The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Ten

Author's note:

Hi everyone. The part after the stars might be a sensitive subject to some. If you aren't comfortable with animals mating, please feel free to skip that part and head on over to the next chapter.

Asuna and Tony wake up just as the sun is setting and they're bathed in a golden light. Asuna feel her skin heat where her body connects to Tony's and she rubs her nose in his neck.

Her knee rests on his groin and she feels him harden, his nose buried in her hair. A slow smile spreads over her face as she nuzzles his collarbone, placing soft kisses and a trail of goosebumps in her wake.

"How're you feeling?" He mutters in her hair sliding a hand down her arm and side to rest on her hip, tracing circles with his index finger.

"It's starting up again." She mumbles, licking his neck lightly causing him to groan. He runs his other hand down her back and moves her body on top of his.

"How's little Tony?" She asks kissing his chest softly before meeting his eyes.

"All better now." The member in question twitches against his jeans and the painless sensation confirms his words. Her sensual smile becomes devilish and she sits up and plants her feet on the ground on either side of his thighs.

She unbuttons his jeans and hooks her fingers between his boxers and hips. He obliges her tug by lifting his hips, allowing her to pull his jeans and boxers down in one movement. She leaves them bundled at his knees and he kicks them off.

Asuna smiles at her mate and slides forward on his legs pressing his erection between them, her slick folds hugging his girth, as she slides her hips against him. He groans and meets her eyes resting his hands on her hips.

"You look so beautiful right now. All sleep rumpled hair and your eyes are so bright." He says causing her to blush and he reaches up to run his hand through her hair. She leans her head into his touch and lifting her hips to allow him to slide inside of her.

"I love you, Alpha." She whispers before kissing him deeply and starting to ride him. She starts slow, circling her hips, savouring the feeling of him filling her and leans forward placing a kiss on his nose. He smiles softly at her and moves his hips lightly, urging her to move faster and she obliges, Tony tightens his grip on her hips and helps her find the rhythm they both need.

Soft moans escape her lips as she rides her mate, keeping her eyes focused on his. Tony groans quietly, his hand helping her keep time. Asuna feels her orgasm build low in her stomach as Tony's length swells inside her and she kisses him deeply as they both fall over the edge, clutching at one another.

Words aren't necessary as Tony holds her body close to his and she breathes in his scent, her core heating once more eliciting a groan from both of them.

"You need to try and shift. It'll help the transition into tomorrow." Tony whispers against her neck and she nods somewhat unenthusiastically causing him to chuckle, the action shifting her slightly on his hardening cock. She whimpers as the feeling heats her skin further and Tony moves her off him and sets her on the couch.

"Come on, Little Wolf. Let's get you shifted." He stands and holds his hand out to her and she denies it.

"If I touch you, we're not leaving the house." She whispers and forces herself to stand and follows behind him as he leads them through the front door and into the cool night air.


He leads her naked form down the road to a small trail leading to a clearing in a large cluster of trees. He stops in the middle and turns to face her, pale moonlight bathing him in silver, his black hair shining. She inhales deeply at the sight and he holds out his hand to her, urging her to walk to him.

A howl sounds in the distance and they smile at each other as Asuna reaches Tony. She doesn't dare touch him and he takes a step closer to her, chocolate-scented air wafting over her and wrapping her in its cocoa embrace, and she moans softly.

"I need you to shift, Little Wolf. Can you do that? He asks gently and she shrugs.

"I don't know. I tried a few days ago but passed out halfway through." She admits and he smiles softly.

"Try?" He suggests and she takes a deep breath and envisions herself shifting into her black and white wolf, she sees her arms lengthening.

Her body starts responding and she feels Tony's encouragement through the link. She groans in pleasure as an orgasm starts building in her core as a result of her partial shift.

"Tony." She growls her eyes begging for his help and he wraps his arms around her, encouragement and love flowing into her and she breathes deeply, pushing the impending orgasm away and focusing on completing the shift.

By the time she stands on all fours she's panting hard and looks up into the proud eyes of her mate as he shifts, his blue eyes giving way to the green of his wolf and he lands on his paws with a thud. His gunmetal fur shines under the light of the full moon and her panting increases with lust. He growls softly, the sound travelling through her perked ears to her pulsing vagina and her whiskers tremble with anticipation, she spins and races through the trees.

Her heart rate speeds up as his paws thunder behind her as she reaches the edge of town, stopping quickly at the border to change direction toward the cliffs. A loud growl and yip follow her and she runs faster.

Five minutes of running at full speed have her reaching the clearing where they had camped and ran to the far edge where she stops and faces her mate, who is stalking her across the clearing. Asuna whimpers at the heat in his green eyes as he nears.

"Don't shift back." He says in her head and she huffs at him. He replies by sending her a wolfish grin and comes to stand in front of her.

He nuzzles her snout and she whines against him pressing her face against his. He presses his nose against her neck and she whimpers softly, nuzzling her head into his shoulder and side as he made is way around her. His wolf stood half a foot taller than hers and easily paws her shoulder pulling her under his body with a growl.

She responds with a growl of her own and twists her head to snap her teeth at him as he pulls his lower body back slightly. He barks at her when she tries to move and snaps his jaws behind her neck and she whimpers.

He pushes into her and she growls in satisfaction as he slams his claws into her sides, keeping her beneath him as he thrust his hips against hers.

She nears the orgasm that had been building since leaving the couch and Tony comes down on her back, his nose sniffing her neck, finding the spot between her neck and shoulder.

He pulls back ever so slightly before pushing into her hard and clasping the muscle between his jaws. A howl rips from her body as she comes, and he soon follows her howl with one of his own sending another wave of desire coursing through her.

He shifts back into a human, silently urging her to do the same, and she falls to the ground underneath him, the cool grass heaven against her heated skin.

She sighs heavily after a few moments of silence and he pushes himself off her with his arms, keeping them on either side of her hips. His head had been resting on her lower back and he leans down and kisses the curve of her back and ass lightly.

"I love you too, Little Wolf," he says in response to her words in the living room and she giggles softly turning around to look at him. His blue eyes were shining with love.

She reaches down slightly and pulls him close to her, opening her legs enough for his hips to fit snugly and wrapping them around his waist, his hardening cock pressing against her wet entrance.

"I don't want to have pups just yet," he says softly and kisses her forehead. "I know you need me right now, but there is something we can try and see if it works. If it doesn't we can try something else." He meets her eyes and she nods.

"I heard what Gus said. We can try." She whispers and he slides off her onto his side and runs his hand down her stomach and over her mound.
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