The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Rosaline punches in the code and two high-pitched beeps confirmed with the lights flashing green and the door hissed open. The sound of muffled screams reaches them and Tony shoves both Asuna and Rosalie out of the way, barging into the bergamot scented room. The scent of ashes lays underneath.

Their eyes fall on the bed, finding Lyla, naked, with her arms angled above her head. Asuna could see the small cracks on her lips.

They're barely in the bedroom when Brody bursts through, having somehow gotten free of Lucien, who is thundering up the stairs, grabbing Lyla by the hair and shaking her roughly.

She squeals around the gag as her brother breaks off a piece of wall, shoving his shoulders through the doorway. The bedroom is much too small for the people crowded inside. One large Vampire standing beside an equally large werewolf, two wolf females and a vampiress on the bed make the room seem like a hole in the wall.

Lucien stalks forward and grabs the handcuffs, only to hiss as his hand closes around the metal.

Two screams ring out as Brody reaches into the partially open drawer in his bedside table and pulls a syringe of clear liquid from it, plunging the sharp needle into Lucien's neck. Asuna watches with her hands clamped over her mouth as the Vampire King drops to the carpeted floor with dead weight.

Brody grins madly at the body on the floor as Rosalie starts screaming for her mate. Tony springs into action beside her and runs to tackle Brody, who dodges his form. He picks up the heavy wooden nightstand and crashed it into Tony's head, knocking him out with a growl.

Asuna blinks at her fallen mate as rage starts running through her veins, her eyes slowly lifting to Brody's. His intake of breath confirms her suspicion that her eyes held every ounce of anger she had. A loud growl fills the room, vibrating the windows, causing the vampiress on the bed to gasp.

The splintered wood on the floor starts moving as another joins the first growl. A moment of relief washes over Asuna as Tony starts standing, bracing his arms under his body.

"Don't move," she says through the link and his body drops lower to the floor, the growl cutting off. Quinten rushes into the doorway and takes in the scene in front of him. Asuna shakes her head at her uncle, silently warning him to stay out of the room. Rosalie starts running toward him and Brody pulls her back, causing her body to crash down on Tony's head. Both females wince at the soft crack.

"I'm okay!" Tony says and she smiles slightly before turning her eyes back to Brody, who is now wrestling his mother onto the bed, trying to smother her with a pillow he wrenched from under Lyla's head. Quinten bellows, the house shaking in its foundation, at the threat against his mate. Brody, taking notice of Quinten for the first time since his arrival on the scene, distracted by his father turns and faces him.

Rosalie rolls off the bed, getting away from her maniacal son, and rushes to her husband's side. He wraps his arms around her, holding her close and runs his hands over her, checking for injuries and bruises before turning to face his son. Brody lunges at his next victim, Asuna, and he starts chasing her around his bedroom, laughing gleefully as she tries to evade him.

She stops beside Tony's tense body as he approaches her. Brody growls menacingly as he nears her, his arms reaching for her shoulders and waist. She snaps her teeth in front of his outstretched hand and he snatches his hand back from her with a snarl. She grins and falls into a fighting stance as Brody's feet leave the ground with his next lunge.

"Now!" Tony jumps up from the floor, tackling Brody's body to the floor in front of her feet. A struggle ensues as Brody fights against Tony's arms and legs.

Asuna takes the opportunity to search for the key to the silver cuffs around the shattered remains of the beside the table. Not finding it, her eyes land on Brody.

"Where is it?" She demands and he lifts his head with a bloody grin, his lip split open from connecting with Tony's elbow.

She growls in warning at his lack of answer and looks down to the floor.

"I hate to do this to you, love, but can you turn him on his back?" She asks her mate, who complies to her request, turning Brody roughly on his back. She kneels beside Tony, resisting the urge to kiss him, and starts patting Brody's body down.

He tries to reach for her and Tony swiftly shuts down any movement Brody tries to make by pulling the weaker wolf against his knees and locking his arms to his upper body with his own. Brody snarls and growls, trying to break loose from Tony's hold, as Asuna pats his chest and pockets. Finding something small and hard in his pants pocket.

"I will rip your dick off if it touches me, understand?" She demands from Brody and waiting for a nod before reaching into the pocket and finding the key to the handcuffs. The tip of his cock touched her hand as she removes it and she gives him a warning growl.

"You have your hand in my pants, what do you expect?" He says with a teasing grin. Asuna looks at him with disgust standing up and unlocking the parched Vampiress. She ripped her hands free of the constraints and pulls Asuna close, sinking her fangs to her neck.

Asuna releases a shriek of surprise that turns to a soft moan as the Vampiress starts drinking from her. A loud growl draws Asuna's attention to her mate and she meets his eyes. Lyla drops her shoulders, freeing her neck from her jaws and looks at her captor.

She snarls viciously, rolling Asuna off her gently, before standing from the bed and stalking forward. She growls at Tony, who pushes Brody up and into her waiting hands.

Blood splatters over the expanse of Tony's chest seconds before he makes his way to Asuna, who lays on the bed watching the events unfold. The blood loss momentarily has her weakened, as he takes her into the cradle of his arms.

Rosalie screams in grief as her son's head is ripped off his shoulders, and Lyla buries her face in the gaping hole of his throat. She slurps up the spurting blood as Lucien slowly starts coming to. Asuna watches the large Vampire drag himself toward his sister.

She drops the corpse and he takes his fill of Asuna's cousin.

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