The War With Blood Creek (FSW #2)

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Tony Le Strange

The town is dead silent as he and Asuna walk through the streets. Every Le Strange member is grieving in their homes. Since the death of his father two days ago, his wolf accepted his new role as Alpha, and it seems the entire pack also accepts him in the role.

The members they pass, incline their heads in respect. Some of the younger ones fall to their knees in front of him. The females try to gain his attention, but the female at his side is all that he needs.

He slides his hand into his mates, bending down sideways to grasp her hand and laces their fingers together. The Lone Wolf and Full Moon Inn are both shrouded in the Le Strange pack colours; dark blue. The drapes slowly sway in the soft, cool wind. Black laced in between shows the death of an Alpha. The shutters facing the street they're walking on bangs open, displaying the members of his newly acquired pack.

Quinten and Rosalie still grieve for their son, his loss an unnecessary one, despite breaking the treaty. Lucien and his sister promised to be back to put a new treaty in place.

He knows the witch and vampires protecting Lyla Walters that night had been killed, brutally.

He looks down at his wife walking beside him, unsure what he did to deserve a female like her. The love he has for her grows daily as she proves her strength in supporting his mother through the loss of her husband and youngest son.

Even if the war never did fully break out, Alistair, Frankie and Angie are seen as casualties of the broken treaty. Brody could easily be seen as one as well, but most see him as a traitor to the town. If he was still alive, he would have been banished from Forest Springs.

Alpha Cole and Beta Andrew walk from The Lone Wolf, the bar open for the townsfolk, to join their party. The two brothers split up and flank him and Asuna. Soon, every Alpha joins them in their silent walk through the town, sharing their grief and making it more manageable.

The parade of Alphas and Betas come to a halt at the Le Strange clearing, allowing Tony and his mate to walk forward into the clearing, the others following slowly behind. They walk toward the four pyres built there. Three bodies lay on the pyres, their arms folded over their still chests with their eyes serenely closed.

The fourth body is that of Frankie's child who had been growing, unbeknownst to them and the pack, in Angie's stomach. Tony bites his lip at the sight in front of them and draws his mate closer for comfort. She pushes her body against his, burying her face in his chest as tears run down her beautiful face.

He leans down and buries his face in her dark hair, inhaling the scent of Chai and something else. There's a different undercurrent to her scent that has him frowning slightly. His nose makes its way down her head, into her neck and over her shoulder. He kneels in front of her as she frowns slightly, allowing him to smell her like the beast he is.

She kisses his forehead as he buries his face in her cleavage. He's acutely aware that the other Alphas also watching him, as he runs his hands over his mate, her wide hips and thighs, the curve of her waist and the ample suppleness of her breasts.

The scent strengthens the lower he goes and he pushes his nose against her stomach, inhaling the soft scent of vanilla wafting from her. He slowly looks questioningly up at her and she smiles softly and a small nod.

"Rosalie told me yesterday, I didn't want to bother you," he hugs her close to him, happiness swelling his chest. Her hands bury themselves in his hair. The action has his cock hardening as the thought of their pup takes form. His mate was carrying his pup in her body.

He stands and runs his hands over her body, before pushing his hand into her hair and kissing her roughly. She responds immediately with a hungry kiss of her own. She pulls away from him and leans her forehead against his, breathing in his scent.

The clearing becomes crowded during their exchange as the pack members follow them through town. Every Le Strange and Parker wolf occupies the clearing. Adrian Parker, the cousin to the Parker Alpha, walks up beside them.

He places his hand on Tony's shoulder in comfort and squeezes Asuna's, his fingers brushing Tony's chest softly. He swallows the growl threatening to boil up his throat at the other man touching his mate. He reminds himself firmly that if anyone was in danger of this wolf's sexual advances it was him.

He reluctantly lets go of her waist and takes hold of her hand, leading her to the far side of the clearing and faces the two packs in front of him. His members kneel in respect for their new Alpha. He searches the faces for his mother and finds her standing beside a tree close to the clearing entrance. Her face is red and blotchy from crying for the last two days.

The removal of Frankie and Alistair's bodies had proven to be extremely hard. Luna didn't want to let go of her son and husband, throwing herself, screaming bloody murder, on the corpses. She had kept kissing their faces, begging the Moon and their Goddess to bring them back.

"Alpha Cole and Beta Andrew, thank you for the support of being here today, as we take leave of my father and my brother's family," he starts and the two bow their heads in acknowledgement. The Parker pack kneels behind their Alpha.

He looks around the clearing, his eyes roaming over every face looking up at him before landing on each of the pyres. His eyes stop on the smallest pyre and his heart squeezes. That could have been his pup laying there, wrapped in gauze, about to be set alight.

Ask a squeezes his hand in understanding and he clears his throat before speaking.

"Today we say goodbye to one of the strongest Alpha's this town has seen in decades. May the Goddess grant me the same inner strength that my father displayed time and time again, every Full Moon he watches that our fights end with no casualties and ensures they're fair." He meets the eyes of Josh who shrinks down in embarrassment and fear.

"Alpha Alistair Le Strange was one of the original three Alphas along with Alpha Quinten, from the Rose pack, and will go down in the history of Forest Springs as such.

My brother, Frankie and his mate were two of the sweetest wolves I knew, they didn't know they were pregnant. Four lives were lost because of one wolf..." He starts getting emotional as his mind wanders and he sees his mate and unborn pup laying on the pyres. His voice catches and he's faintly aware of Asuna pulling him back and stepping forward.

"What your Alpha is saying, is that because one wolf was selfish and didn't care about the town. We need to stand together not just as a pack, but as an entire town, to ensure the safety of every wolf and pup in this town. We need to be able to rely on each other, despite being from different factions and main packs." Her sweet voice carries through the clearing and he sees her eyes fixed on his mother. Luna stands at the edge of the clearing, an expression of pride and adoration, pain and loss etched on her face as she turns and walks away.

Smoke starts rising in the distance as Brody gets put to rest on the Rose territory. He looks around the clearing as one by one, the faction Alphas start standing with their Betas. They walk forward and leans their foreheads against his before kneeling. Each repeats the same words.

"We accept you as our Alpha," they pass Asuna and receives their matches. As Josh nears and Tony bristles, the wolf surprises him by adding that he apologises for the fight months ago. Tony nods in acceptance and watches as he takes a match from Asuna.

She walks back to his side, holding out the last match to him, her own held tight in her hand, and he takes it from her. He pulls her to him in a hug, allowing his members to see the side of him that they never saw from his father, the side that was affectionate to his pack.

The Alphas step back and he walks forward to his father's pyre and looked down at the gauze covered body and lays his hand on the unmoving chest.

"You were supposed to be mine to beat," tears springs to his eyes and he lowers his head to the dead Alpha's forehead, silently saying everything he should have when he was alive. He thanks him for showing him how fair an Alpha should be, show strength and compassion to his members. He also thanks him for showing him what not to do.

He pulls the match along the hard wooden edge of the pyre and pushes the lit match against it. The wood takes flame as the rest of the Alpha's follow.

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