The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Fourteen

A week before the wedding Tracy summons Asuna to her house for a dress fitting. When she arrives the girls are already in the dark black gothic style bridesmaids dresses, the batwing sleeves reaching the floor.

Happiness overtakes her at the sight of her friends in the dresses she had dreamed of for months. She hugs them all before Tracy hands her a black garment bag and a rectangular shoe box.

"Shoes are courtesy of Luna's designer friend at Wolf Rock." Tracy said defensively at Asuna's inquiring look and she nodded taking the bag and the shoes up to the bedroom and got changed.

The dress fit like a glove and the corset did its job in hugging her body tight and pushing her breasts up. Asuna grins at herself in the mirror and pulls her hair up to look at the effect and makes up her mind on her hairstyle.

She makes her way downstairs again and every one of her friends turned to look at her. Five sets of eyes land on her and five pairs fill with tears.

"You look amazing!" Luna coos and Asuna feels somewhat out of place. Her wedding party gathers around her and she smiles at all of them, grateful for her friends and her newfound family.

It's been a little more than a year and a half since Asuna had come to Forest Springs and six months since she'd been accepted into the Le Strange pack. Every single wolf belonging to the pack had sccepted her with open arms and as their furure Alpha's wife.

Asuna didn't doubt her mate's capability to take out his father in a fight but she respected his choice to stay with her for a while before trying to claim the title of Alpha. Tony has been growing lately, his wolf had been twice the size it was the night of the Full Moon gathering and his dominance was much more prominent.

It may have something to do with her heat but Asuna doubted that.

"Trace! It's beautiful!" Asuna cries out looking at her friend who was fighting back the wave of tears.

"You do most of the job!" Tracy replies as Gillian steps forward and the three women hug each other tightly. Angie, Maria and Luna stay back to allow them their moment before they split and continue with the rest of the wedding preparations.

The night before the wedding Asuna was put in Tony's old bedroom at the Le Strange House.

She's restless as she walks the perimeter of the room, stalking like a caged tiger. She can't understand why she was nervous. She didn't have cold feet and the way Tony had ravished her earlier that day had shown he was more sure of their relationship than ever.

It could be that the Vampires were due to arrive early the next morning. Or maybe the fact that the Vampire King was going to be in attendance along with his clan's witch, his sister and Lucas.

Asuna comes to a halt in front of the door and pulls it open to find Alistair standing in the doorway with a raised fist.

"Alistair!" She exclaims surprised to find her father-in-law standing there.

"And where were you off to?" The welcoming pine scent eased her nerves slightly and she laughs at the suspicion in his voice underlined with amusement.

"I don't know, honestly." She steps aside allowing him to enter the room and follows him to sit on the bed beside him. He pulls her into a tight hug and places a kiss in her head.

"Nervous?" He asks and she nods into his chest with a sigh. She feels his chest rumble with a chuckle and he tightens his hold on her shoulders slightly.

"Not about the wedding. I can't put a finger on it, though." She says quietly and pulls away to look at him. His expression is one of kindness and understanding.

"Run with me?" He asks and she eagerly nods, taking the opportunity to get out of the house and release some of her pent up energy. She loves spending time with Alistair as a bonus.

Together they walk to the front door and into the trees surrounding the house. Alistair gives her her privacy by turning his back on her and she does the same as he starts removing his clothes and folding them.

Asuna shifts and turns to face the...she tilts her head slightly in confusion taking in the wolf in front of her. This was not the same wolf that came to get them when the Vampires walked into Forest Springs.

It hadn't been her imagination. Alistair is now the size of Tony's wolf a few months ago. He's smaller and seems a bit grayer around his jowls than he was.

He waits for her to join him before loping off further into the trees heading in the direction of the cliffs. Asuna watches him as he walks noticing the slight limp in his hind legs, the less than graceful way he holds himself and feels worry overtake her heart.

"Alistair, are you alright?" She links with him and the wolf in front of her falters in his steps before waiting for her to catch up to him. Once beside him Alistair nudges Asuna with his shoulder and huffs when he realises he's only slightly taller than her.

"It seems that since the night of The Full Moon gathering I have been losing strength. My wolf is not as strong." He confesses and keeps his eyes fixed in front of them.

"Why?" She asks and he shakes his head indicating that he doesn't know as he breaks out in a quick jog and she joins him keeping slightly behind, respecting her Alpha.

They continue jogging for a bit before breaking out in a full on run. Alistair had suggested they race. She passed him once and immediately fell back again when he strained to keep up.

Alistair leads them in a circle around Le Strange territory before going home again. He had purposely avoided the clearing where the wedding will be held as the decorating had started at the beginning of the week.

Asuna said goodnight to Alistair and makes her way back to her bedroom as she watches the older man enter his bedroom to join his wife and mate.

The absolute love that radiates from the Alpha couple was palpable whenever they were in the same room. It was very inspiring.

She walks into Tony's old bedroom and shuts the door behind her. Stripping for the second time that night she climbs into the double bed that still smells like the man it belonged to.

The scent comforts her and has her missing Tony.

She focuses and finds her mate staring at the ceiling in their bedroom. She smiles slightly and retreats from his mind before closing her eyes and turning on her side, snuggling into the covers.

Asuna wakes up with the overwhelming feeling of being watched and sits up keeping the sheet against her chest looking around the room to see a hulking figure near the window.

"Little Wolf," the figure says and she smiles moving herself to the side of the bed silently inviting her mate to join her. He complies immediately stripping as fast as he can and climbs into bed beside her.

They cuddle into each other the moment Tony covers himself drawing her close to him and she breathes in deeply listening to his heartbeat.

"I felt you checking in earlier." He says softly running his fingers through her hair.

"You did as well." She comments tracing small circles on his chest with her index finger inhaling his scent and she hears him doing the same.

"I missed you." They say in unison and chuckle quietly as they relax in each other's embrace. Asuna quickly falls back to sleep with Tony's steady heartbeat in her ear.
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