The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Eleven

Tony Le Strange

Tony groans softly shifting his legs on the bed and coming into contact with a moving torso. Chai invades his nostrils eliciting another groan from him and he feels something wet and hot make its way up his balls and shaft before the head of his throbbing cock gets enveloped by a soaking vortex.

He opens his eyes to see his mate laying between his thighs, sucking on his cock like her life depends on it. He buries his hand in her hair, not sure if he wants to pull her up and push into her soaking heat or if he wants to push her head down further, groaning loudly.

His legs are covered in sweat from the heat radiating from her body. She could burn a hole in the sheets.

Tony moans as she adds her hand to his shaft to join her mouth and his hips buck into her mouth, and she groans sending delicious vibrations up his shaft. His balls draw up and his hand tightens in her hair. She licks and sucks him faster and right when he's about to come he feels her teeth close gently on him.

He sees stars as the orgasm rips through him, taking his breath as he spurts his seed into her eager mouth. He pulls her up his body and kisses her deeply, tasting his bitterness on her tongue.

Asuna groans into his mouth as her leg falls over his hips, pressing his growing erection against his stomach. His cock was on permanent attention around her these days and he had some trouble keeping up with her.

"Do you want to try?" He whispers against her lips as he licks her lower lip. She moans again and nods ever so slightly against him, opening her mouth.

He kisses her slowly running his hand down her back and over her curved ass and feeling the juices gathered between her legs, nearly howling in pride that she was his mate.

He pushes two fingers into her from behind and she lifts her leg higher up his stomach giving him better access to her sodden folds and he takes advantage of her distracted moans taking his fingers from her and pushing them into her anus slowly. She squeals in response to the unknown invasion but the squeals soon become moans and she pushes her hips into his thigh, gyrating her clit against him.

He pulls his fingers from her and flips her over onto her stomach with a growl, lifting her hips up. He wipes his fingers quickly on the sheets and grips her ass, sliding his cock up and down her soaking slit before dragging up and placing himself at her anus. He slides his hand down her hip and over her slick mound, over the hypersensitive bud of her clit and into her folds causing her to push back against him.

The action pushes him slightly into her and she gasps. He leans forward slightly and places a kiss in the middle of her back, feeling the tension leave her muscles under his lips and presses further into her, crooking his fingers in her sex.

She cries out harshly, her back rising and falling fast beneath him, and pushes further in. She whines quietly and pushes back against him, he pulls his fingers from her and thrusts them back in, hard. Tony watches Asuna start coming apart, hoping that this method would work otherwise they had to find another way, and pushes all the way into her ass as she cries out, her inner walls clenching and releasing his fingers.

Tony groans deeply as she tightens around him further and keeps still inside her as she rides out her orgasm on his fingers.

He's not even sure he heard correctly when a whisper floats up to him, "Alpha," he starts moving automatically and she pushes up on her knees, her scorching back against his chest, throwing her arms back to wrap around his neck as he moves inside her.

Her orgasm starts as a high whine that soon turns into panting moans and breathless cries as he keeps his rhythm steady. He feels her start trembling and he wraps his hand on her hip across her stomach to keep her steady.

His balls draw up to his body, a tingling spreading from his lower back to the tip of his cock and she cries out as he swells inside her rectum, her orgasm ripping through her and sending him over the edge with her.

A few moments of silence reigns, only broken by their collective pants, and she falls forward onto her elbows out of his limp hold.

Tony pulls from her and lays down on the bed, reaching over and pulling her against his chest.

"How do you feel?" He asks when they both regained their breath into a steady rhythm. Silence answered him and he looks down at her serene face. He smiles to himself and unwraps his arms from her, standing up and walking to the bathroom.

He starts the bath and stiffens when he hears the bed creak slightly and looked back over his shoulder to see that she'd only turned onto her back. Her face peaceful as her dark lashes cast shadows over her face.

He didn't think it possible to love someone or something as much as he loves Asuna. The day her scent had hit his nose in the bar when she'd gotten it back, his heart had nearly exploded in his chest. The enticing scent had lured him to the counter and it had taken everything he had not to grab her and pull her over the counter.

He leaves the bath to fill as he walks over to his nightstand and pulls out his rolling equipment, starting to form her joint and keeping an ear on the deep rolling of the water filling the bath.

Asuna rolls over onto her side and places her hand on his knee, fast asleep, her breathing soft and even. He stops rolling to run his hand through her hair, eliciting a satisfied sigh from her and he smiles leaning down and kissing her forhead.

He finishes the joint and takes it with him when he walks into the bathroom, stopping the water halfway and places it on the small ashtray on the side of the bath before walking back to the bedroom.

He picks Asuna up softly, trying not to wake her, and walks with her back to the bathroom and climbs into the bathtub.

He places her between his legs when he sits down and she wakes up slowly as the warm water caressed her skin. He chuckles softly as she hums with pleasure and she leans back against his chest.


Tony wakes up to golden light flooding the bedroom, illuminating a sleeping Asuna splayed on her stomach beside him. Her scent is stronger than ever in her calm state and he knows she's going to need him between naps.

Tracy and Gillian are also both in their first two weeks of heat so Gus and Adam were out of commission for helping with his side of the wedding. That leaves his mother and father to finish the wedding arrangements.

He sends a quick text to the pack, wishing them luck in their heat and that he would see them at the wedding. He then sends a text to his mother asking her to take over with the planning.

His mother replies instantly confirming that she was already busy with it, having known that the women would soon be useless.

His father sends him a text wishing him luck and promises to send updates on the wedding.

With everything arranged Tony slides back down in the bed and wraps himself around his beautiful mate.

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