The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Seventeen

Brody Rose

He waltzes into the wedding reception like he belongs there and his eyes find a beautiful blonde standing alone in the corner looking miserable. No man would willingly leave a woman like her alone. As he gets closer the soft scent of lilies drifts towards him and he grins wickedly at her. The blue dress she wore clings to her curves.

Her eyes snap to his as he approaches her and a smile matching his spreads over her face allowing him to see the pointy ends of her fangs. His smile grows at the sight and she mentions him over directly. He swaggers over avoiding the guests of honour, his mother and father who were all huddled around a table not far from the woman. He can't help but notice two of his regular Le Strange fuck buddies were absent from everyone else.

"What brings you to my neck of the woods?" He asks seductively as he stops in front of her and props his elbow against the wall and crossing ankles in the picture of casualty. A hungry look passes through her green eyes and they come to focus on his neck before flicking back to him.

"My boyfriend's sister. It's her do, this." She says huskily and blood rushes to his cock.

Was Asuna related to the Vampire King?

He tries to remember their conversations from before she found out she was a Wolf. She'd come from a human family.

"Who's your boyfriend?" He asks and looks around the room trying to locate the other Vampire. She looks around with him until her eyes land back on his with a very hungry and amused expression.

"It seems he's gone and caught himself a dog to fuck." She says with a hint of pride causing Brody to frown slightly. There are stories about the reason the Vampires hate the Wolves and he knows they call them dogs, but he can't understand why she would be proud that her boyfriend was essentially cheating on her.

"And you're okay with that?" He asks and she laughs softly nodding her head. He shrugs and means slightly closer to her.

"Will he be okay with you fucking a Wolf?" He asks softly allowing his breath to fan over her porcelain skin and her smile widens.

"Yes. We have a deal, you see." She says and touches his arm with her cool fingertips. He wonders if her pussy would also be cold. He's going to find out. He takes her hand and starts leading her from the house, trying to ignore the honeycomb emanating from his cousin. She looks amazing in the form-fitting black and teal gothic style dress. Her skin stark white against the midnight black and her blue eyes popping from the teal in the bodice.

"What's your name?" He asks pulling her close to him once they are clear of the front door. He starts walking in the direction of his territory as she walks along tucked into his side with a slightly wrinkled nose. The scent of lilies had faded into a mouldy smell but that can be ignored.

"Lyla Walters, Vampiress extraordinaire. Yours?" He blinks at her a few times as the realisation of her being the King's sister sinks in before he answers.

"And your relation to the bride?" She asks curiously looking up at him as they walk. He cringes inwardly at the question having never said the words aloud.

"Cousins on her father's side," Brody says with an internal curse. The words confirm that they never would have made it even if she didn't find Tony as her mate. It still pisses him off.

The idea starts forming as they walk towards the Rose Packhouse in the distance. She doesn't look impressed like most out-of-towners do when they first lay eyes on the manse. They walk into the quiet house and Brody barely has the door closed when her slim body is pressed against him and her soft lips on his.

He turns their bodies and pushes her roughly against the wooden front door, devouring her mouth and feeling the soft scrape of her fangs against his lips. The tingling sensation goes straight to his cock and he presses it hard against her lower abdomen extracting a moan from her.

Lyla buries her hands in Brody's hair and it takes him a few minutes to realise that the woman ravishing his lips and whose hands had just undone his dress pants in a matter of milliseconds wasn't breathing.

Vampires don't need oxygen to live but the habit has been so ingrained in them that they do breathe.

Brody wraps his one hand around her throat and squeezes slightly as the hall echoes with the sound of them banging into the wall and railings as they kiss and push each other to Brody's bedroom.

Once inside she pulls away and drops the blue dress to the floor allowing it to pool around her matching blue high heeled shoes. She steps out of the pool of silk and looks at him expectantly. Brody unbuttons his shirt and slides it down his shoulders, flexing his arms and chest, watching as her eyes widen in appreciation.

He places his hand in the middle of her chest and pushes her onto the bed where she bounces twice before pushing his unbuttoned dress-pants to the floor and stepping out of them. He always goes without underwear and lets a slow grin take his lips as her eyes darken when his cock springs free and reaches up to his navel. They flash red for a second before hunger takes over them.

He crawls over on top of her pressing his lips back to hers. Her hands start roaming over his back and ass, kneading the cheeks softly before moving to his thighs. They slide down the sides and around. Suddenly, a dainty and strong hand wraps around him and Brody almost forgets to go through with his plan.

He reaches over with one hand and retrieves two sets of silver handcuffs from his bedside table and snaps them into place around each of her wrists. They click into place around the iron bar above his bed successfully lifting her back off the bed and pressing her chest against his.

Her soft breasts squish against his hard pecs causing her to groan loudly. After the last time, his parents complained about the noise emanating from his bedroom when he'd fucked Alaska, he'd soundproofed his bedroom. The windows are now thick and tinted and his bedroom door no longer wood but heavy steel. It locks automatically and unlocks with a nine-digit code that only Brody knows.

He reaches down and pushes her black lace underwear aside and sits back on his heels to look at the unwrapped wet pussy between her long legs. Unable to control himself, he rips the material from her hips and lifts her legs onto his shoulders and gently walks forward on the mattress bring their bodies close as he aligns with her entrance.

He grunts pressing into the tightness of her tunnel and a loud moan leaves her kiss-swollen lips. Her eyes are completely red and her fangs are now elongated below her full lower lip. He leans down pressing her knees against her chest and kisses her deeply and starts thrusting in and out of her silky sex.

Loud cries fill his room as she nears her orgasm and her eyes start searching his body. She's looking for a place to sink her fangs into. He lets go of her hips with one hand and presses his wrist against her mouth, moaning loudly as her fangs sink into the flesh. His hips move faster of their own accord and support himself on her legs and reaching down between them with his hand from her hip and press down on her clit. She screams against his wrist as her walls clench around his throbbing cock.

With a guttural cry, Brody releases into her body and wrenches his wrist from her panting lips. The scent of lilies returned as he pulls from her still spasming pussy and gets off the bed. He gets dressed while she comes down from her high and leaves the room.


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