The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Sixteen

Asuna straightens her dress once more over her lap as Gillian and Tracy hovers over her, checking her hair and make up for the hundredth time since finishing them.

Luna was already at the clearing directing everyone on what to do and where to put what.
Tony had snuck out early this morning, giving her a kiss that promised forever before darting out the window and leaving her heated and wanting. She'd taken a hot shower shortly after sharing the link with Tony the moment he stepped into the shower at home.

She smiles to herself just as a soft knock sounds on the door and every nose in the room wrinkles against the scent of death slowly radiating through the wood.

"Come on in, Luc." She says after ensuring that everyone was dressed and decent. The door opens a crack and the scent intensifies as Lucas steps inside. He frowns as every voice in the room tells him to keep the door open.

"Why?" He asks looking between the three women in the room with Asuna. They explain and he laughs with them before walking to stand beside her.
Asuna allows him to hug her as he tells her how beautiful she looks and thatbTony had better take care of her. She laughs at the end of his brotherly spiel and he winks at her.
A few minutes later Lucas gets called downstairs to leave for the clearing with his King and girlfriend. According to Gillian the guests have started arriving. Guests being the entire Le Strange pack.
Adrian had also been invited along with his boyfriend from the Parker pack. The only two Rose pack representatives were Rosalie and Quinten.

As Tracy and Gillian starts winding down the last of the preparations for taking Asuna to the clearing, she makes her way out of the room and down the stairs.

The blue and black heels click on the floor as she walks toward the scent of crushed pine needles.

"You look radiant," Quinten says as he walks to the bottom of the stairs and waits for her to reach the bottom before tugging her into a tight hug. She hugs her uncle back tightly before they separate and make their way to the car waiting outside.

Her stomach flips a few times as they near the clearing, the scent of chocolate and juniper berries strong in the air through the slightly open window of the car.

The entrance to the clearing is decorated with black and teal flowers and a deep purple runner that runs from the entrance straight to Tony.

The trees form a perfect arch around the entrance with black and teal silk scarves woven through the leaves and branches.

She starts striding toward the entrance and Quinten pulls her back with a small laugh as her two bridesmaids and their mates join them waiting for their musical cue.

Asuna gives Gus and Adam a tight hug each before they link arms with Tracy and Gillian. Frankie is standing beside Tony already in his spot waiting for Gus to join them. The four take their places at the entrance with Asuna and Quinten slightly behind them as the music starts.

Asuna's heart starts beating in time with the music as the two pairs of people in front of her starts walking down the aisle and her feet ache to run to Tony.

It feels like hours before Quinten weaves his arm through hers, placing her hand in the crook of his elbow, and starts walking her down the purple aisle. He keeps his arm pressed against her hand to keep her from sprinting down to where Tony comes into view.

He looks delicious in a pitch-black tuxedo and crisp white shirt marred only by the deep teal of his tie. His black hair is combed back and his face radiates his love for her as he keeps his blue eyes trained on her. A smile full of pride spreads over his face as she walks closer to him. The scent of chocolate overwhelms her as tears of joy fill her eyes.

Luna smiles brightly as Quinten hugs Asuna and shakes Tony's hand before placing her hand in his leaving them to turn to Luna.

Neither of them had written their own vows, an oversight on everyone's part, so the ceremony went quickly with both of them talking over Luna to get it over with.

Luna eventually finishes with 'you may kiss the Beta,' and their lips meet for the second time that day in a deeply passionate kiss that has the entire clearing groaning.

She is Beta to the young pack Alpha and future Beta of the Le Strange pack. She had the shoes of Luna to fill in a few years.

Together, Tony and Asuna walk back down the aisle toward the car that will take them to the reception at the Pack House. Whilst the wedding had been performed the caterers had set up the house for the reception.

They are to change, just change, in Tony's bedroom before going back downstairs for speeches and food. Only after could they leave for their personal mating ritual in Wolf Rock.

They arrive at the Pack House and Tony immediately presses her against the wall, devouring her lips with his own, his arousal evident against her. She returns the emotion with fervor as they make their way up the stairs, pausing intermittently to press each other against the nearest hard object.

Making their way slowly to Tony's old bedroom, the kisses become more passionate. He presses her against the wall beside the door, keeping her pinned against it with his hips and chest, his hand tangling in her hair. The other hand makes its way to her hips and squeezes slightly.

Asuna pushes him backwards and flees into his bedroom waiting for him to join her with a slam of the door. The room fills with their scents mixing together as they come together in the middle.

Lips sucking and kissing, tongues duelling for dominance and hands roaming over needy bodies. Asuna and Tony work together to stip one another as quickly as possible and soon both are naked and pressed against each other.

Asuna gasps as Tony picks her up and wrap her legs around his waist. With every step he takes toward the bed she feels his erection pressing against her ready sex and his hands tighten on her thighs.

Tony slides into with a strong push of his hips as he puts her down on the bed. He crosses her legs against his chest and brings his hands back down to the bed. The position has his pelvis flush with her sex as he thrusts into her, bracing his chest on her shins.

She cries out in pleasure feeling him deep inside her, placing her hands on his biceps.

"I love you." He grunts out as they near orgasm. The burning in her abdomen intensifies as she feels him hardening inside her further. She whines as she nears the edge.

"I love you, Alpha!" She screams as she tumbles over into the oblivion of orgasmic bliss and her mate collapses on top of her, panting.

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