The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Four

The war is short-lived as the death, and decapitation, of the offender, signifies the end of their conflict. The four wolves watch in disgust and fixated curiosity as the Vampires drain Brody's body dry.

"How did you know she was here?" Asuna asks Quinten softly, not wanting to disturb the feeding Vampires. He holds out his hand to her and he and Tony help her up from the bed. The four of them leave the room together, leaving the scene of the crime open.

"The silence in his bedroom and his reaction when we walked into the house. He soundproofed his bedroom a while ago, the noise was driving us insane," he smiles softly at his wife who's dabbing at the tears running down her gentle face. He wraps his arms around her, tucking her head into the crook of his neck as he continues to explain.

"When he wasn't here the door would remain unlocked. I found it suspicious that he had the door locked." Her eyes narrow at her uncle and he continues his explanation, sitting beside his crying wife on the couch.

Suddenly, he turns on his wife, irritated that the woman is crying in his ear for a son who almost caused the destruction of the town by kidnapping Lyla.

"Ros, shut up for the moment, will you? He was a disappointment." He says and Asuna starts at her uncle's harsh words. Rosalie howls in pain, clutching her heart with her hands. She stands and gives her husband a look holding pain and understanding before leaving the room and passing the two Vampires now descending the stairs.

Tony pulls her close to his side and she turns to face him, her hand automatically reaching up and touching the small, fading lump caused by the end table. He smiles lovingly at her and takes free her hand in his, bringing it up to his lips and placing a kiss on the tips of each one of her fingers.

"Aggressive today, Alpha?" She whispers, taking a step closer. Uncaring of the Vampires seeing the display, he snaps her body to his, wrapping an arm tightly around her waist. Her mate presses his lips to hers softly. He brushes her lips with his for a moment before capturing them again.

"Alpha Le Strange, will you please allow me and my wife to grieve for the loss of our son?" Tony lifts his head from hers to look at her uncle over the top of her head.

"No problem, Alpha Rose. We, as a town, should be thankful we had no casualties." He says in response and Quinten walks out of the room and up the stairs. Lucien clears his throat at Tony's words, forcing Asuna to turn in her mate's arms to face the Vampire King.

"Lucien?" She questions and Lyla hisses at her lack of etiquette. Asuna watches as Lucien sets his hand on his sister's shoulder and tells her to find Lucas and meet him at the car. She reluctantly leaves the house, the speed with which she leaves pushing the air passed them.

"Lucas and my soldiers might have gone rogue whilst we were apprehending the kidnapper. I can't tell them remotely to stand down."

His quiet statement has Asuna and Tony staring at him in disbelief. She suddenly wishes the pack link would be stronger.

"I'll go check out the damage to the pack, Alpha. You just ensure they don't cause any further damage." She feels Tony's agreement and they share a soft yet heated kiss before she starts to shift, ripping her clothes into rags.

The shift is more uncomfortable than usual as her bones snap and rearrange themselves into her split wolf. Once she completes the shift she feels pain rushing through the pack link. She rubs her flank against Tony's thigh before sprinting off in the direction the pain is coming from.

The feeling leads her to the Le Strange household where she finds Luna on her knees, clutching a bloody body to her chest, weeping. Shifting back is excruciating compared to shifting to her wolf. She runs to her mother-in-law to find her surrounded by lifeless bodies.

Two familiar faces stare lifelessly up at her and her heart breaks for Luna. Her youngest son and his mate lay pale on the floor beside her. Tears spring to her eyes as she kneels beside Luna, taking in the features of her father-in-law's lifeless face.

"Was it Lucas?" She whispers to her Beta who shakes her head, a small amount of relief creeping into the cracks of hurt.

After several minutes of Luna cradling her husband to her chest, a roar fills the sky over Forest Springs. A roar full of hurt and disappointment.

She looks up at the birds lifting into the air with disapproving screeches, following the source of the roar.

Another ten minutes pass as Luna brings herself to let go of her husband and mate, walking into the house and shutting the door firmly behind her. She leaves the bodies where they lay and Asuna to look after her.

The haunted look on Luna's face is not something she wanted to experience. Her mate and youngest son lay on the pebbles in front of the house, one drained of blood and the other's throat ripped out.

As much as Asuna knows the war wasn't her fault, she blames herself for bringing the Vampires to the town. It's her fault Lyla was in the town to start with.

The soft brush of fur against her cheek has her looking up at Tony's gigantic wolf, towering over her and covering her in shadows. She leans against his powerful body as he whines at the sight of his fallen pack members.

"Anyone else?" He asks and she shakes her head against his fur, finally allowing the tears to fall. He sits down on the ground beside her and his father and gives a huff. She looks at his face to see his muzzle pointed at his father, a look of disappointment, relief and sadness mixed on his wolfish face.

"I wanted to fight him at the next Full Moon," he turns and licks the tears from her cheeks and she looks at him, surprised. His wolf nods and runs his cool, wet nose over her neck, gently licking the puncture wounds where Lyla had taken her blood.

"Are they still in town?" She asks starting to close the three pairs of glassy eyes. He informs her the entire clan that had been in the town has gone with their King. He also tells her that Lucien plans on being back in a few months.

She snorts quietly as the cracking of bones starts up beside her. A few short seconds later, her mate's arms wrap around her body and warm tears fall to her shoulder. She turns in his arms and the two allow themselves to grieve for the pack members they've lost.

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