The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-One

Brody Rose

He watches from the trees at the Alpha male display Le Strange puts on for his mate. Growling and snarling like a damn rogue every time someone touches Asuna or takes his attention from the small figure beside him. Brody will give Tony that, he would make an excellent Alpha for the Le Strange pack, as big as the fucker had gotten.

Brody looks down as the other Alphas gather in front of the hulking figure that belongs to Le Strange. He doubts he will be able to take him on, Alpha that Brody is. He had no interest in fighting for Alpha of the Rose pack when the opportunity presented itself, and he regrets the decision now.

The upper hand of a full-fledged Alpha probably would have helped. Quinten Rose has made it clear he wasn't about to give up the position of Alpha, despite the deteriorating state of his friend.

Brody hears his name and curses himself for not paying attention to the conversation below. Suddenly, thirteen pairs of eyes land on him in the tree and he drops down to the grass under the tree.

His arms are behind his back faster than he can blink the moment his feet touch the grass. The musky scent of Le Strange envelopes him and he fights the urge to drop to his knees and come clean.

"What the fuck are you doing on my territory, Rose?" He growls in his ear. Brody is acutely aware of the fact that the Alpha can rip his head off if he wasn't careful.

"What have you been pumping, Le Strange?" He answers with the death wish he has. He knows Tony won't kill him as long as his father was still the Alpha of the Rose pack.

"My wife," the answer is growled in his ear and anger at the wolf behind him raises, jealousy at not being the one for Asuna. Knowing that Le Strange is taunting him he rips away from the man, only to have his shoulders popped free of their sockets, his wrists still fast in Tony's hand.

"Answer me, or you answer to your father, Rose. You're sick enough to kidnap someone, maybe you're the reason Lyla Walters is missing." Tony shakes him as though he weighs nothing, the pain in his shoulders keeping him aware of his hatred.

No matter what his answer, Brody knows he won't walk away unscathed, so he said the one thing he knew would have the raging male lose control.

"I came to sleep with your mate," on cue he's thrust away from Tony and falls on his face a few feet away from the male. The larger than life male stalks toward him, his face twisting in uncontrolled anger, the anger of a mated wolf, the anger of knowing Brody's feelings and the anger of a male not in the role he should be.

"Alpha Le Strange!" Quinten's voice slices through the air, pulling every wolf's attention to him.

"I know where the woman is. You can have my son as soon as we're done. Where is Alpha Alistair?" His father's voice had Le Strange looking at him, reaching down and hauling him off the floor. He throws him at his father's feet and Brody stands to face one of the biggest males in Forest Springs.

"My father is incapacitated at the moment, Quinten," Tony says informally and his father nods beside him. Brody watches as Le Strange's friends start dispersing, leaving Asuna to stand beside the youngest Le Strange, alone.

He inches to the left only to be pinned down by Tony's gaze and holds his hands up feigning surrender. Brody's gaze shifts to his cousin and Tony releases a growl that has the hair on his arms standing on end.

A few seconds later, Luna comes out to join them. When her sons inform her that Quinten has information on the missing woman, a grin flashes over Brody's face, she invites him in for the time Tony, Quinten and Cole are discussing the missing Vampire situation. They have half an hour left before the Vampires descend on Forest Springs.

Quintet declines the invite on Brody's behalf as he watches the youngest Le Strange walk up to his mother and pulls her into a tight embrace. Together they turn and walk into the house.

Brody hardens at the sight of his cousin walking over to them and scowls as Tony puts his arm around her waist, keeping her from walking closer to them. She heaves a sigh and nods before greeting his father.

"Brody," she says in greeting, sliding her hand into Le Strange's back pocket and the soft growl of restrained passion rumbles from both of them and Tony pulls her close to him, sending a wave of jealousy through Brody and solidifying the fate of Forest Springs. He nods at her and turns to leave.

"Not so fast, Rose. You're not going anywhere." Tony says and strides forward, closing the short distance in two steps, and grabs him by the collar of his polo shirt.

"Wipe that look out of your eyes. You won't ever put your filthy paws on my wife, get that into your head," he whispers close to his face, bringing them nose-to-nose. Brody can smell the dominance radiating off Le Strange and has the urge to fall to his knees and pledge his fealty to the wolf. He nods and feels the air whoosh passed him as he gets thrown again.

He lands in the ground in front of his father's feet with a thud. Quinten shakes his head at Brody, not bothering to extend his hand to help him up, as the three of them walk toward the Rose packhouse. Brody struggles to his feet, his ass stinging from the second throw, and trudges after them.

Every so often, Tony turns around and glares at Brody, finally moving Asuna to walk in front of him. He sees the ends of her hair move passed Tony's thigh as she shakes her head at her mate. The three walk in silence as they make their way to the house.

"Brody, go up to your mother. She's upstairs waiting for you." Quinten turns to Brody, who nods and walks up the stairs. He pushes his way into his mother's study, to find her sitting behind the desk.

"Close the door and sit down," she orders and he closes the door behind him before making his way to the desk and sits down opposite Rosalie.

"Do you know how creepy it is that you still stalk your cousin?" She starts and he rolls his eyes at her.

"I'm not stalking anyone, mother," her eyes snap to his at the blatant lie and her mouth turns to a scowl, her dark brown eyes harden and she slams her hands in the table, eliciting a jump of surprise from Brody, and pushes herself up into standing, her chair scraping harshly over the wooden floor. Her eyes narrow on his and he swallows audibly, knowing that look.

"Brody Rose, you can fuck a string of woman, you can come and go as you please, you can stink up the house with your sloppiness, but you will not lie to your mother. Not while I'm alive," her voice evens out into a hard tone, her palm slamming the table underneath her hands. A shiver of fear runs down his spine.

"Sorry, momma." He reverts to his younger, more innocent self under her burning gaze. Her eyes soften for a moment before fire enters them again.

"Where is she?" She asked looking down at him and he cowers into his seat. His mother's eyes burn into his as she searches for information. She raises her brows at his silence and he cringes inwardly before he allows the lie to leave his mouth.

"Who are you talking about, mother?" He slides down on the chair and throws his limbs over the arms, feigning comfort and innocence.
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