The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twelve

One month later

It is two weeks until the wedding and the worst of the heat had passed, now only flaring up when in extremely close proximity to Tony.

Tracy had somehow managed to whip together three dresses and three ties in the month, even with her own heat raging, and she'd informed Asuna that she had been able to get the whalebone needed for her dress's bust, halfway through.

Tony and Asuna had slipped once and had vaginal penetration, but Tony had pulled out at the last minute. She'd slept for almost an entire day after that.

The last preperations for the wedding was being made in the Le Strange house when the door burst open and a freaking massive man filled the doorway. The smell that hits her nearly knocks her off her feet and into Tony's chest.

The smell of Juniper berries makes her stomach do a somersault and Luna looks at her sharply before turning her attention back to the man in the door.

"Where is Asuna?" He bellows causing Tony and Alistair to step in front of her. That only brings his attention to her and he strides forward.

Asuna glares at Tony and pushes herself forward. Light green eyes follow her movements and Alistair's hand clamps down her elbow.

"It's -" he starts and Asuna nods.

"I figured it out," she kisses his cheek and gives Tony's arm a squeeze before coming to a stand a foot and a half from the fucking Hulk.

"I'm Asuna. How can I help you-" she breaks off. He isn't her king but he is her brother's.

"Majesty." She settles finally and meets his eyes. Her stomach tightens and his eyes widen. There's a few seconds of tense silence before he breaks it.

"I need reassurance that my clan will be safe, a fortnight hence." He says in a deep coice that sends shivers over her skin.

"Little Wolf?" Tony's voice trembles through the link.

"Yeah?" She says softly.

"Why are you reacting that way?" He asks. She doesn't have to wonder what he means, her thighs are soaked.

"I don't know" she whispers her stomach clenching again.

"I promise no harm will come to your clan at our wedding. It will be a neutral event attended by all three races, peacefully." She assures him, her heartbeat picking up and feeling the mirror in her stomach.z

"Good. We will be sure to be well fed." he says and turns in his heel, disappearing through the front door and leaving Asuna wanting.

"Everyone out. Except Asuna and Tony." Luna says sternly and even Alistair obeys without second thought.

"You better have a plan on how you're going to keep that promise, Asuna. The witches are allies of both us and the Vampires. Except for those that are loyal to us, the others won't hesitate to fight for the side they think will win if something happens." Luna says looking between them.

"I don't see anyone causing any trouble. I also don't see anyone, that he brings along, disobeying his orders." Asuna says meeting Luna's eyes. She nods and allows them to leave the room, the final preparations for the wedding postponed until the next day.

Tony Le Strange

Scenting my mate's arousal by another man had sent my blood boiling and I needed to show her she was mine, and no one else's. The fucker had the gall to look entertained as well, but it was clear that he wanted Asuna as well.

This fact does not sit well with Tony as he grabs Asuna's hand and pulls her up the stairs of the Pack House and into his old bedroom.

"Are you attracted to him?" He growls at her pushing her against the wall and slamming the door causing her to jump.

"No! I don't know why I reacted that way. Were you jealous?" Her voice changes from honest to alluring and he growls again, softer this time, and she arches her chest into his, her soft breasts pushing against his stomach.

"You're mine, Little Wolf." he rumbles and presses her back against the wall and picking her up. Her gasp sends the blood to his cock as he fastens his mouth over hers.

Her legs wraps around his waist as her hands tear into his hair, kissing him back with fervor.

"I never belonged to anyone but you." She whipers against his lips. Her words puffs his chest and he pushes his erecrion against her core with a growl loud enough to shake the wall behind her.

"Since the moment you set foot in the Wolf, I've wanted you." He admits softly and she smiles against his lips with a soft giggle that warms his insides.

"You couldn't even scent me then." She says running her nails down his neck, shoulders and back sending goosebumps over his body.

"I didn't care." He moves his head to her cheek and trails kisses to her neck and down to his mark, where his canines elongate and gently scrapes the bite. She shudders in his arms and does the same to him, eliciting another growl.

Tony presses her firmly against the wall and releases her thighs to bring them to the hem of her dress, lifting the material off her smooth skin and over her silky black hair and throws it to the floor. Her bra soon follows suit and he fills his hands with her voluptuous breasts bending down and sucking one of her caramel coloured nipples into his mouth.

The moan that leaves her mouth hardens his cock painfully and he reaches down and undoes his jeans with one hand, pushing them down his hips and freeing his cock with a bounce and slides her down the wall onto him.

He pushes deep inside, as deep as her body allows him to, returning his mouth to hers, thrusting into her like his life depends on it. Her heat had faded to a point where she was no longer fertile, confirmed by his mother, and it had been the best news he had received.

Her moans turns to soft mewls as she nears her orgasm. Tony feels his own coming closer and he moves his hips faster, her wet walls gripping him as he slides in and out of her heat.

"Alphaaaaa" she whines as she falls over the edge, her walls clutching at his moving cock, milking him into his own orgasm with a vicious growl biting into her neck, sending her into another.

Back in their own home Tony takes Asuna on every surface, vertical or horizontal, and ensures that she knows she is his.

He has her repeat it over and over.

The other day on the couch she'd told him he'd gotten bigger. He actually had, as the need to take his father's place as Alpha keeps getting worse. Tony respects his father but since the Full Moon when he'd given up the right to fight his father he had wanted to take over. He wanted to make Asuna the proudest female wolf this side of Wolf Rock.

He isn't going to give in and fight his father, until Asuna was fat with his pup or after. The older man can have his pack for as long as Tony wants.
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