The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Fifteen

Lucien Walters

It's the day of the wedding and Lucien is busy getting everything in place for his departure.

He sank his teeth into the soft skin of his ex human model feeder and drank deeply, taking his fill for at least a day or two, and had implored his sister and Lucas to do the same.

The party of three had become a party of nine with each of them having two guards beside them at all times.

Even with the promise the enticing wolf woman had made something still felt off when they had left. The scent of bergamot had followed them on the way out of town and he had felt a menacing energy radiating from somewhere in the shadows.

After healing the wounds on her neck Lucien makes his way to his sister's bedroom. Halfway down the hall the sound of moaning and growling reaches him and Lucien couldn't help but get hard at the sound of sex.

As the King of the Vampires Lucien could literally bed any of the women in the city whenever he pleases but he hadn't had the urge for sex in a long time. Since the meeting with the she wolf and her pack he had been craving sex but no woman made his dick hard. The sound and thought of sex goes straight to his member but as soon as a woman enters the room his hard on does a disappearing act.

Lucien growls and slams his fist against the bedroom door alerting the fucking occupants of his presence. He hears Lucas growl in frustration and the wet sound of his cock sliding from Lyla's body and the accompanying soft gasp as the member popped from her.

"What?" Lucas says a few seconds later opening the door and glowering at Lucien with a look that spoke of the sexual frustration he was causing at that very moment. Lucien grins in secret pleasure knowing that he was not the only frustrated one.

"We're leaving for your sister's wedding in one hour. You and Lyla better be ready and fed. On a feeder." He says before Lucas could quip back with his usual 'I just did. On your sister.' If she wasn't so fucking fond of Lucas he would have killed him months ago.

Lucas shoots him a glare and nods before closing the door in his face. The moaning and growling continues as though it was never interrupted and Lucien walks away with the most uncomfortable erection he's had in a while.

Lucien walks back to his bedroom where one of the women he'd used to fuck sits waiting for him, naked on his bed, her folds glistening in the soft light in his room.

The hard on in his jeans immediately deflates at the sight of her and he turns his head in disgust. She stands and starts rubbing herself against him like a cat, purring in his ear. Lucien wills his flacid dick to at least twitch under the woman's hand to no avail.

"Get out, Alaska." He says quietly and she obeys him in a split second. She closes the bedroom door behind her and Lucien can't seem to get the Wolf woman's scent from his mind. She had to smell of jasmine flowers.


The three Vampires leave Blood Creek exactly an hour after Lucien informed Lucas and make their way, by car, to Forest Springs. The ride was filled with talk of the return home.

Their guards had left an hour before them to ensure their safety upon arrival but Lucien still feels uneasy. He had one of Lucas's guards keep an extra eye on Lyla.

The moment they stop at the entrance to Forest Springs the hairs on Lucien's arms stand on end. Ignoring his instincts to get everyone back in their vehicles and back home, Lucien leads the troupe through the entrance of the werewolf run town.

The town was literally buzzing with activity as they walk through it toward the house where they were to meet the Alpha and Beta before leaving for the wedding destination together. Despite the multiple weddings held in Forest Springs and the amount of wedding invitations this was the first wedding in a century that Lucien was attending.

Each guard pair consists of a Vampire and a witch and they left the royals to scope out the wedding destination the moment they arrive at the Le Strange Pack house which was even busier than the town.

Lucien hears the sound of voices echoing and clothes rustling with the activity inside the massive mansion. Lucas knocks gently and the house stills. It seems to inhale deeply before the front door swings open to reveal the much thinner Alpha.

"King Lucien. We welcome you into Forest Springs. Apologies that no one was at the entrance to welcome and escourt your party." He says stepping aside and allowing them to pass. Lucien enters first with Lyla and Lucas following him through the doorway into the foyer.

"Not a problem." He says inhaling the scents in the house and sorting through them. She was definitely in the house. Her jasmine scent slightly obscured by the scent of musk and Lucien felt an unexplainable rage flit through his veins before his rational mind reminds him she was mated.

Lucien makes his way into the livingroom and takes a seat on the largest chair in the middle of the room. He smirks at the look at distaste on the Alpha's face and raises his brow in question daring the wolf to say something.

"We should be on our way to the clearing in about half an hour. We're waiting for Quinten Rose, Alpha to the Rose pack, to arrive." The frail wolf says before turning his back on Lucien and walking from the room.

Lyla looks at Lucien in disbelief as he allows the wolf to leave without giving him express permission to do so and he shakes his head at his sister. Lucas walks up to Lucien and kneels in front of him, keeping his manners even away from the castle.

"My king, may I take my leave of you temporarily to see my sister before we leave?" He asks and Lucien smirks to himself before nodding. Lucas kisses his ringfinger before standing and giving him a bow and leaving the room.

Lyla looks at him curiously with her head tilted slightly to the side and biting her lip. He raises his eyebrows at his sister silently questioning her expression and she shakes her head.

"Tell me, sister mine, what are your and Lucas's arrangements for this wedding?" He asks knowing they were not going to pass the opportunity to fuck a wolf for the exclusivity of their relationship in the confines of the castle and she confirmed as much.

"We can fuck a single wolf tonight and that's it." She says looking him in the eye with amusement written on her face. Lyla knows him well.

The two of them had been together since they were born over eight hundred years ago to the same parents. With four years between them Lucien and Lyla had been inseparable and so when Lucien had fallen into the wrong group of friends at the age of twenty six and actually dying, Lyla had followed.

Their deaths had activated a dormant and rare virus in their blood and both had woken up as Vampires a few days later in the ditch where the town dropped their dead.

"Single like one or single like unattached?" He inquires and she laughs at him. Lyla is probably one of the only creatures who could speak to him like a normal person. She doesn't care that he's the Vampire King, she only cares that he's her brother.

"Both." She lifts a shoulder and sticks her tongue out making Lucien laugh as well.
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