The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty

Alistair Le Strange

He watches his son address his pack with a straight back and a confident, booming voice. He tells them the truth and the repercussions of not giving Lucien his sister back.

He knows the Parker and Rose packs are also being addressed by their Alphas as the reception was open to everyone who wanted to be there.

He can feel his strength waning with every passing minute, getting weaker and weaker. He feels the worry of his mate through the mating bond and he saddens at the thought of leaving her. The Goddess will grant her another mate when he's gone, but the thought still brings rage to the front of his emotions.

Two months after the Full Moon, when Tony had declined to fight him, his strength had started growing weaker. His wolf shrank down to a normal pack wolf and his fur started changing colour. Alistair, the man, had grown stronger and couldn't keep up with his wife any longer, his libido had decreased and he found himself going to Gretchen Milan.

What she told him had his blood run cold.

Because Tony had refused to fight Alistair, his wolf had submitted to his son at the act of mercy. Or so he'd seen it. Tony's wolf had taken the act of submission and fed on it and he started growing into the true Alpha of the Le Strange pack.

Now that Alistair is on the brink of falling off his throne, his son is taking over the pack with an ease that put Alistair's ruling to shame. He's proud to see his son so strong and tall, dwarfing his mate completely with his frame as she stands beside him, but he is furious to lose the title of Alpha so soon.

He sees the faint glow start under Asuna's skin as her pup starts to grow. Luna, his dear mate, noticed it the moment she walked up the stairs and informed him when she'd helped him up.

Tony's booming voice breaks through his thoughts as he warns his pack to stay away from any fights that might occur due to the unknown kidnapper and he will keep them up to date on the progress with the other packs. He also informed them that the Vampires will be on their doorstep in two hours ready for war.

Alistair sees Asuna lean into his son for comfort and reassurance that he was doing well and feels his mate's hand on his arm.

"Come, my Alpha. Let's make love one more time before you decide to leave me on my own." She whispers into his ear sadly leading him into the house as the entire crowd disperses. He hears his son command the multiple Alphas to stay behind and help instigate a search of the forest surrounding the area.

Tony's bellowing voice never faded as they make their way deeper into the Packhouse.

The Le Strange pack will be fine in the sure hands of Tony and Asuna Le Strange.

Tony Le Strange

Seeing his father as frail as he is, raises nothing but disdain for him. For allowing himself to become as weak as he is at a time when war might be on their doorstep. His father was shorter, thinner and much less dominant toward the pack.

Having every eye trained on him, Tony feels the power of the Alpha Wolf running through his veins with his Luna beside him, filling him with the confidence only his wife and mate can. The confidence to address his pack in the time where they're being threatened by an outside source.

He hears his father and mother make their way into the house that will be his. Once this war is over, Tony will instigate the fight with his father for the position of Alpha on the first full moon. His wolf is going crazy wanting to kill his father for holding his rightful position.

He wraps his arm around his wife's shoulders, pulling her close against his side, as the smaller pack Alphas gather in front of them. His friends are standing off to the side, looking at the pair in awe.

He meets the eyes of every Alpha before him; Greg, Ron, Nick, Drake and Josh. They stare up at him, their knees quivering beneath them as they fight their instincts to kneel.

"Search the forest surrounding Forest Springs, search until you reach our boundary with the Parker and Rose packs. Find out what information they have and relay it to me."

Every head nods as the sound of shredding clothes fill the space in front of the packhouse. Every potential Alpha of the pack shifted to show their size. Tony tries not to take it as a challenge as his friends start walking toward them. Asuna leaves his side to hug Gus, Adam and Frankie and he suppresses the urge to tear his close friends to pieces.

He frowns for a moment as he squashes the feeling as the Alphas run to search their areas. He shakes the hands of his friends and hugs their mates, feeling a closeness to the members of his smaller pack. In taking over as Alpha for the Le Strange pack, these men and women will be his inner circle.

His mate's laugh draws his attention and his eyes fall on her curvy figure as her lips draw into a genuine smile for her friends. The men join Tony at the top of the stairs and start talking about the woman who disappeared at their reception. He doesn't hear a word as his eyes roam over Asuna's body, resting briefly on her generous chest, her plump stomach and the V between her thighs where he knows the most delicious nectar is hidden.

He hardens in his jeans and her eyes flick to his, a shared image of their naked bodies writhing against the wall of their bedroom flashing between them. She smiles wickedly before returning her attention to her friends with a slight shake of her head, her dark hair brushing the top curve of her ass.

Despite knowing the situation, that he needs to be available to his packs' Alphas, he wants to be deep in his mate telling her how much he loves her.

The woman drives him crazy with her body alone, but the moment she leaves the room he feels bereft of the warmth and colour in his life. Everything leaves and returns with her. Her first smile in the morning has his sun rising and tears have him wanting to kill whoever put them there, even if he is responsible.

The one big fight they had, Tony couldn't stop apologising. Until her forgiveness had been his, his wolf refused to show and he couldn't shift.

"Yo, Alpha!" Gus' hand snaps in front of his face and he rips his eyes away from Asuna with a low growl at his friend, who steps back with his hands up in surrender. Frankie frowns at his brother and makes his way past them and into the house. The door barely shut behind him, when it opens and he rushes out again.

"Probably should have told you that was a bad idea," Tony says watching his brother's face flush. The younger Le Strange glares at Tony, who gives a low warning growl taking the action as a challenge. Frankie backs away as he feels the weight of his mate's eyes on him.

"Tony, Wolfie, what's going on here?" Her voice in his mind calms him immediately and he holds his arms out to her. Without breaking off her conversation with Tracy, Gillian and Maria, she walks over and nestles herself against his chest. The three women look at him, confused, as their mates take their place beside them. Angie takes her place beside Frankie, who is standing beside the front door.

"I don't know. I need you, Little Wolf." He pulls her back against him and inconspicuously grinds his hips against her ass, letting her know just how much. She presses back softly and keeps the conversation to finding Lyla.

He lowers his upper body, nearly bending in half, and growls softly in his mate's ear. Asuna's body shivers under his hands at the growl. She's shorter than she was a few months ago. Her wolf had seemed smaller as well when they ran.

"Alpha Tony!" The deep voice of Greg sounds behind him, drawing his attention away from Asuna, and he turns with a soft snarl.

"I have news on the missing Vampire," the snarl subsides into a glare as he listens to what Greg has to say. Slowly the rest of the Alpha's join him and give the exact same information.
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