The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Eighteen

The reception passes in a blur of food and laughter and finally, Asuna and Tony make their way to their home as a married couple. They're giddy as they giggle their way into the house. As Tony slide the lock into place she can't keep her hands off him, she slides them up his untucked shirt and around his waist running her fingers over his abs. Shivers run up his torso as her nails scrape over his nipples.

She smiles and presses a kiss against his shirt clad back and starts unbuttoning his pants and pulls the zipper down against his already straining erection. Tony helps her slide his pants and boxers down to the floor and her hands fist in the shirt and pulls it apart, finally getting her husband naked.

He growls and grabs her hands, spinning her around and unties the ribbon keeping her dress up, the black satin falls to the floor and pools at her feet. She grins knowing his eyes are wide at the sight of her already naked body. He pulls her back against his chest and starts peppering her neck with wet kisses and nips at his mark at her shoulder.

Asuna moans and presses her ass against his groin urging him to enter her. He starts pushing her forward and up the stairs. She giggles and runs them up two at a time, a low rumbling growl following her up. She dares a look over her shoulder to find Tony standing at the bottom of the steps looking up at her hungrily.

She grins cheekily at her mate and makes a beeline for their shared bedroom, laughing when his answering growl has the walls shaking. Thinking of a better idea, Asuna runs into their bedroom and throws open the window. She makes it outside seconds before his footsteps thunder into the room. She smiles before shifting on the roof and jumping down to the street below. She looks up to see his head pop out of the window.

Sending him a wolfish grin, she starts running toward the clearing where everything started. Asuna hears Tony land with a heavy thud and decreases her speed. He catches up to her in seconds and they run side by side to the clearing, occasionally nuzzling and licking each other.

They come to the clearing, the big tent still erect at the far end and Asuna starts bounding toward the entrance. A soft chuckle passes through the link and she shifts to human, taking her first good look at the inside of the tent. Her first time here, her attention had been stuck on Tony.

His scent envelopes her seconds before his arms circle around her waist pulling her close to him. His front presses against her back, his erection nestles between her ass cheeks and she arches back against him, letting her head fall back onto his shoulder.

"You're mine. In every sense of the word." He says leaning forward with his torso to whisper in her ear as his hips draw back and slide forward between her wet folds. He pauses just before entering her, much to her frustration.

"Not yet, Alpha." She says pushing her hips back and feeling the large head of his cock enter her. Her last word has him gripping her hips tightly and she smiles in satisfaction, feeling his control unravel.

"Make me yours where I gave myself to you," she groans as he slowly pushes into her. The clearing was where they found out they were mates, the clearing where she'd accepted him as her Alpha, the clearing he'd marked her in. The tent provides little privacy with the clear sides allowing the moonlight in.

He pulls her hips closer to him, penetrating her deeper. One hand reaches passed her and curls around the top of a chair and pulls it closer. He positions it in front of her and she leans forward placing her hands on the top of the backrest.

She moans softly as he starts thrusting into her, pulling out until he allowed the, now, cool air to brush against her heated folds. His hands grip her hips hard bringing her back onto him with a grunt. She uses the bouncing of her body to turn the chair and place her hands on the seat.

She cries out as he reaches forward, palming her breasts and kneading the sensitive flesh. He pauses for a moment, eliciting a frustrated groan from Asuna. He starts moving again, circling his hips, as her moans turn to cries of ecstasy feeling her abdomen tighten nearing her burning orgasm.

A nasal whine escapes her as Tony quickens his pace feeling him harden further inside. He pulls out of her and spins her around, crashing his lips onto hers. She pushes her hands into his dark hair, pulling him closer as he slides back into her. He picks her up and secures her legs around his waist, turning them around and sitting in the chair.

Her canines elongate against his lips and he licks the sharp edge before pulling away and baring her mark on his neck to her. With a growl, she takes control of their rhythm, bracing her feet against the floor.

A low growl rips through the tent as they near orgasm again, closer to the edge, Tony's canines grazes her neck causing her to moan and press her own against his neck. With a growl that has them falling over the edge and into oblivion. Her jaw clamps down on his neck the same moment a searing light flashes behind her eyes.

When she opens them, she looks into the bewildered eyes of her mate starting back at her. His expression of surprise mirrors her own. She looks up at him as he lowers his head down further for a deep kiss. She nips his lower lip lightly and feels him harden inside her once again.

Her sex stretches as he engorges further and she groans as pleasure spreads through her. Behind her closed lids, images of their pack members flash, highlighting every member in the entire Le Strange Pack.

Tony starts moving beneath her, their breath becoming erratic again. She moves her hips in time with his, pulling her mouth away from his as she meets the gaze of his wolf. Blue and green swirl together as her soul, her body and mind are claimed by her mate and husband.

She screams, clenching around his throbbing member, throwing her head back as their rhythm becomes frantic. A guttural growl shakes her body and Tony's claws grip her hips hard, slamming his hips into hers.

The feeble wooden chair creaks under their weigh as it rocks with them, the legs cracking. Snarling in frustration as the legs start bending, Tony stands, his movements never pausing, he braces his legs as she wraps hers around his waist. The action pushes him deeper and they both groan.

Her hands, that never could fully wrap around his muscles bicpes, now splay over half the surface they usually do. The detail barely registers as her body starts quaking in his arms. He slowly lowers her upper body until her back in resting on his tense thighs, the angle bending him which causes his cock to strain up against her G-spot.

"Alpha!" She screams, shattering around him. He quickly follows, yelling her name into the emptiness of the tent, spurting his hot seed into her.

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