The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Eight

Lucas Lancolm

He walks through the castle halls on his way to see Lucien. The King had requested his presence immediately three days after having reunited with Asuna.

He knocks on the door to Lucien's hole and his commanding voice bids him to enter. He pushes open the heavy door with a series of creaks as the hinges groaned under the strain, Lucien's figure obscuring the light from the window casting a looming shadow across the room.

"You wanted to see me, my King?" He inquires stepping into the gloomy room and shutting the door behind him. His King turned to face him, his piercing green eyes staring into Lucas' soul.

The guy certainly was intimidating, standing at almost seven-foot-tall with shoulders broad enough to fill a doorway. His biceps were thicker than an average man's thigh. Speaking of thighs, his were as thick as a tree trunk.

His tan skin an interesting shade of bronze against his white shirt. How Lucien was still tan after hundreds of years were beyond Lucas.

"I received an interesting piece of mail from a dog this morning while you were fucking my sister. A wedding invitation for a one Tony Le Strange. Do you know anything about this?" His deep voice rumbles through the space between them and Lucas is compelled to take a step back pressing himself against the door.

"Yes. He's my sister's mate." He says and he watches Lucien's face darken.

"She's my adoptive sister." He clarifies and it doesn't help the scowl forming on his King's face.

"She knows how to find you? After you arrived here in Blood Creek you did mention a sister. Did you go into dog territory without permission?" Lucien's voice raises with every syllable until he's yelling from the window behind his desk.

Lucas suppressed the urge to run away from his King and kneels in front of the door. A sign of submission and respect and Lucien glowers at him.

"I went to see her three days ago. I entered Forest Springs without your express permission, my King. I have no intention of returning. I had to make sure she was okay." He tells the floor and a low pitched growl fills the room.

"You can count your lucky fucking stars my sister likes you. If she didn't your head would be out in front of the castle as a warning to those with the faintest inkling to enter dog territory without permission." His King's voice is harsh as he grits the words out between his rage elongated fangs.

Lucas shudders at the truth in his words, trying his best not to rub at his neck at the phantom sensation pushed into his mind by his King.

The feeling of a plate-sized hand gripping his hair and shoulder, pulling them apart and stretching his neck, a searing pain spreads from his Adam's apple downward and upward and the soft sound of tearing flesh fills his ears.

The fear builds in him as the sensations disappear as suddenly as it came and Lucas gives in and rubs his neck vigorously.

"A warning, brother. I'll RSVP our attendance but that will be the last of your contact with the wolves of Forest Springs." Lucas nods in understanding and dares to look at his King.

"Now take a seat and let's talk about my sister."

Lucas complies to the order and sits on the edge of the human leather chair.

"What would you like to discuss about her, my King?" He asks tentatively, already not liking the direction of the conversation. His and Lyla's relationship moves at her pace and she's done nothing more than let him know he's nothing more than her lastest lay.

"She seems to have taken quite a liking to you in the three weeks since you've joined the clan. More so than her" he starts and the last word was said with open disgust.

"I don't know what's going on in that black hole that she calls a brain, but she changed you for a reason, Lucas. I can't figure out why." Lucas shrugs and he picks up on the underlying suspicion in Lucien's voice.

"I met her in Hell's Creek. She knew I knew Vampires existed, I didn't even have to tell her. She offered me the information I needed to find Asuna and she wanted some of my blood in exchange. I gave it willingly and woke up here two days later. I know as much as you, my King." He says meeting Lucien's eyes. Pressure in his cranium told him that Lucien was searching his memories for the truth.

Lucien scowls and dismisses him with a wave of his large hand.


Lucas slams his bedroom door behind him causing a lazing Lyla to jump and squeal as she fell off the bed. She scowls at him, disgruntled, as she stands up from the floor.

"I don't suppose it went well?" She says sitting on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs, giving him a full view of her glistening pussy.

"We're going to the wedding, but after that, I'm not allowed to see my sister." He says walking forward and getting on his knees in front of her uncrossing her legs and placing them over her shoulders. Her breathing came faster as his intentions become clear.

"I thought as much. Keep up appearances and all that." She mutters quietly as he buries his head between her thighs. A moan echoes through the room as he licks her slit from perineum to clit.

Conversation forgotten, wiped from his brain the moment Lyla moaned, he parts her lips with his fingers and circled her opening. Her heels dig into his shoulders as she stiffens with two fingers entering her.

"Luc!" She cries and Lucas grins into her slick folds, continuing his licking and pumping his fingers into her. He circles her clit with his thumb before pulling the swollen bud into his mouth, his lips pressed hard against her mound.

Her hands shoot into his hair as she keeps his head steady her hips pushing up against his face in time with his fingers, her moans coming faster and shorter. She chants his name like a prayer when she shatters around his fingers.

"You should get mad more often." She sighs falling back onto the bed, her legs limp against his upper back. He gently removes her limbs from his shoulders and places them on the floor before taking his clothes off.

Her glazed eyes are fixed on his body as he strips in front of her, carelessly throwing the items on the floor.

"When was the last time you fed while being thoroughly fucked?" He asks and her eyes widen flashing red.

"When I made you," she whispers and he chuckles darkly, the memory flashing through his mind. Oh yes, the night in the alley had been hot as fuck as she fed on him and he on her before he lost his load and consciousness.

"Get your feeder in here." He growls as she leans over to the phone on the nightstand.

"Only if you get yours." He nods and listens as she asks both their feeders to be brought to their room. Their request was met ten minutes later.

Lucas leads the feeders to the bed and places them in the positions that he finds easiest to reach their necks while buried inside of Lyla. Her gaze is fixed intently on his as he moves around the room, instructing the feeders not to move.

Both had closed their eyes the moment they had seen the pair's nudity and hasn't opened them since. They nod in the understanding of their order as Lucas walks back to stand between Lyla's knees.

"Why did you make me?" He asks pushing her back onto the bed with a hand between her breasts.

"I wanted you." She whispers looking away from him for the first time.

"Wanted me, how?" He pauses, waiting for her answer, before continuing with the plan forming in his mind.

"I wanted your body. At first, that's all you were, a fuck toy, a walking vibrator." She admits softly and Lucas feels a growl building in his chest.

"But then a day went by and you didn't wake up and I started seriously worrying. I don't normally care if humans die, but you were different. I had to force-feed you more of my blood, Luc. Lucien even told me to give up." A sob pushes through and her voice thickens, tears brimming in her eyes as she looks at him.

"I couldn't. I fed you every hour. If I had a heartbeat it would have stopped when you woke up. Then you bit me and I didn't just want you temporarily anymore. I want you forever." Tears spill from her eyes and Lucas drops down to the floor in front of her, pulling her to his chest, and holds her tightly.
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