The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Quinten Rose

"How do you propose we approach this, Quinten?" She asks leaning closer to her uncle. He shakes his head, unsure. She throws her body back against the couch, looking between her uncle and furious mate. Quinten puts his head in his hands as they confused the news they've received.

"I don't know. There's a strong possibility she's in this house," he replies, lifting his head from his hands to look between his niece and her mate. The Le Strange eldest is resisting the urge to throw the table across the room, rage flaring his blue eyes green and his body is heaving.

Tony gets his size from his father. Alistair has been looking frail these past months and it's clear where his strength and virility went. Quinten thanked the Moon that Brody doesn't want the role as Alpha.

"He put the entire town in danger!" A roar startles Asuna from her seat, drawing his attention to Tony. The male jumps up, the chair beneath him shattering with the force, and starts pacing.

"Rosalie is talking to him -" on cue, a loud banging starts from the study door.

"The Vampires are here, Alpha! They want Luna Asuna and Alpha Tony!" His Gamma, Austin, yells through the door. Tony rips the door from its hinges with a stomach-turning screech as the screws leave the wood. The terrified expression on Austin's face has Quinten smirking slightly.

Quinten watches as Asuna slowly straightens her short frame from the chair to stand beside her mate. He towers over her, dwarfing her as he gives her a hug and a kiss that has Austin and Quinten turning away with red faces before taking her hand and walking from the study.

"He's huge!" Austin hisses at Quinten, who nods in agreement, as they follow the couple, more slowly, outside. The mountainous figure of Lucien Walters stands on his front porch with an expression of rage and barely concealed hatred.

In the blink of an eye, Asuna is pulled from one side of the porch to the other and Tony growls warningly at the Vampire King.

"Hand my mate back, bat." He snarls as Asuna gets pulled up against Lucien's chest, her head pulled aside to expose the soft expanse of her neck. The growling becomes louder as Lucien runs his finger over her mark.

"Lucien, I know I promised you no harm will come to any of your clan. The entire town is searching for your sister and we have reason to believe she's in this house," her words barely leave her mouth when his son appears beside him.

"I'm not giving up, that bitch dies or she's mine, mother!" He yells not paying attention where he's going as Rosalie stops at the top of the stairs, for once stunned. Quinten meets her eyes and she nods subtly causing his heart to sink.

"She is in the house. But she's not going with you," Brody turns and meets the eye of the King.

Asuna Le Strange

The scent of Juniper has her paralysed in Lucien's arms, her barely controlled mate growling furiously as the vampire threatens to bite her. The thought was oddly appealing but the moment his finger brushes Tony's mark on her skin, she starts moving.

She tries to get him to release her and he has loosened his grip slightly until Brody appears in the doorway beside his father yelling at his mother that he was going to kill Lyla.

"Who dies or who is yours?" Lucien's voice rumbles against her back and Brody turns, looking drunk or extremely high, to look at the King.

"Your sister dies or the woman in your arms belong to me. It should be a no brainer," he looks at Lucien and Asuna feels her skin crawl. A thunderous growl shreds the air and she watches Tony fly to Brody and yanks him forward and up.

"What did you say?" He says harshly as her cousin gasps for air.

"Put him down, Alpha." She says through their link and he immediately drops Brody like a hot potato. Brody drops to the floor with a coughing thud and stares up at her mate.

"I'll never want you the way you want to. Thank you," she says as Lucien puts her gently on the ground. She steps forward and turns to face Lucien.

"Apparently, my cousin here decided that I was his mate and can't seem to get a handle on the reality that he isn't. It would seem he's kidnapped your sister to get to me." She explains and the Vampire nods slowly before turning to Brody, who is struggling to his feet.

He walks forward and wraps his hand around Brody's throat, stopping his airflow.

She sighs and stares at the scene in front of her.

"Get up there..." She tells Tony, who looks at her briefly and at her nod walks into the house and up the stairs, his deliciously large body following Rosalie down the narrow hall.

"I will have you, Asuna. Or some part of you," he chokes out and lifts his leg into Lucien's groin. Props to the Vampire for not budging and giving a grunt of pain. Asuna winces in sympathy as anger rushes through her. The smell of chocolate and juniper berries confusing her. She narrows her eyes as the sound of banging comes from the house.

"You won't get the door open," Brody says hoarsely.

Asuna tilts her head quizzically and feels her eyes widen in surprise before storming forward, only to be stopped by a large arm wrapping around her waist.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lucien drawls and pulls her to his side. He leans down, keeping Brody in the air, and presses his nose against her hair. He inhales deeply and she frowns at the sensations coursing through her body. Her stomach warms and moisture pools between her legs.

"I need to get in there and see if I'm right," she replies trying to move away from him. He parts her hair with his nose, keeping his face buried in her neck, tightening his hold on Brody's neck.

"For fuck's sake! Lucien, let me go. I don't know what the fuck this is," she gestures to him, finally pushing away from Lucien as he loosens his grip.

"Your sister, my brothers' girlfriend, is in that house. I do not want war in this town, Lucien. If she has his scent on her and agrees that this was, indeed, a kidnapping, by all means, kill him," she looks at Brody before meeting Quinten's eyes. He nods sadly, knowing it was the smartest course of action to avoid a full-on war.

She makes her way into the house and up the stairs. Sure enough, Tony and Rosalie were struggling to pry open Brody's bedroom door. There was a lock pad beside the handle, three red lights blinking on the face. The two turns to her and Tony's face darkens when he scents her. She knows it was a mix between hers, Lucien's and arousal.

"Little Wolf," his words through the link is dark and full of warning.

"Calm down, Alpha. I'm yours." Her words visibly calm him and she rubs against him as she passes to stand beside Rosalie.

Her aunt looks down at her and nods toward the lock pad.

"We can't figure out the code!" Rosalie says, starting to panic. Asuna calms her down and raises an eyebrow.

"Really, Aunt Ros? You can't figure out the code?" Tony barks a dark laugh as he realises what she means and her Aunt's eyes grow large, typing in her name only to receive a low-pitched beep.

Rosalie casts her a look and Tony growls the words that have both females looking at him.

"Try Asuna Rose," Asuna feels conflicted between comforting her mate and avoiding death and violence.
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