The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Nine

Asuna wakes from another sex coma and immediately feels around for Tony. Tears fill her eyes in disappointment finding his spot beside her empty and cold.

The last few days her need for sexual release had become uncontrollable and it was time for them to figure out a way to satisfy without Tony coming inside of her.

The mere thought sends her into a fit of sobs barely able to wrap her arms around herself without moaning in pleasure. She had been housebound for two days unable to stand the feel of clothes on her body and the aching need to shift.

She had tried once and the sensation had her in a quivering mess in the foyer, gasping for breath from her orgasm.

Luna had told her to shift in order to ease the need, but halfway through the shift, her orgasm had reverted her to human.

A few minutes later Tony's voice drifts through their link.

"I'm sorry I'm not there, Little Wolf." She turns her attention inward.

"Why aren't you?" The words come out sharper than she intends in her head and she winces.

"I needed to see my dad. Find out what he does when mom is in heat. Little Wolf, I'm bleeding raw."

A wave of guilt flows through her, knowing that he's hurt because of her.

"No! Don't feel that way! I'll be home in about an hour. Take a nice cold shower and watch some TV or read." He suggests softly and she sighs with a groan.

"Okay. See you soon." He flashes her an image of his father demonstrating mounting Luna in wolf form and she cringes.

Following Tony's advice, she slowly makes her way to the bathroom and opening only the cold water faucet, gasping as the icy droplets hit her skin, evaporating immediately.

Standing in the cold water for over half an hour proves to bring her core temperature down to its normal warmth and quenched her desire to a point where she felt she could control it.

Her fingers and hands don't feel like the best feeling the world when she runs her hands over her body. The water started warming by the time Asuna gets out of the shower, dreading the feeling of the fluffy towels on her skin.

The heat didn't shoot to her core as her hand wraps around one and she pulls it around her body tentatively. Pleasure doesn't bloom as the cloth brushes her relaxed nipples.

Why didn't I try this sooner?

She bites her lip and dries between her legs waiting for the ache to begin but it doesn't. Relief washes through her as she slowly dries the rest of her body, not wanting to bring her temperature up unnecessarily.

She forgoes clothes again and lets Tony know that the shower helped tremendously and that he should give her a warning should any of the guys want to come over.

Adrian had thankfully given her the time off, not only for the wedding but because a female in heat in a bar full of males tended to spell trouble and broken furniture. It was true. Two nights into her heat she'd gone to her shift and forty-five minutes later the first punch landed Adrian straight on the jaw.

Adrian's Alpha and cousin had to step in and stop him from shifting and attacking the offender. Even gay guys were affected by the pheromones females exuded when in heat.

Exactly an hour later Tony arrives home and the scent of chocolate hugs her, warming her insides. He walks tentatively into the livingroom where Asuna is splayed out of the couch watching a show about dragons and their eggs.

"You seem calmer than this morning." He comments and walks to sit beside her on the couch slinging his arm around her shoulders.

She smiles at him and leans her head against his shoulder.

"A bit. How's little Tony doing?" She asks coyly as he slaps her arm lightly, chuckling.

"Still raw. My dad suggests we shift tonight, if you're able, and take a run together. It is the night before the Full Moon." He says bringing his hand up into her hair and runs his fingers through the strands.

"I feel okay, not like I'm about to tear my skin and your clothes off. Luna mentioned yesterday that there will be a lull a day or two before fertility hits." Tony laughs at her description and she enjoys the peacefulness of the moment of being a normal couple.

He reaches forward and grabs the remote, switching channels to a romantic comedy, his hand only leaving her hair to pull off his shirt before settling back into the couch and drawing her close to him, his hand resuming its position in her hair.

She relaxes against him, inhaling his scent, and her eyes start closing and opening halfway through the movie. She fights to stay conscious with Tony's heartbeat drumming steadily beneath her ear and his chest rising and falling rhythmically under her head, lulling her to sleep.

"Sleep, Little Wolf. The worst is yet to come." He whispers before she allows herself to drift into a dreamless sleep, her upper body pressing against her mate's side and her legs draped over his.


Tony Le Strange

Tony watches Asuna's dark head moving up and down with his breathing, her hand is curled up next to her face on his chest. Her skin cool for the first time in five days, her pores emanating Chai only faintly.

Two days ago a small taste of the worst had hit and Tony came home to find Asuna passed out in the foyer in a puddle of sweat and her juices. Her legs had been soaked and her mound dripping a steady stream onto the floor beneath her.

Waves of heat and desire and rolled off her so strongly that he had to fight to get to her. When he'd gotten close enough he could see that her hands had started shifting before she passed out and his heart broke for her.

He'd spent the entire night and the next day pushing into her whenever she needed him and when he'd woken up this morning there was a small puddle of dried blood under his burning cock.

He'd gone to his father immediately after a painful shower and an equally painful battle to get his flaccid member into boxers and jeans.

Alistair had been extremely sympathetic and didn't even laugh when Tony admitted to feeling useless in meeting Asuna's needs as he should be due to the burning every time he entered her.

He'd had his mother fetch an ointment to apply before asking their advice on the following month, knowing from not seeing his parents for two months every eight months that it was going to be tough.

Two months of heat and six months in between.

Human oral contraceptives and IUDs didn't work on wolves nor did the implant. Only condoms prevented pregnancy.

Mating in wolf form only heightened the risk of Asuna getting pregnant. That means that after tonight they would have to find a way for her to feel him finishing inside her without actually doing so.

Gus and Tracy had mentioned anal to him this morning when he met them outside the house, panting like a madman from another marathon with Asuna. He'd left her in a pleasurable comatose state, at least.

He runs his fingers through her dark brown hair, strands of red catching the light now and then. This was what he'd wanted since first laying eyes on her a year and a half ago.

He'd wanted her splayed on his chest, he'd wanted to have her beneath him every night. The only thing he didn't take into consideration was succeeding.

Tony felt his heart swell looking down at his mate, an image of her fat with his pup flashing through his mind and tears springs into his eyes at the thought.

She stirs slightly before heaving a sigh and snuggling her face in the crook of his neck. He wraps his arms around her shoulders and holds her close, pressing his nose into her hair, and closes his eyes inhaling her scent and falls asleep.
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