, "is it just me, or did you get bigger?"

She gasps in pleasure as he grips her hips and pushes himself in and out of her with fervour, growling deep in his throat beside her ear. Her orgasm knocks the breath from her lungs and Tony continues pistoning his hips, prolonging her orgasm and sending her into another.

A whine escapes through her nose as she hurtles toward her third orgasm and Tony flips them over effortlessly, not breaking his rhythm or contact with her. He leans down and kisses her deeply, his tongue matching the rhythm of his cock, and she rockets over the edge again, hot liquid filling her.

The wet slosh of her orgasm fills the room along with their moans as he chases his orgasm. Asuna reaches up and pulls him down by the neck, sinking her teeth into her mark at his shoulder and he shudders his orgasm with a vicious growl.


Tony Le Strange

Asuna woke him up three times that night. Once he swore he blacked out in the middle of her riding him and came to with her claws digging into his chest.

Her eyes now permanently shifting between her blue and her wolf's sapphire whenever she looks at him. Waves of desire roll off her even in sleep, keeping his cock at permanent attention. The constant pressure against any material has him sensitive and keeping Asuna satisfied wasn't helping the barely healed rawness.

Her spicy Chai scent intensifies as he watches her skin flush in sleep, a stronger wave hitting him, as he casts a quick look out the window seconds before Asuna wakes up, her hand curling around his already stiff erection, and she moans in satisfaction.

Her eyes a dark blue, a swirling mix of sky and sapphire, as they open to meet his. She licks her lips invitingly and he obliges by leaning over her and kissing her. She kisses him back hungrily and pushes her searing body against him.

Her body temperature was at least five degrees higher than normal as he wraps his arms around her back and she slips a leg over his thighs pressing her core against him.

God, she was dripping.

Lust and desire for his mate courses through him and he pulls her closer, angling her hips to enter her swiftly. She cries out and her tight heat burns the raw flesh of his cock.

He has to remember to ask the boys or his father how they handled this.

She moans and writhes in his arms as he pulls out partially before sinking back into her fully. He lifts her leg higher over his hip and rolls his hips against the ridges of her sweet spot, extracting a strangled moan from her.

Tony pulls back, breaking their heated kiss, and she throws her head back allowing him a full view of her flushed face contorted with pleasure as he continues moving inside of her.

He feels her clenching desperately around him a few seconds before she cried out, "Alpha!" hurtling him into a frenzy.

Every fucking time she uses that term in bed he's filled with a sense of pride, knowing that he's giving her what no one else can.

Despite his words to his father months ago about protecting Alistair's title as Alpha to the Le Strange pack, he feels a small sense of longing at the word, feeling the title is unearned.

Maybe he'll challenge his father in a few years, after having one or two pups with Asuna, and claim the title for his own as head Alpha.

She whimpers his name again as he slumps on top of her filling her with his sperm. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and inhales deeply.

Tony buries his face in her chest and breathes in the Chai scent radiating from her pores, intoxicating him completely, hardening his cock again. She moans softly in consent and moves her hips against him and he groans.

He knows he only has a few more days of actually finishing inside of her before the risk of pups becomes imminent. They'll have to talk about another method of satisfying her completely before then, but for now, he was going to enjoy it, albeit a bit painful.
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