The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Thirteen

Brody Rose

His cousin is here again, he can smell her delicious honeycomb scent from up here in his room. He thrust his hips into the woman beneath him as her face replaces hers.

Those blue eyes haunt his dreams. He knows he shouldn't feel this way about her, but fuck!

He needs that woman, he needs her writhing underneath him as he pounds into her pussy. His mother had all but banned him from seeing her after the last time she'd come by.

He'd smelled her enter the foyer of the house and he sensed her come closer before the bitch under him had given away what they were doing and he'd played along.

He wants to feel her hair between his fingers as he fucks her rosebud mouth. Brody groans as he hears her voice floating up to him.

"Quinten! I just came by to hear if you're still in for the wedding?" He hears his father grunt as he embraces her curvy body. Brody pushes the woman off his cock and strides to the door and opens it to push his head through.

His eyes find her at the bottom of the stairs and his eyes are drawn to that bastard of a Tony's mark on her neck, pulsating a beautiful red, and he hardens again.

Her scent had caused him to soften in whatever-her-name-was and the sight of her sends the blood rushing straight down again. The woman in his bed takes his distraction to her advantage and he feels her mouth slip over him as he watches his cousin interact with his father.

Both sets of eyes flicker to him momentarily standing in his bedroom door with a woman hanging off his dick like a fish on a hook, and he sends Asuna a wicked grin before fininshing in the woman's mouth keeping his eyes trained on hers.

He watches her pale and grimace before she greets his father with another hug as she leaves the house once again.

Leaving him bereft of her touch. Brody pulls his limp cock from the woman's mouth and throws her her clothes before shutting his bedroom door in her stunned face.

Brody didn't need her hanging around and badgering him every few seconds for sex. He got dressed and sprinted from the house making sure he was downwind from her as he followed her.

Her scent was carried to him on the wind as he watches her go around the corner to her and that fucker's house.

Why did she have to be mated to him? Brody could have let her go to fucking any other wolf, but not to Tony Le Strange.
The bastard didn't deserve happiness.

Despite being her direct cousin, Brody wanted that woman with a passion that lit his insides on fire, that sent the blood boiling to the head of his cock.

He watches her curvy figure sashay down the cobblestone street keeping a fair distance between them, her long hair blowing in the breeze.

Her scent intensifies and arousal floats back to him hardening his cock even further. Charcoal overwhelms her scent completely seconds later and Brody tries not to growl.

A larger figure walks toward her and a sliver of moonlight illuminates Tony's expression of pure adoration and love for a moment before he lowers his head to capture Asuna's mouth in a kiss that showed their mutual love for each other.

Brody watches as her hands snake into her mate's hair deepening the kiss and Tony's come to rest on the small of her back and in the crook of her neck, covering her mark, with his fingers gently tangled in her hair.

Tony's growl of possession and arousal reverberates through the street reaching Brody's ears causing irritation to flare.

The wind stays in his favour as Tony releases Asuna's mouth and glances around. They were two streets from their house but going with the scent hanging heavily in the air they weren't about to wait.

He sees Tony grasp her shoulders and bring her close to him for another hungry kiss before walking them into an even darker alley.

The dark mouth swallows them and Brody scurries into the street and into the tree opposite the alley, the leaves and shadows hiding him and his scent from them. His eyes focus on their moving forms.

Her hands bury under his shirt and lifts it slightly, pressing wet kisses onto her mate's chest and stomach. Brody watches them intently as Tony lifts her dress and palm her breasts, kneading them. Her hands sink lower grasping Tony's belt and undoing it quickly, her fingers unbutton his jeans just as quickly freeing Le Strange's massive cock.

Brody feels heat rising to his cheeks in embarrassment as he runs his hand over his own smaller and thinner but no less erect member.

Embarrassment is soon replaced by rage as he sees Tony lift her up with ease and presses her against the alley wall, impaling her with a soft cry. His cock pulses the the sound.

Brody doesn't care that he's watching his cousin have sex with her mate nor does he care when he settles on the branch he's crouching on and undoes his own jeans, palming his straining cock.

Unashamedly Brody starts stroking his cock in time with Tony's thrusts into Asuna's pussy. The wet sound of Tony sliding into her and retreating coupled with her muffled moans has his hand moving faster, his free hand tightening on the branch as his orgasm neared.

He forces his eyes open to watch them, still keeping their slow and hard rhythm, letting go of the branch for a second to squeeze his balls pushing his orgasm closer.

The frequency and pitch of Asuna's moans increases pushing Brody over the edge with silent groan, the force nearly knocking him off the branch.

Moments later Tony's masculine groans join Asuna's feminine moans as both near their own orgasms and Brody's eyes focus on her face as she throws her head back in pleasure, her mouth forming a perfect 'O'.

A growl nearly escapes as Tony tangles his hand in her hair pulling her face to his and kissing her as both spasm and shudder together having reached orgasm.

He keeps his eyes on them as Tony slowly lets her slide down his body, displaying her come dripping cunt for him to see for a moment, before he takes her hand and they walk from the alley cuddling into one another and whispering loving words.

Tony Le Strange

He scented his mate ahead of him in the street and jogged closer. He smelled her Chai scent and arousal on the air when she smelled him.

He also smelled the bergamot scent of Brody Rose close behind her.

The fucker was following her and Tony decided to use it to his advantage and show him who Asuna belongs to.

He took her against the wall in the alley, growling possessively. When Asuna pointed out that Brody was watching them, they'd made a show of it.

He hears the branch creak as Brody gets out of the tree opposite the alley he and Asuna had just vacated and Tony smirks.

"You were right. He was watching." He says as they walk down the street to their home.

"He probably jerked off too." Her reply causes him to snort in laughter.

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