The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Nineteen

They walk silently through the quiet town back to their home. They are in a bubble of love and affection that nothing can pop. Tony has his arm around her waist, keeping her naked body close, as they make their way home.
A smile plays over their lips when they reach the front door. Tony pulls her in front of him and reaches passed her to open the door and they step through. Tony smacks her ass as she steps forward with a squeal and a laugh. They make their way up the stairs and into the bedroom before falling against each other, Tony's tall frame dwarfing her even more than usual.

"I think you got taller," she says quietly stepping back and looking up at him. Tony grins devilishly and starts stalking her across the bedroom. She stands her ground and smiles slowly as he nears her, her head bending backwards when he presses his body against hers. She bites her lip and he growls softly.

"I need you, Little Wolf," he says and the evidence of his statement pushes and twitches against her naked stomach chest. She looks down to find the tip of his cock reaching up to her breasts. She brings her hands up and wraps them around his length causing him to hiss in a breath.

She grins up at her mate and slides her hands up and down his hardened shaft. Her mind is not playing tricks on her, Tony is bigger and taller than he had been before they started planning the wedding.

He reaches down and picks her up off the ground effortlessly and pushes his lips against hers, hungrily ravishing her mouth and pushing his tongue passed her lips. She wraps her legs around his waist and he starts walking backwards and falls onto the bed. The legs give way with a crack and the bed drops to the floor with a thud.

The broken bed doesn't faze Tony as he flips them over, his mouth fused to hers, and a frustrated growl vibrates through the room when he tries to enter her. Finding her body too short to reach, he kneels between her legs and puts them on his shoulders, and pushes into her swiftly.

She cries out at the sudden fullness as her body envelopes him, welcoming his length into her. He stretches her body to its max as he starts thrusting wildly into her, his wolf once again close to the surface. He leans down and places soft kisses over her face as he takes pleasure in her body.

An expression of love and lust covers Tony's face and she comes undone around him at the force of his expression. A look of primal satisfaction crosses his face at her cries of pleasure and their bedroom fills with the sounds of skin slapping against each other, grunts and groans as Tony fought off his impending orgasm and the soft mewls and moans from a satisfied mate.

Tony lets out a piercing howl to the moon shining through their windows as he empties himself inside of her. He pulls her limp body close to his as he withdraws from her and falls beside her on the broken bed. They cuddle close to each other as their breathing evens out and they fall into an exhausted sleep.

Asuna wakes up in a tangle of her mate's limbs and smiles as she snuggles deeper into his thick arms. His skin stretches tight over his broader shoulders and chest, his muscles throw shadows in the dips of the definition. His arms tighten around her, his hand on her lower back pushing her closer.

She giggles as multiple howls sound through the waking street. They shoot out of bed, untangling themselves, and throw on the first clothes they lay hands on. Running down the stairs as fast as they can, they throw open the door to find Alistair's wolf looking up at them, his eyes slowly running over his son. Tony frowns as his father, now more than a foot shorter than the month before and much slimmer, as the older man continues to take in the larger, more powerful frame of his only son.

"What's going on, Dad?" Tony asks keeping his hand on Asuna's lower back as she leans into him. He smiles warmly at his daughter-in-law before meeting his son's eyes.

"Get your pack together, someone broke the treaty. We have two hours before they descend. The old man looks between them, trying to implore the seriousness of the situation, before turning and shifting back into his elderly wolf. The majestic animal Asuna had loved is now a shadow of itself, the green eyes dull.

Asuna pulls her phone from her pocket and sends a group message to the smaller faction of the Le Strange pack asking them to meet them at the Packhouse. A warning growl ripples through the air as Alistair walks to stand beside Asuna, turning her gaze sharply on her mate who is starting at his father like he was the enemy.

Putting a hand on Tony's forearm as Alistair starts growling back at his son, Asuna closes the door to their home before stepping off the front porch and into the already bustling street. Every member of the Forest Springs packs is heading to their respective Packhouse to meet with their Alpha.

Gasps of surprise meet them as they step into the street, the eyes of the Le Strange members fixed on their Alpha. Asuna looks down at the silver wolf, the gunmetal faded down, and finds that she finds him weaker. A huff draws her attention to her left, where Tony is also starting at his father.

His eyes burn with warring emotion as she slides her hand into his.

"What's going on?" She asks through their link as they walk through the crowd of people gathered in the streets leading to the House. His hand squeezes hers as an answer, starting to push his way forward. The pack members grumble as they get pushed aside. Those who turn to them nudge their neighbour and a path opens up down the middle of the throngs of Wolves.

Murmurs travel through the crowd, most of which is directed toward the size of the Le Strange son. The older pack members' eyes are stuck to the Alpha they've known since they were young as he walks beside Asuna.

"I don't know, but my wolf wants to fight my father." He answers as she sees the hair on his neck rise. They come to a stop beside Luna, who radiates worry. As soon as her eyes land on her mate, she visibly relaxes and holds her arms out to the wolf, who bounds to her with more energy than he'd displayed the entire walk here.

She takes in the size of her son and worries her lip before urging her mate to shift. The turn back is slower than when he shifted earlier and the murmurs in the crowd grow louder. Words of fragility and frailty can be heard and Tony spins to face them. They fall silent under his gaze as his father stands with the assistance of his mother.

Asuna bites her lip as the three of them turn to face the crowd.

"A Vampire female went missing in Forest Springs yesterday sometime after the wedding ceremony. Do any of you know anything about this?" Alistair voiced out coarsely causing the crowd to frown and lean forward. He cleared his throat and tried again, his voice never rising in volume.

Tony tilts his head slightly in question and at his father's consenting nod, addresses the crowd gathered in front of him in a manner that put a small, proud, smile on Alistair's face. No one replies to his question and he turns and asks his father for a description of the Vampiress. He gives it and Tony turns back to the crowd.

"A tall, blonde and curvy woman who wore a blue dress. She's the sister to the Vampire King. If we do not return her before the sun goes down, Forest Springs will face a new war." He tells them and they buzz with talk as they try to figure out who might have seen her. Her description is passed to every member in the pack when finally silence falls and a mass shake of heads meet her eyes.
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